Etto Espresso Bar

159-49 Cross Bay Blvd, Queens
(718) 738-2067

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Anthony Picciano

I usually make my own matcha, but theirs was quite good. Nice workers

Jose antonio

Coffee is really good ! Best Coffee espresso type around the area and freshFood: 5/5

Mike Franzese

The place is small bet very cozy. The aroma is very inviting, the two yound ladies behind the counter were very friendly and accommodating. The coffee and Nutella croissant are to die for. Very fresh, very delicious. All in all from soup to nuts, very well done. I will be back.Food: 5/5


Cute little shop. Food and drinks are great. But service today was so horrible. The girl in the shop did not pay attention to the order and added no milk to the coffee. I asked her to please add a little and she filled it to the top to the cup where it was now overflowing and leaking as I walked. It took me 12 mins to get a croissant and coffee and there was no one else but me in the shop. Service needs to be improved on, otherwise good.

Samantha Silverman

The coffee is always so good! The pastries are delicious too. The staff is super nice ?

Daniel Leandro

Cute little coffee shop with great coffee and food. Had the avocado toast with burrata and the classic breakfast sandwich and it was all delicious

Julie P.

This will be my new coffee spot whenever I'm in the area! 100% prefer this shop than the busy freaking Starbucks down the road. Here's why... Food & drink: So I went with an order of their cold brew to actually try their coffee without all the fluff. Asked for the wrong thing though... I said drip coffee and got a hot coffee, on a hot day. Like an idiot. But the two guys were forgiving and handed me what I really wanted. Lol. Thanks, guys!!! Anyways, got that so I could really taste their coffee to see if I think differently than the negative reviews. And I do think differently. I'm not sure what coffee they were tasting because mine was great! It was strong, had a nutty taste, and was the perfect pick-me-up. My small coffee really got me through a crazy day... so I likey. They have a nice arrangement of pastries. I decided to get the Nutella croissant. Don't regret it at all. It wasn't overwhelmed with Nutella; had a great balance between croissant and Nutella in each bite. Interior: It is quite small, I would say like 3 people can fit in there without feeling like they're in someone's space. Luckily, not a lot of people were there so my stroller fit inside. This is not a complaint though since I'm used to good coffee spots having little inside space. Lol. This isn't inside but on the side of the shop, there is a cute seating area. Perfect for the summer and warm, Fall days! Service: Friendly and quick!!!

Angee A.

I love lattes, but it has to be a good latte. I'd rather not drink one at all if I know it's not gonna be good, so I never drink Dunkin Donuts and I'll only drink Starbucks if I'm desperate (customized to minimize the burnt taste). I wanted to love Etto so bad because it's really the only local coffee shop in the Ozone Park/ Howard Beach area. Unfortunately I did not. I tried them a few times, both hot and cold drinks, but their espresso is just off putting to me. It has this weird sour-ish flavor. I've never had anything like it, but I do not like it. Their pastries are good and if they changed the espresso I'd be willing to give them another try. In the meantime, I just drive further for a good latte, which is apparently hard to come by in Queens smh.

Marylou Fraggetta

Went to Etto's with my Mom this morning. Shout out to the young gentleman who works there who helped my elderly Mom and carried our order to the car. Excellent coffee and service.

Diana K

Loved the latte, did not disappoint but that wasn’t the best part! The avocado toast was absolutely delicious and not your typical boring toast. The service was great, I sat outside and my food was brought out to me surprisingly and I was offered the Wi-Fi password. This is the type of service I wish more places would provide. Overall, I definitely recommend for a strong cup of your favorite drink!

Edan Y.

This place takes their coffee very seriously. I challenge anyone to name a coffee place they've been where the baristas will dump the espresso grounds rather than use them because they feel the grind didn't come out right. Or throw out a just finished espresso shot because the pour on the machine wasn't the right length of time (to be the target flavor and extraction level). That's Etto. And that attitude to make amazing coffee every time starts with the owner Frank Z. Maybe you've read some of the less favorable reviews here on Yelp and you've seen Frank's he's a little high strung, do you blame him, he owns a coffee shop for goodness sake -- how many cups of coffee is he drinking per day!? Etto is without a doubt one of the most serious coffee options in NYC, period. If I could afford to have Frank and the team set up their mobile coffee making cart for me in my apartment each morning, I would, but only if they agree to bring along some of their delicious food options and pastries.

Davin G.

I must say I'm glad this spot. It's hidden for those that doesn't look closely. There store (Howard Beach Location) isn't that big but enough to get customers attention. There coffee is great. My favorite combo Ice Caramel Latte w/ Almond Milk, Avocado Toast and Marshmallow Cookie. Everyone should try that Marshmallow Cookie. All knows a nice homemade biscuit is great and Etto Espresso Bar biscuits doesn't disappoint. Don't sway away from there sandwiches either.

Carla A.

The Bruschetta Burrata toast and it was absolutely delicious... also had a vanilla chai tea that was also good.

Kimberly Lalmansingh

I usually order for Uber eats. Order is packed very well! The biscuit sandwiches are SO good! I’ve also had their Burrata Avocado Toast & Ricotta Honey Toast. Both delicious and are big in size.

John Speck

Pleasantly surprised! Delicious espresso. Nice staff. I would highly recommend stopping by.

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