Bean & Barley

2118 Frederick Douglass Blvd, New York
(646) 767-0125

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Be on the lookout for this little gem, perfectly crisp cold beers paired with great vibes! Definitely gonna make this one of my favorite spots.

Johnny G.

Very cute and quaint spot. It's like your laidback cousin that does things so effortlessly - that's Bean & Barley. Has a cozy vibe, the population is very random which I appreciate. I got a great Groupon deal which included a s'mores kit and a bottle of wine (chose between white or red.) I also got the Meatball Pizza. The s'mores is probably the cutest presentation ever. You start torching your marshmallow and then squeeze it between two Graham Cracker pieces with your rich chocolate. Instant Nostalgia. Then you chase the built dessert with your cup of wine and you realize you aren't 8 years old anymore. So amazing, you have to try especially if you have a group it's meant to share. The pizza is where they lost me it was alright but it was clearly frozen pizza.

Amanda D.

Wow, this was such a lovely place to start our evening! I got a Groupon for smores and wine and it was such a steal. My friend and I had a bottle of Cabernet and our own little smores platter. It felt like summer and I was toasting marshmallows over my fire pit. The waiters were friendly, attentive and generous with their wine pours. The restaurant itself was lovely, classy and sophisticated with dim lighting, decorated throughout, while the place also had a fun Saturday night bar feel! Oh and the music....I wish they could send me their playlist because it was so good and I had a blast jamming to their throwbacks. Thank you Bean and Barley for treating us to a wonderful Saturday night!

Matthew Westerby

Love the Bean! Beer and darts, always a winner!

Abir Maliyanker

In general 8/10. Very good happy hour drinks specials. Happy hour ends early but if you get to enjoy it seem to have great value for money. The staff is extremely helpful and patience and have pretty good coffee (even for Americans) but bad bloody Marys (common in nyc- not fresh tomatos culture)

Phillip Ellison

I like the owner, very welcoming, mix of community members which is important for local folks who have been in the community to feel welcome, great music vibes, good drink prices, big screen TV and few other TVs, comfy couches, and good spaces and outlets to do work. One of my favorite neighborhood spots!

Kathryn L.

Super friendly & engaging Bartenders pouring the abundance glass of wine! Had a fun time at this neighborhood gem as the quaint & cozy place was packed with locals & visitors. An energetic bar, with a funky & diverse playlist, high tables & a lounge area with sofas & chairs in the back area of the bar. Life bites, clean Unisex Restrooms & a friendly Security Guard outside. Dual establishment as a Coffee & Tap House, where you can't beat the prices across the board of offerings. Weekends B&B closes at 3A. To the three wonderful guys behind the bar in tag team mode, many thanks for looking out aka putting up with my highly libated Gal Pal. I've bookmarked Bean & Barley for my next visit to Harlem.

Persio L.

Great staff, food, coffee, and drinks. Perfect afternoon/early evening place to take your work and studies for a field trip.

Anntoinette Angrum

Oh! Surprisingly hung out with my old coworkers and had fun! The coffee martini is soooo good! I will be returning soon!

Tim B.

Fun neighborhood bar where dancing happens organically. The DJ knows how to get it going. Highly recommended.

evie ot

A quaint, intimate place to meet up and catch up with friends, co workers or family. The menu is very limited. I had some white wine. Very basic establishment. It was a Friday evening when I visited. It was pretty empty. It might be the processed chicken sandwich which was not worth the price. I will make sure I eat before visiting again. Overall a nice place to just chill.

Dee M.

Generally pleasant and helpful staff (I usually go in midday or early evening, never hung out later at night after 7pm for bar nights). The coffee is just ok. The alcohol drinks are just ok. The thing they got most right is the look and atmosphere. Definitely makes you want to hang out. That said, during the day, they 'blast' the music, which makes it hard to meet anyone there to talk (can't hear each other without almost yelling) or grab a coffee and work for 30-40mins. They do this loud music thing at Starbucks too, so I'm starting to think there's some cafe owners manual that says 'blast the music' to make sure people buy coffee and move on and don't take up space or something. So...not a whole lot different than Starbucks in the daytime. I'm rooting for this place though, they seem to hire good people.

Lolita M.

This place is really chill. One of my close friends lives in the Morningside area of Harlem so we pop in to catch up on life, love and relationships. The staff is awesome and I love the vibe. They make a mean Old Fashioned. The beer is good too. They do serve food and coffee, unfortunately I haven't had either. The people who frequent are just as cool as the staff. The bathrooms are super clean and they boast a walled mirror to make sure you look just right before returning to your seat. The music selection is also good. There is a little lounge area with some comfy couches where you can take a load off and chat. It's a cool come as you are vibe that is quite refreshing. Definite recommendation for good company, chill spot and spot on service.

Alana C.

One of my favorite places in the neighborhood. A laid back no-frills local watering hole. You can come here to do work, or you can enjoy a cold beer or drink of your choice as the bar is fully stocked. Close to Columbia and located in the central entertainment and restaurant district of Harlem, the crowd is a nice mix of New York's culture!

Monty M.

The perfect place for a first date. Great beverages and the playlist is always on point.

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