Savona's Pizza

1090 Morton Blvd, Kingston
(845) 382-1010

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Samantha Policastro

THe best of the best

Matthew Vernol

Worst chicken parm I've ever had. I ordered it with sauted mushrooms, and onion, I got about four miniscual pieces of onion,no mushrooms, hard chicken and stale bread, wow how do they stay in business. What a joke. So sad you can't get what you pay for anymore.


I'm not usually a fan of plain pizza but this was really good! And the woman at the counter was super sweet

Kimberly Carr

UPDATE, once this posted I was contacted and my issue was addressed. I’m so disappointed. I have been ordering for years and the most recent time I was overcharged by the delivery person adding money to the tip portion of my receipt. I called to speak with the manager who said I need to talk to the owner. I left 3 messages with no call back and it’s been over a week. Since this is how they treat their long time customers, I will never order again!

Cappy W.

Can't go wrong here. Good pizza. Good subs. Nice dinners. Good portions. Decent prices and a really nice family. What's not to like?

Cara Grimm

Normally I love the food and sevice from the Morton Blvd location but tonight something was off. I placed a online order at 5:29 and got a email saying it would be at my house between 6:25 and 6:35. At 7 I called to ask where it was and was told it was leaving now? My kids were very hungry by this point. 10 minutes later delivery arrived. 3 orders of fries were all wet, not just soggy. They had to be put in the oven to be edible. We ordered 2 slices of Savonas special pizza and we got 1, and 1 cheese. Like I said , normally I love them, but tonight I was very disappointed.

Angela Selby

Best eggplant rolatini!

Buffy Dingman

Savona's has recently changed the flavor of their pizza within the last few years. I'm not sure if it's the sauce or the crust. Giving the fact that it has changed for the worse it's still pretty good. You never have to wait long for your order & staff is always friendly. The portions are a good size. The restaurant & restrooms are kept clean.

Ilene Klein LaPorte

Absolutely delicious, fresh and courteous. the Sicilian is #1. My choice ALWAYS

Cameron Brown

it is bad doumb discusting

Don Fisher

Best salad in town at their own salad bar. Evey ingredient known to man.

Kelly Edwards

Love they added vegan options this place rocks

Orlando Ferreyra

Always Great Food and Rob is awesome!

Ryan N.

Been a long-time customer of both Savona's Plazza Pizza and the Morton Blvd. location. I find the Morton Blvd location staff to generally be a little bit friendlier, and I think their pizza is better also. Plus they do grilled eggplant upon request so that's a huge plus. And they also have whole wheat penne available for those that are a little more health-conscious like myself. They're one of the few pizza places in the area I trust to make something resembling a legit NYC style pie (although I wish they'd get rid of the cornmeal they've started adding to the crust). I also think they're pretty fair with how they treat customers if they ever make a mistake on an order, at least in my experience. And their prices are fairly reasonable as well, especially the $11.99 Large 1 topping deal. They're not perfect (no upstate pizza joint is going to be) but I'd say they're about as good as you're likely to find in the greater Kingston area. I'm a fan. The only other place I know of that makes a legitimate NYC style pie in the area is Frederico's in Saugerties, but they routinely don't answer their phones, are sometimes closed unexpectedly (I walked by on New Year's Eve and they were shut down), and their owners are known to have a little bit of an attitude (I still like their pizza regardless and we've never personally had any issues but I can understand if customers find them to be rough around the edges). So that's my review.

rodrigo ernesto gomez mena

Great pizza AND the customer service is great

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