9 St Marks Pl, New York
(646) 678-5796

Recent Reviews

Alice X.

Ordered for delivery 6/6/2020 during lockdown. Delivery was quick, chicken was good. Wing sizes are small, but sauce always beats out other korean fried chicken spots!

Maggio Cassia

Yes this place is expensive. I don't think the $6.95 small portion of fries was worth it. The flavorful organic chicken was kind of worth it. I am hooked on the spice. I did not taste or detect anything artificial like at Buffalo Wild Wings. I ordered the 3 spicy chicken sliders and small drumsticks $11.95 for 5 drumsticks! I Dang! Yeah sure you get a small side free but still. I like the decor of the location and I will have to come back when I am not driving for beer and some more chicken.

Wendy L.

The fried chicken here is the best! It's super crispy and taste amazing. I would also recommend the bibimbap, the meat is very tender and delicious. The prices are pretty reasonable and the food is very filling for me. I also like how it's open until 4am on some of the days, so it's great for going out to eat after karaoke or something. The location is also very convenient, as the walk isn't far from Chinatown. The servers are also very attentive and friendly which makes the environment much better.

Xiao O.

Best fried chicken. I can't believe this is my first time reviewing this spot. I initially wanted to add an "update" for take out due to Covid-19. Anyhow, best fried chicken ever! Great flavor and nice crisp. I love the drum sticks. Also the soy garlic cauliflower was bomb! I ordered for take out so it was kinda soggy when I got home. However, I didn't mind it at all. It was bomb. I've been here so many time and every time it hits the spot.

Flora G.

Their fried chicken is one of the best!! If you have a craving for Spicy, crispy, savory Korean fried chicken, look no further! Their other foods are mediocre but the fried chicken is good enough to make up for it. Also, I ordered delivery from them for the first time all the way to financial district, and somehow the chicken was still crispy and hot! Thank you boka for satisfying my craving during the lockdown!

Tyler W.

Amazing service. Especially during the pandemic. They took the time to call me and inquire about allergies in detail as well as assist my with other questions I had about my order. Def recommend!! And wish them best of luck with sticking it out through this time

Hanna Mo

As someone who grew up pretty much eating homemade Korean meals every day, I am so grateful that I found this place. The food is genuine and reminds me of my mom’s cooking. If you’ve never tried Korean food, highly recommend Boka. It is by far one of the best Korean restaurants in the city, better than a lot found in K-town. It is cash only and tends to have a wait so be prepared for that!

Elson Lagrosas

Great place. Will always come back. Great food, great service!! Good job guys.

Nahida Ahad

Amazing as always. Food was spectacular. Service was a bit slow although it was not busy. Still had a great time and food is absolutely delicious

Young Lion

Reasonable prices and the double fried chicken is cooked perfectly. The fries w/ the works was pretty mediocre, I’d skip it if I was you. The nacho cheese was a let down, I was hoping for melted aged cheddar. $7 draft beers. Service was good. Ask for pickled white radish, it pairs well with the chicken.

Zuri Y.

My go-to for Korean fried chicken, especially during late nights. The soy garlic chicken is amazing - the right amount of sweet and savory and crispy. On the other hand, their pancakes are a miss - not crispy and kinda falls apart when you try to pick it up. Definitely needs to be cooked longer. The cheese rice cakes are good - think crispy rice cakes in queso, but value-wise it's not worth $16. Service is usually pretty good and food comes out in a timely manner. tldr; you can never go wrong with the chicken

Jeffrey Batista

Their fried chicken is is crispy and delicious; however, They lack flavors. They only offer soy garlic and a spicy sauce, but this isnt too much of a drawback. The sauces are flavorful and the chicken is crisp. They have plenty of other dishes which are tasty as well. Usually when I go there I grab a plate of chicken for the table to share and we each get something different as an entre. Most options are great.

Caresse Singh-Franklin

I’ve been to Boka several times over the past 6 years. I absolutely love it. The watermelon soju is delicious. The wings are awesome (even my picky eater husband loved it) and the octopus bi bim bob is spectacular. Also the pork buns are wonderful. The staff is always attentive even when it’s just one or two people taking care of everyone! They really care and it really shows. I’m always excited to introduce people to Boka!

Lucy W.

It was pretty late at night when I got here with some friends, and it was one of the only places open. We got seated right away, only a few other tables with people inside. The weird part is their food. I mean, it's NYC so it was the usual overpriced/small plate combo, but I was seriously concerned I was going to get food poisoning after I ate. I ordered the Spicy Salmon Rice Ball and it was no better than gas station sushi. $7 for one rice ball where the salmon was warm. BLAH! I knew it was store bought, but at least take the time to serve it cold. My table ordered the nachos and that was just as bad. The chips were obviously from a bag, but then it was served with cold liquid cheese on top and a dash of microwaved beef. The nachos were cold, and it was just another disappointment to the night. I should mention their entire menu has some weird things in it for a Korean restaurant, but I wouldn't mind if they actually knew how to prepare and cook the dishes. My friend ordered some fruity cocktail which they said was way too sweet. Another friend order a Sake which, unlike the rice ball, was served cold. Just too weird, and not worth the price in the end. Stay away unless you seriously have nowhere else to go at 2 am.

Gary Carrillo

Very well organised and welcoming place. They serve generous meals and for fair prices. We liked the meals very much and the staff members were super welcoming and explanatory. Recommended.

Billy K.

WARNING FROM A FORMER LOYAL CUSTOMER AND CHICKEN FAN: I've been a Boka customer ever since the beginning, but the quality of this establishment has finally come to a point where I highly suggest everyone to avoid the St. Mark's location at all cost. I came in on a Friday night with a large group of people. Granted, we were a group of 18, so I had low expectations of any restaurant seating us. So I was pleasantly surprised to see it relatively empty. In fact, there were two large tables at the entrance where the customers paid their bill and were ready to leave. I asked the waiter if they could accommodate us and he refused saying that he could not accommodate seating a large of a group together. I explained that we didn't mind splitting up into multiple small groups. We just wanted to enjoy their fried chicken. I pointed to the two tables that were now being cleaned up and I asked him, "What about these tables that are being cleaned up? Is that okay?" And he gave me a terrible excuse saying that those tables won't accommodate my group ... when it fact, they can seat at least 8-9 per table. Pretty much, it felt like they wanted to refuse our service at all cost. A friend of mine pressed the issue and that's when the manager told us that if we want to come in the restaurant, WE ARE REQUIRED TO PAY $20 MINIMUM PER PERSON. Now, I have worked in the service industry and I have never forced any sit-in group to pay a minimum. Honestly, it was a disgusting and rude tactic. Now, don't get me wrong. My group would have easily spent more than $20 per person. We were hungry! But to require and demand a minimum is absolutely disrespectful. I am very disappointed in this establishment and I'm here to let everyone know that it's not worth your time going there. Although I give one hope for those Korean chicken lovers - I've been to the new Chinatown location. I recommend going there. Quality of the food is better. And the customer service is on point!

Angelica M.

Went to this place with a group of friends (group of 7) and had a really great time! The interior was much more spacious than expected and didn't feel cramped at all in comparisons to the other restaurants around the area. The food was delicious and decently price for the amount of food we had ordered. Definitely recommend both the Spicy and Soy Garlic Wings and will definitely be coming back for more! However, only downside were the bathrooms were not the cleanest. Other than that, it's a great restaurant for those looking for Korean Fried Chicken!

Mike L.

Best korean fried chicken wings in NYC. The soy garlic large combo is the way to go. The only downside is that the bathroom is disgusting and flooded.

Dana Borrero

Good spot when you need a last minute place to go (small and large groups). Lots of tables open, lots of food options, quick service. Our waitress was great, but the busboy needed to chill. He kept trying to take our meals before we were done and wouldn't stop hovering. Incredibly rude and uncomfortable.

Ilana Z.

Usually go to Turntable/Bonchon for Korean fried wings but wanted to try Boka this time. It was really good and prices were decent. Came in around 10pm on a Saturday and the waiters were very attentive. We ordered two beers, large half spicy, half soy garlic wings ($23 for 20 wings), and the Kalbi beef tacos ($12 for 3). We really enjoyed that the hot wings weren't overwhelming. They were super spicy but not anything that you couldn't handle. The soy garlic were delicious and crispy! The tacos were also really good and had a bunch of different flavors in them because of the guac, rice, kalbi, kimchi, etc. loved these! Giving a 4 star not a 5 because the men's bathroom downstairs was overflowing with water. No one fixed it. It was horrible to use for my boyfriend.

Adam Centrella

All in all, this was a pretty great experience. We went for a little sit down dinner on date night and we were impressed with the food. I had the bulgogi, which was delicious and my girlfriend had a noddle soup that she really loved, but I think we both agree that the fried chicken was the best part of the meal. It was perfectly crispy and the meat practically fell off the bone. My mouth is watering reflecting on it now. The spicy wasn’t too bad for the gringos out there who can’t handle much. And truly, the service was phenomenal. The wait staff was incredibly nice and attentive, which made for a great experience. If I can have any complaints, it’s just that it’s cash only(but whatever), and there was one guy bussing plates that was just too into it. If you finished with any utensil or plate, he’s come by and make it disappear. I get that some people are into that, but I find it oddly disruptive, however, it was a mild inconvenience at best, so who really cares? Loved it. Killer fried chicken!

Jason Morales

Love the korean fried chicken and the cheese rice cake! Always delicious and fast speedy service.

Deborah W.

Rating: 3.5 stars My friend and I entered the restaurant around 7 PM on a Sunday night. The restaurant was only half full so we were seated right away. The main thing that stood out to me as soon as I walked in though was the smell of the restaurant, it did not smell very fresh inside - slightly like a public bathroom which isn't too appetizing. Service itself was very efficient and quick though. We ordered our food pretty quickly after we were seated and got it in a good amount of time. To share we ordered: --Fried chicken (mixed combo): breading was delicious and flavor was good as well. Chicken was also juicy which I liked. Sauce worked really well. --Fried cauliflower: same breading and flavor as chicken. Cauliflower works surprisingly well as a substitute! --Beef bimbimbop: Pretty average bimbimbop, beef was good though! All in all, a fairly average Korean restaurant but a good meal.

Jase Mercer

Would definitely recommend visiting this place. Excellent character, tasty dishes, awesome customer service. Great work.

Jay Ewok Banks

The server we had was a complete mood killer. Me and my 3 girlfriends came in and all were seated. The room was freezing due to a broken door so we changed our seats no biggie. Then the server took forever to greet us and there were only 4 other tables occupied. We finally order our food and literally 5 minutes into eating, homeboy tells us we need to pay the bill immediately because his shift was ending and he was leaving. I SAW RIGHT THROUGH THE BS. He asked no other tables to do so except for ours. Then we pay the bill and homeboy is sitting in the back on his phone watching Netflix. Totally killed my appetite and it's sad because the soy garlic fried chick combo was so good I was ready to order another. I'll never return to this establishment. Sad and unfortunate!

Aaron Bajor

So many better korean options around and the staff is very lackluster, too. Pricey for what you get and some of the items are just tough to share in general, so really not worth going with a group larger than 3 people either.


Great service as always. Crispy chicken that came out fast and hot. Soy garlic flavor was too salty this time around.

Srijana Bhandari

Had Very bad experience.

Frank Couso

This place has some of the best Korean fried chicken in New York City. It's in a great location, although you can walk right by it if you're not so observant. I could eat this chicken every day for the rest of my life. The service was quick and expedient and the prices are reasonable

Troy L.

Came here yesterday afternoon on my way to a store a close by. I frequent St. Marks Pl often and never made the time to check this place out, so yesterday I decided to give it a try. The interior is quite spacious with decent size bar. The bartender/waiter was cool and the energy in the building was pleasant overall. The tables are set up circling around the bar with a decent amount space between each. Which is good because I dislike feeling like on top of people. It was early in the day so I pretty much had the option to sit anywhere, so I planted myself right at the bar. Now the draw for me was the Chicken wings. I ordered the soy garlic. They wings had a flavorful punch with a nice crispy outside bite too them. I also had pork rice ball to follow it up. The rica ball was good, but the wings were the clear win for me. I plan on coming back in the near future to try the watermelon soju and steak & eggs for dinner

Will C.

Korean fried chicken is one of my favorite food groups. When the idea was put down for a Friday adventure to St. Marks for Boka, It. Was. Time. Group of 9, wait was long but fair. The chicken wings soy garlic and spicy came in the form of 3 trays of 20 wings. Quick rundown: Wings - Yes Soju - Yes Radish (with wings) - Yes Fun times - Yes What surprised me on some entrees was the overuse of nacho cheese. To this day, I am not a fan. Skip on the loaded fries and cheese rice cakes. I would have used shredded gooey mozzarella jnstead on these dishes. Next time, more fun and possibly the boka special fried rice with the egg and bulgogi. Who wants to go? Must be ready to eat ;)

James Lee

Note: this place does not take American Express. :)


Excellent service here. Hopefully they fix their door it can get a little cold in there


The Kimchi, Galbi and Bulgogi are all very good. The food comes out pre-cooked, I prefer to cook the bbq myself at a Korean restaurant, but it was still good

Elaine W.

Frankly speaking, this is so normal. The fired chicken is sweet and well seasoned. But it's over cooked and the chicken has no moisture at all. The bimbabom is just okay, nothing special. I don't recommend it.

Mary N.

This is definitely our go to place when it comes to craving Korean fried chicken and getting a drink to go with it. We also got the slices of pork belly (bo ssam) which came with seaweed and kimchi radish which made each pork belly bite super flavorful. The fried rice is also a must try with either spam or bacon for extra flavor and savory-ness. The spicy rice cakes are of course a staple to share. Definitely share for those like me that can not handle an entire spicy dish but want it anyway!

Loreto Jamlig

My go to spot for mother effin Korean fried chicken. I will argue the best Korean fried chicken I’ve tasted. Second best part, you get a good amount and it’s not super pricey. You can share a medium order between two people. Trust. If you go for the large and there’s only two of you, you’re day is a wrap. It’ll be night night. I usually go half and half with the flavors. The battered cauliflower is BOMB.

Godwin Chu

Good food, friendly service. A good find in the neighborhood.

Kyla P.

This place is so good!! My friend and I split some wings and fries. It was the perfect amount and I didn't leave feeling too full. The wings were probably the best I've ever had and I can't wait to go back!

Marc Starvaggi

I came here with my partner a couple weeks ago. The wings are delicious. She liked the tuna rice ball, but felt there wasn't enough tuna inside. The pork belly baos were rather small, one had almost no meat in it. Overall, I think there are Korean restaurants in the area with better value for the money, but I only came here once so I didn't try that extensive of a selection of their menu.