Ole Savannah

100 Rondout Landing, Kingston
(845) 331-4283

Recent Reviews

Jennifer F.

I've been to this spot several times because of its location and because it's a local business.I have never been impressed with their food. It's always been mediocre at best. This has been both before the pandemic and after. They have great drinks which is a redeeming factor. The staff have always been pleasant enough in general.I went there last night with a few friends for dinner. It took quite a while to get our drinks, but we tried to be understanding. The waitress apologized for the long wait.When our food came the ribs were cold, and the chicken was dried out, but again, we were pretty forgiving, after all we were really just there to spend some long-awaited time together. The clencher after this suboptimal dining experience was when, after having waited a bit to long for everything we ordered we were told by a manager, or owner (not sure which) we had to leave and that we had been sitting there too long. He told us that we had had enough time there at the table. We were still drinking our coffee.All 4 of us were pretty dumb-founded by his words and his demand for us to leave. In total we were there for less than 2 hours, which in light of all the waiting we did for our orders was impressive. When we walked out we were expecting to see a long line of people waiting, but that was not the case.Never been told to leave a place. This was a first for sure! Not a great experience to say the least.

Gideon M.

Good: Staff is nice and the outdoor tables right on the water are great.Bad: the food. We ordered the brisket and it arrived cold and dry. The beans and coleslaw weren't anything to write home about either.


We drove an hour to get an oyster po'boy at Ole Savannah. It was served on a regular roll, not a hoagie roll. The oysters were undercooked, and a very meager portion. The fries were limp and tasteless.

Rich H.

another good lunch at this spot exel waitress and food and now for the problem ....... there was a employee couldn't figure out exactly what he did there he kept walking back and fourth through the restaurant with his mask around his throat needless to say we won't be back its a shame he was doing this right in front of the owner even talking to him its a shame how this can ruin an experience but that's the way it is right now ... hope they figure this out they can do better .

Kimberly Mains

Tonight is the third time we’ve tried to go to Ole Savannah in the last 3 years. The first time (May 2018), we waited an extremely long time to get our food and then is was “ok!” Last year (March 2019), I made a reservation for my fiancés birthday. When we got there, they were having a political fundraiser, which was never mentioned to me when I called. It was too loud to even talk to the other people at our table so we left. Then tonight, we walked in, were seated immediately and then sat outside for 20-25 minutes and no one ever came to bring us water let alone take our orders so we got up and walked out. Ole Savannah is officially off of our list!

CMoore Evil

Lovely spot along the Husdson with amazing Creole cuisine.

Arline B.

The place is huge. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. The staff was very friendly. The food was delicious. The portions are large. There was a heavy rainstorm while we were on the patio but we did not get wet.

David Moyer

I have heard the food is absolutely delicious! I was referenced the brisket family meal. However, the few times we have tried to order, the person on the phone has responded “Our kitchen is to busy, call back in an hour”, every attempt to order is declined. I’m aware of the world pandemic right now but if your staff is that overwhelmed to where they can not fulfill orders, maybe you should hire more staff!

Erick Case

I tried this place in the past with my friend and I am addicted since then. I love the awesome character and flavorful dishes and drinks. Highly recommended.

nick 30

My friends and I went over the weekend. We had a reservation and got in no problem. Thats about all that went right. Firstly, our food was not good there was no salt or flavor except for my buddies salad. He said it had all the salt in the restaurant in it. Secondly, our server gave my wife the wrong food and she waited forever for her food to come after. Third, we needed refills on our drinks for like 15 minutes and the server gave my wife and i a refill but not our friends he literally walked away. Then finally when i asked for the check we waited for 20 minutes for the server to return. I went and talked to the owner and he got my waiter and got us the check we werent offered a comp on anything or even given an apology. Oh and i forgot while we were waiting for our check they put a group of 6 people about 2 feet from us up on the step above our table clearly not in covid-19 compliance. SHUT IT DOWN!!! TERRIBLE!!!!

Roger Menjivar

Best restaurant in the area. Food is great, good ambience and amazing service. Would definitely recommend!

Jane Zalsky

I only ordered the sliders but two were dry and one was half raw. They forgot the pickle slices and they don't come with fries. You have to order fries as a side and pay extra. I thought it was over priced for the quality.My friend enjoyed her pulled pork slides.

Amanda Hitchcock

It's good to see that even in these times with the social distancing and masks we still can find great customer service. I got a chance to eat at old Savannah's tonight. Being a mother of two boys it's not always easy to be able to get out and have a dinner to myself. As I scroll through the menu I realize that my request was not on the menu. My waitress (Nicolette) was super accommodating and helped with find a solution so that I can have the best of both worlds. The cranberry walnut salad and the New York Strip steak as one meal. The char from the steak and the sweetness from the apples and cranberries pairs perfectly together mixed with vinaigrette.I had never eaten at this establishment before but I will definitely visit again. Such a kind and courteous and a tentative staff, delicious food and a great atmosphere. Thank you.


The worst service ever. Had a reservation, and then after we got there at said time we were told we had to wait 40 minutes to be seated. Then when we were seated are server didn’t come over to our table for 20 minutes. After he finally came over he didn’t bring menus and had to go back and get them and another 10 minutes went by before he came back. We ordered are food and drinks and we never received our drinks. After 20Minutes I had to go inside to ask for them. THEN are waiter never came back. The hostess brought us our food. Then after we were done we waited so long for the check that I had to go back in for it. Moral of the story is NOT WORTH IT.

Maura S.

Came here on a Sunday afternoon and had a table on the covered deck. Drinks were great and servers were very friendly. However, I ordered the watermelon and goat cheese salad, thinking it was a full sized salad (it was priced as one) and was literally brought a small bowl of cut up watermelon with a tiny bit of cheese on top (plus the grilled chicken I added on the side). It was $20 total for this tiny bowl of food, and I was starving after. Very disappointed

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