Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

1501 Broadway, New York
(212) 391-7100

Recent Reviews

Christina-Marie Neal Burns

Our waiter was amazing! So friendly and took great care of us. Ask for Tristin if you get the chance.

Chris Latka

Ordered the coconut shrimp and fried seafood platter with mashed potatoes. It was all very good. The coleslaw was a bit warm and bland but fresh. Ask to eat at the bar to avoid waiting if you don't have a reservation.

Victoria Anne Pawlin

very friendly staff, great atmosphere will return again

Damian Hernandez

I go here often. Good food, friendly staff and a great Time Square view. After many visits I had a slight problem with a server and the Manager, Murlyn corrected the issue promptly. Positive is good good, view and close to public transportation. Negative side is driving in, no parking within the area and expected for Time Square.

Chavon Panton

The waiting time for my meal was not long at all. The service was not bad and i left with a souvenir mug. Great ambiance and not to mention drinks!

Jimelle Usher

Was very excited to eat here. Was really impressed with the aftermath. The all American bbq burger was dry, no flavor to it. The drinks were very good. The shrimp Mac & cheese was good. Crab legs were extremely cold.

Brian Hodge

Good food, great staff. Large restaurant with great views of Times Square if by a window.

Susan E

So glad I stopped here for lunch. While we waiting to be seated, we browsed in the gift shop. The food is great and the service was good. I had the triple seafood entree. My friend the black bean burger with fries. The raspberry iced tea was delicious. While the dessert chocolate cookie with vanilla ice cream was very good, it was almost the price of the burger.

Amy Fillmore

The food was excellent and our server Derek was outstanding! I always recommend the Cajun shrimpers net catch. My fave ?. Thanks again!

Capital Jay

Great food even though for the price the food portions are kind of small. Even still the waiter we had was great. He was very entertaining and came back every few minutes to make sure we didn't need anything. Great service. I definitely recommend this place and will go back again myself.

Jackie Thomas

The food and atmosphere was great. The wait to eat was long unless you looked at a sign to get seated faster. You have to pay but get your money back... We did that and was seated quickly.

Kathy G

It pays to be a Landry Select Member. I bought the card in the gift shop and immediately moved to the front of the line, skipping the 1.5 hour wait. Food was good. View it Times Square was incredible.

Kandis Nolan

It's a chain restaurant so you can't expect a gourmet meal, but it's good. Not great, but definitely good enough to return. In comparison, my family recently dined at the Olive Garden restaurant in this neighborhood and we were disappointed enough to not return there. I have personally only ordered the regular fried shrimp and the coconut-fried shrimp at Bubba Gump. I love the coconut-fried shrimp - it's not too sweet for me and is usually cooked just right. The regular fried shrimp is a little boring but still good. The wait sometimes is long but once you get a table the service is pretty quick and you won't have to wait too long for your food. If you are lucky enough to score a table next to the windows you might have a nice view of Times Square. That in itself is worth eating here.

Mark Pastor

I have been to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. In Times Square several times. When you put your name in for a table you can shop in the little store before your name is called. When they are busy, be prepared to go up the stairs and wait in a line for the person to take you to your seats. There is lots to read about the movie Forrest Gump on the walls so the wait never seams that bad. It's gets crowded but never feels to tight in the dining room to relax. The drinks are good and the food is usually pretty good. My last meal there was the fried fish dinner. I was not impressed with the actual fried fish although the shrimp and scallops were good. It has been better in the past. I chalked that up to an off day! Some of the servers are all business and do a good job. Some of the servers are really into the theme of the restaurant and really help to make the experience fun for kids and adults alike. The prices are not bad especially since the portions are pretty good and you are in Times Square. This is a place you need to try at least once!

Hayley Oliver

So the food was good and on that basis I'd recommend. However, the service was not great. We were seated next to a very large old window overlooking times square. Whilst its view was great, it was absolutely freezing. There was an icy wind coming through the old window. I had to sit in my coat and hat. We asked waiter to move but he said no. Told us whole restaurant was cold as heaters not turned on yet. We struggled to believe him as other guests dining away from this huge window were sat happily in tshirts. Like I say food was good but experience was not.

Ardara H.

Don't do it. Don't come here. Run away as fast as you can. The food is not good, the service is slow and the food took forever. I will not be coming back nor soliciting anyone to dine here. This is not the place to be and this is New York. Go anywhere elSe on the entire planet and Mars if you have to, to dine. Warning don't come here!!!

Sarah M.

The Orlando location 110% TRUMPS this location by far. First, when entering the place they barely explain how anything works and it could be very cute at this NY location if the servers actually cared about it (run Forrest run/stop Forrest stop-signs) Also, does this place believe in knives? How many times does a person have to ask for silverware before you bring it to my table while I stare at my plate of food getting cold-slow service. Good service is hard to find, I know. In Orlando they're on top of it and happy to help, what happened New York? When I spoke to my server it seemed like she couldn't be bothered. The waitstaff is mostly miserable apart from a few people who flashed smiles on the way in. Mediocre spot for New York. Revamp needed ASAP there's just way too many other restaurants with better service to let this one slide. Two stars because the food didn't suck.

Vyshnavi Bisani

The fact that this restaurant is located in Times Square is amazing!

Ann-Katrin McGettigan

We wanted to eat at Hardrock Cafe but there was an hour of waiting time so this was our alternative. We are so glad this happened because oh my god this restaurant is amazing! The atmosphere and the decorations are made with so much detail and love. Staff is very caring and quick. The food was absolutely delicious and the kids meal is adorable. We had a birthday girl and they sang for us. We will definitely be back!

Chaz Wilson

The food is really nice and service was fast. We were planning to come back here another evening however when we paid our bill the waiter was questioning how much tip we gave although on the receipt it clearly says that a tip is discretionary. We tipped as much as we could but the waiter must have felt that he deserved a tip equal to 20% of the total bill which would have been about $32! They do advise on the receipt a suggested gratuity of 20% but it is completely the customer's choice what tip to leave. He made us feel very uncomfortable and he was clearly annoyed. Completely spoiled the evening so we will not be spending anymore money here.

Marc Tofsted

Times Square restaurant that's got such fast service, you'd think You're in a fast food joint. Great Forrest Gump themed decor, with movie props and photos to explore. The food was delicious and the margaritas are awesome.

miguel mancia

First time at Bubba Gump shrimp and it's definitely a tourist trap. Service was totally fine, nothing bad but the food was bland and left a lot to be desired. We ordered the Cheeseburger, Black bean burgers and fries chicken meals with the shrimp appetizer. Shrimp was drenched in oily sauce to give it "flavor", my cheeseburger was dry(even at Medium) and had no flavor, the black bean burgers was bland and the chicken was generic. If you're a local, skip it, nothing too really see unfortunately.

Jeffrey D.

More like BUBBA DUMP save your wait time and money this is absolute garbage I know it's a busy place but the money you spend on the "food" there it should at least be edible We ordered their namesake dish of shrimp and it left us disappointed we wasted so much time waiting and paying for garbage.

Chad B.

We were so super disappointed. It was a spot we wanted to try before we left NYC. It rained on us one night so we decided to take advantage of an early dinner and could actually get seated without too much of a wait. Once seated, our waitress finally appeared 15-20 minutes later. We weren't in too much of a hurry, so it was okay. We then placed drink orders. Non bar items showed up quickly. Bar drinks were at least 10 minutes later. We had to wait for menus too. 30 minutes into it we ordered a couple appetizers and our meals. We never got asked for refills as we sat their with empty drinks. 15 minutes later our dinners arrived... then after that, the appetizers. What a mess. The topper on the whole thing was the shrimp appetizer and meal I ordered was terrible. Smallest, rubbery, and nasty shrimp anywhere. My daughters meal was okay and my wife didn't like her chicken. But come on man! If Shrimp is in your name, it has to be good. I give it a 2* for ambience and their ability to serve our 9 year old a mediocre meal.

Chris E.

Shrimp is the name of the game at this chain restaurant and it's alllllll inspired by Forrest Gump film. If you plan on coming here during peak meal hours, be prepared to wait a long while. It's not that the food is spectacular or there is anything special about the restaurant, but the location of it is like a magnet for tourists and alike. You just can't avoid the restaurant if you're walking by. Not much about the restaurant has changed over the years and, on my most recent visit, my wife and I were in a touristy mood for the day and decided to have dinner here. We arrived at about 6:15pm on a Saturday evening and put ourselves on the wait list, but we didn't get seated till about after 7. First, we waited downstairs before being called up to the dining floor only to be greeted by another wait. The 2 waits were more for crowd control since the line for this restaurant seems to be never ending. Once we were seated, we were greeted by a very friendly and chatty waitress, Kiana. My wife and I had both been to Bubba Gump Shrimp before, so we knew what to expect on the menu already. Basically, we wasted almost no time ordering and started off our meal with some good ol' fashion hush puppies. Although the hush puppies weren't on the menu, Kiana informed us they were definitely available as an appetizer. Let me just say, these were maybe the best hush puppies I ever had. Crispy and fried to perfection goodness. They were almost like perfect tater tots, but with cornmeal inside instead of potato. It was a nice way to get our greasy meal started and expunge any thoughts of a diet. For our entrees, my wife ordered Mama Blue's Southern BBQ Plate, which came with baby back ribs,sweet potato fries, grilled shrimp and shrimp mac & cheese. I, on the other hand, just went shrimp crazy and got the Shrimper's Heaven, which was a shrimp lover's paradise - hand breaded coconut shrimp, bacon wrapped shrimp, crispy golden shrimp and tempura shrimp served with homemade tangy Asian, cajun marmalade and zesty cocktail sauces. To be honest, after a while, all the oil and flavors just blended together from the foods. The food was good for what it was and for the type of appetite it was made to satisfy. Speaking on the Shrimper's Heaven, all of the fried shrimp was good. It was as good as fried shrimp could get. In fact, I noticed many other tables order it too, so that was something to be said about it. Honestly, Bubba Gump is not going to be for everyone, especially if you count your calories. It's fast seafood with an upcharge. However, if you're into fried seafood or shrimp, then you'll love Bubba Gump Shrimp. It's everything a shrimp lover could ask for with the array of shrimp options, but be prepared to earn that trip up to the dining room as they'll make sure you work up an appetite before making it to your table.

Seth Glass

I have to say, as a Restaurant Manager, this was the most abysmal dining experience my Family and I have ever had. We were sat approximately at 4pm and never received our meals until 5:34. My meal was wrong and didnâ??t receive my correct meal until roughly 6pm. After a quick trip to the restroom, there was a man smoking drugs in the restroom. The manager was told but never showed up. Finally at the time to pay the bill, they did not rectify their mess ups all night like any respectable Manager would do, nor did the Manager ever come speak with me. I gladly paid my bill and will refuse any sort of â??coupon,â? but I highly recommend choosing another Restaurant to eat at during your Vacation.

Keisha F.

Unfortunately, I did not have a good experience here. The food sucks and the service too! Please get rid of the "run forest run" signage.

C H.

If you are looking for a place to eat around time square, this is the best place to eat. They offer a lot of seafood and drinks with cheap prices. The servings are okay and the staffs are very friendly. I really enjoy the view as the sittings are upstairs where you can overlook the beauty of the broadway. Thumbs up!

Rima Samman

Amazing place! The food, the service, the atmosphere everything is great! The food deserves 10 stars - worth the stop even if you're not a tourist. Trust me - just go! Oh and they have more than shrimp so don't worry if that's not your thing.

Michael D Brown

Service was great. We sat at the bar area because there were a lot of small children in main dining (loud). Food was good but not great is the reason for four stars. Butterfly shrimp was a bit salty.

April Cromartie

First time here was a great experience overall. The food was good but my rice was mushy and overcooked. The waitress could have been friendlier or had a bit more patience with first timers but all in all good experience.

Ken Gosling

This place was heaving, but busy as it was it ran like clockwork. Bubba Gump is Bubba Gump. A lace that turns out the same food at any of there cookie cutter places. We all know what it is, what youâ??ll get and what itâ??s like. But itâ??s still fun and welcoming.

Aleshia A.

For the price I would've expected better but the fish and chips which we both ordered wasn't very good. Our fries were cold and the fish was pretty bland and unimpressive. Our drinks and server bowers were great hence the three stars. I had the one that is similar to a pina colada sorry I forgot the name but it was so dang good! So maybe eat somewhere else and go here for drinks.

Leanne Wong

Our server Harold was nice and very friendly! Checked on us if everything was fine and if the food was alright. Overall the food was tasty, and the place was clean and decorated well with the movie memorabilia. Had to wait for a bit to get seated but itâ??s worth the wait!

Micaela Roldan

It was a great atmosphere, good views if you get seated near the windows. Good food, good drinks. You get to take the cups home as souvenirs. Service was great overall it was a great experience and everyone in our group enjoyed themselves.

Gavin Bollard

Bubba Gump is themed after the Forrest Gump movie and contains a lot of memorabilia from the film. The service is reasonable and the food is actually pretty good.


Rushed, very disappointed and to end it all got told I'd not tipped enough. The waiter then got stroppy when told we decide who tips.


Amazing food! Worth the 50 minute wait - especially if you can put your name/number down and walk the strip while you wait.

Rhonda H

Freddie our waiter made our visit perfect. He was for attentive and the scampi was delicious. We sat next to the window and had a nice view of Broadway while we ate.

JimReviewsFood ..

Super cool spot right here. Big fan of the white circles they put all of the food on. Good idea.