Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

1501 Broadway, New York
(212) 391-7100

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Rushed, very disappointed and to end it all got told I'd not tipped enough. The waiter then got stroppy when told we decide who tips.

Rhonda H

Freddie our waiter made our visit perfect. He was for attentive and the scampi was delicious. We sat next to the window and had a nice view of Broadway while we ate.

JimReviewsFood ..

Super cool spot right here. Big fan of the white circles they put all of the food on. Good idea.


came here since we've gone to 5, now 6, bubba gumps including Hawaii x2, Vegas, Anahiem, and Colorado. as usual staff was very friendly and the coconut shrimp & crab! yumm yumm...

Arlene L

I've eaten at several Bubba Gumps, even went a couple times to Lahaniaa location during Hawaii vacation, loved them all. I was not impressed with food, service and overall cleanliness of location at the Times Square restaurant.

Boston Ma M.

If u come to NYC, be prepared to spend money. Wasn't too expensive here, but portions were small. Almost every restaurant will not have food that looks like the menu lol.. service was good, we went on Sunday and didn't wait more than 10 minutes. Good could've been better and more fulfilling but I'm sure the company doesn't care they'll make money any ways given their location. Not an authentic homestyle restaurant. Mediocre food that came out fairly quickly. Wasn't terrible

Michele R.

It was very good. Great atmosphere. The staff was attentive and the food was great. Being in NYC it was a little over priced, but that is typical for the city.

Yoll J.

Definitely over rated! I would not recommend here . Very commercial like, the food is bland, the shrimp is salty, long wait and the food was not hot. Supppaaa Trassshhyyy ! I would have been better off with the food from the food truck.

Marisa M.

So i work across the street and decided to be a tourist for the day and eat here with a friend. It always looked fun walking past! I had the gumbo. Which was okay. A little bit too spicy. I went to New Orleans recently and obvi this is nothing close to the gumbo down there. But it was better than I expected. And had a decent amount of shrimp and sausage in it. My friend had the garden salad with chicken. Which is pretty regular with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and chicken on top. All in all though it was only 18 dollars for the bill which was great since last time we ate at Hard Rock and it was double and we only ordered salad there. Waiter was nice and energetic. He asked me if I wanted lemon in my water which I liked b.c most people don't ask you that. And I did not want lemon. Also he asked if we wanted to do forest gump trivia at the end lol we didn't. Food average but great views of timesquare here.

Norman J.

This was a great restaurant I was there for a friend's birthday party. We had a few tables for a party of about 10 people. The place was packed not one empty seat in the house, there was multiple people celebrating birthdays that day,the food was delicious, they also had some pretty big drinks that were good.the prices were reasonable I had the grilled chicken with cheese with french fries. And my wife had the salmon with mash potatoes and spinach. The waiter and waitress were nice also, I would definitely go back in the future

Hsin-Yi W.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. - time square branch is really popular due to the location so the wait is long. We don't think we will come back to try again. The waiters were attentive and welcoming, served us fast. The food is decent but it's not worth the price with its poor portion you can see in the photo. Their food was totally different from the pictures in the menu.

J D.

Service was attentive and the decor/ambiance transports you to tue Forrest Gump set. The country rock also sets you at ease in contrast to the street bustle happening along Times Square. The food is just decent. For a family friendly chain, I was hoping that the food would be at least heated all the way through. I had a bowl of gumbo and the accidental catch (mahi mahi with mashed potatoes and veg). at least at Red Lobster or Ruby Tuesdays which are across the street, the food arrives at the table stovetop hot, not microwaved warm. I'll try it one more time and maybe order something different like apps or drinks. Select another place for a real meal; the draw here is the experience and the wrap aroun

Terry Baker

great place to eat. friendly staff

Aundra Johnson

service was good. food was tasty

William Koontz

Overall good food. Service wasn’t great- they tell you about their method of letting a server know you need something (license plate that reads Stop Forrest Stop) but no one pays any attention to it.


If you are a seafood fan this is a must visit place. Its in the middle of time square. The ambiance is rustic and waiters are friendly. Of course shrimp is their main thing but they have fish steak and other stuff as well. Their shrimp and potatoes dip with cheese is absolutely best way to start.

Michael Moore

Pretty normal chain place. Ribs were tiny (where do they find pigs this small?) but the shrimp were great! The staff were very courteous, friendly, and attentive.


Love it here. Great, happy staff and always will to help. Food is just as good, my steak was cooked to perfection. It's a must.

Haris Qureshy

Saturday night and the wait time was only 25 minutes which is beyond respectable. Food was excellent , atmosphere was great also. Service was just a tad slow , hence the 4 star and not 5. I'll definitely be coming back!

Myrna Guzman

They have the best organization.. prices are reasonable and their Souvenir shop is GOOD on pricing..


Bubba Gump is always great and it doesn’t matter which location you go to. We are from the south so it was great to have some southern cooking after we had northern meals all week. Fried cheese is great!


in New York is always nice to have dinner here, Fantastic Time Square view. Shrimps always very good. The surf and turf was a discovery nice shrimps and delicious ribs.


Came here for food as a party of 5 on our first evening in NYC following a long day travelling. Had a short wait for a table (around 20 minutes) was a bit annoying as the waitress called the wrong family and so once we got upstairs we had a slightly longer wait then we should have done. However once at a table all was good - great food (plenty of choice for everyone) and really good and attentive service. Good price considering location - great views of Times Square and some good photo ops in the restraunt itself. Would definitely go back.


We went on a Monday evening at we had to wait about 20 min in line. We tried a mix of shrimps and other seafood (mixed platter) and a couple of drinks. Included in the drinks were the glasses (you could pick up new one downstairs). Service was great.

Melvin M.

I passed here on my vacation and decided to try Bubba Gump but I thought the food was better although the service is the best there is

Nicki K.

Thanks to Forrest Gump, we have Bubba Gump Shrimp! I first had it when I was in Miami and was a fan. My friend is not a foodie so she wanted something familiar and we settled for Bubba Gump Shrimp. We had a 20 mins wait, which was fine. The location is in the heart of Time Square so we were fine. The food is good from what I remember anyways. When we were finally seated, we were dripping down sweat since the temps in NYC at that time were hot. My friend requested to sit where we could feel AC or the fan. The staff was very accommodating. I looooove our waiter. He's soooo awesome. He is so outgoing and loved him so much and made us laugh throughout the night. I got the shrimp and fish platter. I had to have me some dessert too and got the cookie and ice cream. Food came out fast. It was delicious. Almost anything fried is yummy. The dessert was too good. 175/2019

Raja Zakeeyah

I expected more but the atmosphere was really cool. I got the seafood feast. My fries weren't good but the cod fish was good. We also had the cajun shrimp. Which is pictured.

Carla G.

I came here a few weeks ago. Long wait time about an hr and I checked in via yelp. Food was good well seasoned and staff was very attentive. I will try again. Drinks were good as well.

Kenya M.

Bubba Gump is a one and done restaurant! If you've seen the Movie Forest Gump, this place will be a fun experience for you! But one visit here is MORE than enough!! I went on a Saturday night and the wait was under 15 minutes for my party of 3. They waiter was friendly and attentive, and the food was served fast and hot. Although our meals were just average, the waiter made our time here a good one. He was fun and interactive, and went above and beyond to make my daughters birthday special! *you get a free cupcake for your birthday* This restaurant is in the heart of Times Square, and if you're lucky enough to get a table by a window, you'll have a great view of the city! Food- 2 stars Experience- 4 stars Location- 5 stars

Tammy *THE GREAT ONE* Queen

This time around it was all good my drink was on point my food was great the waiter was young and moving on point. I really enjoyed myself with my Friend being it was his first time there ever... I love my cups 😍

Elif Erduran

The second time i’ve been to bubba gump. First was in San Francisco. I love the style and food in here. Also coctails are perfect

Cindy Quach

First time here and it was a good experience! The place was huge and pretty kept. I loved how it's decorated! The food was great and the portions were large. Prices were a tab bit expensive. The service was great and the server was very patient with us ( we didn't know what to order).

jill fitzgerald

Our server Taylor was excellent. For an appetizer we had the Run Across America Sampler, which was delicious. I got the Lt. Dan's Surf & Turf.... The shrimp still had the shell on, they were under seasoned & over-cooked. The ribs were much better but they were a little dry. The Shrimp New Orleans was delicious.

Brinnlee Sweet

I had a really great experience here and we had a wonderful waitress! The wait time to be seated was minimal, and the waitress kept our drinks coming. We had a somewhat large group, and even still, we got our food in a timely manner! All of the food was so delicious!

Paula S.

For starters, I have to say that the place is very well located, the view is nice and the waiting time is not that long, although I made a reservation for Yelp, I realized that it is not more than 20min Talking about the food, if you have already eaten in the Bubba Gump chain before it is similar to everyone else, the only thing you notice is that instead of Key Lime, they have NY Chessecake, if you have not eaten at Bubba Gump before most of the food is sea food. Para empezar, tengo que decir que el lugar esta muy bien ubicado, la vista es linda y el tiempo de espera no es tan largo, aunque yo hice reservacion por Yelp, me di cuenta que no es mas de 20min Hablando de la comida, si ya has comido en la cadena de Bubba Gump antes es similar a la de todos los demas, lo unico que note es que en vez de Key Lime, tienen NY Chessecake, si no has comido en Bubba Gump antes bueno la mayoria de la comida es comida de mar.

Laura M.

I came here on a friday night around 7:30pm and it was about a 20-25 minute wait. The waitress was soooo slow with everything and got the drink orders wrong. I heard her in the bathroom complaining to another employee about how stressed she was with her tables which was kind of disheartning to hear. Anyway, the food took about 25 minutes to come out. My aunt really enjoyed the coconut shrimp and would highly recommend it, my sister got the mac and cheese which was good but needed a lot more cheese, and my shrimp was pretty good and was a decent portion size. For three meals it came to $58, not bad for NYC. Id compare this place to an applebees. Probably would never go back, and im closer to 2.5 stars than 3.

Stephen K.

Hungry so we went there. No wait. The shrimp gumbo was great. The rest of the meal was very average. But let's be honest, it's a chain tourist trap. The service was very slow so that did not help.

Whitney G.

I'm not really a huge fan of this place. So we arrived to Time Square to get dinner. It was really good the service was great and I love the Forrest Gump theme! Highly recommended!!

Jon A.

I'm the biggest Forest Gump fan alive, I owned all the merchandise possible so imagine my face when I heard this place existed. I had the whole get-up; button-up shirt, khaki pants with the belt, baseball cap, and the signature Nike Cortez. I arrived at the front door after running in full sprint with Tom Hank's motion from that iconic scene when the host handed my wife an adult AND a kids menu for some reason. The Scampi was delicious though.


Maybe it was us, but we did not get a very good attention, once the food is out, they totally forgot of us, (even putting the sign)Other thing, this place is Very Expensive for a bunch of fries! its not even Fancy food! in our experience we are not going back... not worth it my $216.00 there