Bean & Barley

2118 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York
(646) 767-0125

Recent Reviews

evie ot

A quaint, intimate place to meet up and catch up with friends, co workers or family. The menu is very limited. I had some white wine. Very basic establishment. It was a Friday evening when I visited. It was pretty empty. It might be the processed chicken sandwich which was not worth the price. I will make sure I eat before visiting again. Overall a nice place to just chill.

Lolita M.

This place is really chill. One of my close friends lives in the Morningside area of Harlem so we pop in to catch up on life, love and relationships. The staff is awesome and I love the vibe. They make a mean Old Fashioned. The beer is good too. They do serve food and coffee, unfortunately I haven't had either. The people who frequent are just as cool as the staff. The bathrooms are super clean and they boast a walled mirror to make sure you look just right before returning to your seat. The music selection is also good. There is a little lounge area with some comfy couches where you can take a load off and chat. It's a cool come as you are vibe that is quite refreshing. Definite recommendation for good company, chill spot and spot on service.

Alana C.

One of my favorite places in the neighborhood. A laid back no-frills local watering hole. You can come here to do work, or you can enjoy a cold beer or drink of your choice as the bar is fully stocked. Close to Columbia and located in the central entertainment and restaurant district of Harlem, the crowd is a nice mix of New York's culture!

Monty M.

The perfect place for a first date. Great beverages and the playlist is always on point.

Theresa Kelly

Bean & Barley is my local "Cheers" if you're old enough to remember this show. It was a neighborhood bar where everybody knew your name and that is the same feeling I get when I step inside B&B. Chris, Yonnie, Benlo and Emma are the best bartenders I've encountered in my hood in a long time. Head up to Harlem and experience happy hour from 12-7pm everyday. Tell them TK sent you ;)

Megan McMahon

My favorite coffee spot in the neighborhood. Aside from the coffee being great and the atmosphere very comfortable, the staff is really friendly and helpful.

Naomi H

Bean & Barley is another example of a coffee shop/bar done right. While coffee shops are great during the day, sometimes you just need a glass of wine to get that last bit of work done. There is ample seating, including a sofa area. Service is friendly and efficient. They also have great happy hour deals, even on the weekends.


Bean & Barley doesn't even deserve 1 star. I'm not one to ever right a negative review about a place since I'm never too picky, but man is this place a NO GO. They TOUCH THE FOOD WITH THEIR HANDS. And to be honest they are RACIST IN THERE. Drinks are horrible and they have bartenders with no experience. Food taste horrible, almost as if its frozen & Like I said they touch it with their hands. Save yourself & just don't even bother walking in.

Aaron Marsala

Youâ??re better off going to starbucks with real cold brew around the corner.

Adam H.

Good drinks , food is ok but I can't support this business because of the racist owner. Apparently the big owner is RACIST , rude and inappropriate.

Tabatha G.

The pastries we had tasted stale, we arrived for happy hour but decided not to stay after the first drink due to their being a lipstick stain on my glass. GROSS!

Ria H.

UNSANITARY this place is so disgusting and unwelcoming the health department should step in because they do not use gloves and will touch the food with their bare unwashed hands yuck! They serve store bought food myself and other friends have all gotten sick from eating their pizza. Mind you the place is in the middle of harlem but lacks so much diversity it was like being in the twilight zone if you're not of a certain color the workers are rude and lazy. Yikes this place is bad addition to the neighborhood.

Joey D.

Bean & Barley doesn't even deserve 1 star. I'm not one to ever right a negative review about a place since I'm never too picky, but man is this place a NO GO. They TOUCH THE FOOD WITH THEIR HANDS. And to be honest they are RACIST IN THERE. Drinks are horrible and they have bartenders with no experience. Food taste horrible, almost as if its frozen & Like I said they touch it with their hands. Save yourself & just don't even bother walking in.

William Seward

Stopped in for a drink on Friday, June 28th and ended up staying for hours. Music was great! Bartenders were terrific! Met some fun, nice people. The place just has a chill vibe overall and the crowd adds to the great energy. Itâ??s definitely worth your time.

Melody de Castro

Cute hasnt out place. Bar service is kind of slow and not so friendly. I was here during the 8th Annual Food Drink Blvd. Event.

Dominican Chef

My go to spot in Harlem best prices beers on draft the paninis etc Haley Chris Daniel are the best bartenders got so much love for them.

Michael T.

Been here once before. Not as much of a food selection as Harlem Food Bar, but at least they don't forget to put your food order in

Alecs C.

New favorite spot to study in Harlem. Not many coffee shops are open late and this place is open until midnight. There are a few large tables with outlets you can use to work on. Plus there's a couch area to lounge and hang out with friends. I also ordered the spinach and artichoke dip with pita bread and it was a great snack. Will be coming back to work late with a glass of wine!

Justin Jarvis

Great laid back vibe!! My buddy spilled his beer and the bartender came over quickly with a towel to help out, great service overall, good atmosphere. Def check it out!

Tonya L White

A great place to chill and meet great people. Chris is the best. My new favorite...

Kira Marie

Such a great place. Great deals and great bartender's

Rebecca W.

Cool place, chilled and low key lounge area at the back of bar. The beer selection was okay. Prices are a tad bit steep.

Rudy Garcia

Laid back vibe. Good coffee. Tasty food and lovely people. Definitely gonna make it my local hang out/work on the weekend spot.

Nick Donias

This place looks amazing and Iâ??m sure they do some great drinks. Just didnâ??t have a good first experience. I ordered a latte and the milk curdled. Just had a much higher expectation for this place.

Jeffrey Sellers

Great new local cafe and bar at night. Friendly service!

Bryan K

Fairly large space for an inviting cafe. Feels equally right to order a drink with caffeine or alcohol. Music is always on point and staff always make you feel welcome and stay attentive..getting you refills and offering other items or just having good conversation. It's a great spot to meet people and bring friends.

David Volle

Such a great spot! Very welcoming and friendly staff. Great place to hangout for a few hours or get a quick coffee. If I'm in the area again, would absolutely stop back in there again.

Micah Jesse

Warm, welcoming and lively coffee/bar spot in Harlem. During the day, youâ??ll find people working or taking casual meetings and at night it turns into quite a scene with drinking, dancing and an an epic playlist. So happy Bean & Barley is now a neighborhood staple!

Richard S.

There's a few things that are pretty incredible A. Josh B. They are a coffee shop in the morning /afternoon And a bar in the evening C. Drinks are really good .... like really good ( strong and really fucking well served and tasting D. And this is theee best a s funniest most amazing thing ever YOU CAN TAKE A SHIT AND LITERALLY CHARGE YOUR PHONE AT THE SAME TIME I MEAN COME ON?!!!! What genius / god tought of this ? Touché Guys .... you played it well .... I Mean we are impressed with your guys EVERYTHING ... Saw lady GAGA HERE TOO ! Like wtf ? This place is fuckin awesome

Arundhati V.

Great, comfortable space to work. Nice coffee and small bites. Don't know about the bar at night, but love it as a large space with a really cozy vibe to work in.

Michelle C.

Great atmosphere, vibes and people. It's a unique gem! The layout is simple yet effective. Front end tables are bar height and versatile; large enough to provide a great work space in the light hours but also great for evening drinks and mingling. The sofas in the rear are set up as a living room. It's so inviting!

Jennifer M.

I really enjoyed the bar . It was my first time coming to this bar and I loved everything about it . The bartender was very good and the cozy environment was amazing. It is a good place to go out for happy hour or girls night out and even is perfect for a date.

Megan Coryat

Nice staff, good snacks. A nice place to work if you need a co-working space. Coffee was good. The milkshake machine is broken, but the barista was hoping they'd have it fixed by summer.


Bean & Barley is great coffee shop in Harlem where you can comfortably work or socialize. If you need to study or write essays, you can come to Bean & Barley with little distraction. Additionally, if you want to grab a quick drink with a friend or do a coffee chat, B&B is perfect for this! The small sandwiches are great to snack on while working or socializing and the staff is great. Lastly, the music playlist can please everyone! It is truly epic.

Charlotte Jane Davey

Best bar in Harlem. Love love love.

Duarte Geraldino

This is such an oddball place and I love it. Lol coffee and working on laptop during the day, socializing with cocktails at night. I think the bar is technically open all day, but I'm a lightweight so no booze for me but you live your life.... responsibly. Music is good and so is vibe

Grace G.

This really is the perfect space to sit and write or talk with friends. It has warm, cozy atmosphere and the coffee choices are abundant. You can also sip an alcoholic drink while you work on your computer. The staff is warm and inviting, as is the space. They also offer CBD coffee which is an interesting experience.

Monica R.

Best place in the neighborhood for coffee in the daytime and for drinks at happy hour/evening time. The staff is all great. Haley, Madison, Josh, Chris, and Yann are especially welcoming and gracious. Great place to work and cool hang with friends.

Jason C.

I love their coffee here. Cold brew is nice and smooth. I also tried some of their sandwiches. They tasted fine, but nothing to write home about. Wifi speed is fast and the tables are large. So if you plan to meet with people here to get some work done, its not too bad. Although, if you're here at night, it is on the dim side.

Alyssa Jones

Bean and barley is a cool neighborhood work/chill spot. They have a variety of seating arrangements (couches, short tables, bar seating, tall tables) and decent espresso. Iâ??ve only been in the morning/early afternoon but the vibe is pretty relaxed. The music isnâ??t too loud, so you can still have a conversation. Itâ??s a little bit on the dim side but Iâ??ve still been able to read books without any issues. Havenâ??t used the WiFi much but so far it seems to be reliable. Bonus points for having two clean bathrooms and really friendly baristas!