Savona's Plaza Pizza

340 Plaza Rd, Kingston
(845) 331-4451

Recent Reviews

Florencia Fridman

Horrible experience. I placed an order for a gluten-free pizza with two other pizzas and spent $75. After an hour wait, they served me a gluten free pizza with gluten toppings that were not listed on the menu. When I realized I called back, I was hung up on, waited 10 minutes on hold to be told I would have to wait another 45 minutes for the pizza to be replaced without taking any responsibility for their mistake. Lexi was the person who helped me with my order and I am highly disappointed with the way she handled the situation, she made no effort to make up for the mistake on their end. I’ve never written a bad review before but having years in experience in the restaurant industry I’m not used to dealing with these situations and would have never treated this situation this way. Lexi should learn some better manners regarding hospitality.

Johnny Wright

My favorite place to order from in Kingston Plaza, quality flavor and 2 slice and soda deal $5.00So go get you some tomorrow

Kristen Borrero

Great food very polite staff and one of the best meatball heros I have ever had

Roger Hamilton

Very good food and friendly service

Jacob Doris

The food is great, service respectable, and friendly!

Karin Janson

Take out experience. Pizza slices: crust not cooked and cold. Garlic knots: raw. Spaghetti with meat sauce: overcooked pasta with bland tasting sauce that you can tell is made from old sausages and meatballs. Can't believe this is the same restaurant that is on the Rondout where they have great food.

Imperial Fists

Friend had gone there Monday and said it was some of the best pizza she ever had so I decided to give it a shot. Original delivery ETA was missed minorly, no big sweat. I was getting the pizza I longed and craved for. I hammered down the first slice in one swoop. But after I went through the next slice I knew something was amiss. My mouth was like dry, unexpectedly. As I peeled back the cheese I could see why, there was very little, if no sauce. Heartbroken.

Edward Hamlett

Awesome spot to have something when in a hurry. The customer service is efficient, pricing is reasonable, good atmosphere. I highly recommend this place

Shona Chestnut

I use like savonnas In the plaza but they slacking. I had a Buffalo chicken wrap. It was thrown together, iceburg lettuce yuk!!! Cut up chicken . Just gross. But the manager gave me back my money.

Joanna Welch

Great pizza and garlic knots. The chicken parm pizza is awesome!

Clinton Coddington

Great service excellent pizza and other Italian dishes

Felipe Ramirez

Worst pizza ever.

Joellen Blas

Friendly employees and good food

Joe Mis

Excellent New York style pizza. Quick service and convenient to parking!

Anthony Mayone

Amazing AUTHENTIC food. The commenter below obviously doesnt know that carrots in pasta/meat sauce has carrots in it to add color and help reduce the acid content of the pasta. It's been used for generations.. so yeah its authentic. But i dont think Kowalski is a italian last name so....

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