Chipotle Mexican Grill

464 Park Ave S, New York
(212) 689-0305

Recent Reviews

Jessica Vaquero

I always get my salad at chipotle. How can it be that they did not have lettuce? I was shocked, no lettuce so I had to go without it

Antonio Dávalos de los Ríos

Cheap, interesting option if you're on a budget and in a hurry

Gilad Fisher

Great food reasonable price

Maria Dieppa

I've been working in the area for over a year now, LOVE THIS LOCATION! I go at least 1-2 a week. Their regular employees have gotten to know my face and my likes, I appreciate that very much.

Robin Throne

I stated in my survey that I did not report the problem. That is why I am taking this survey. The restaurant on Park Avenue and E. 31st St in NYC used to be my all time favorite Chipotle. The last two times, I have found it to be unclean. There was litter on the floors and the tables were not clean. The last time, the server placed my food on top of other food that had dropped on the counter. I am not sure I will go to this Chipotle again. Fortunately, I do have others in NYC, but just not in that particular area. I hope that someone does a quality control visit to the restaurant.

Alroy Lam

Very fast service so I was able to quickly get in and get out. Ample seating space and clean condiment/utensils/ soda section.

Peter Braunwart

I like this Chipotle better than the others in the aea. It's always clean and they are generous with the portions, plus the line always moves fast

Temecia J

Flavorful but predictable. It's a great fast yet healthy-ish option.

Theodore Shugars

Employees are rude and make you feel like you should have went somewhere else. I would recommend another place t eat.

Vladimir B.

Probably the worst chipotle I've been to. They all seem to be friends always talking instead of helping the customers. Never any ice literally, and just wack like seriously. Frustrating , like how do you run out of ice ?

Rational Cogitator

Smooth transaction...everything went well and fast.

Alex Fallah

Fresh ingredients but only gives out half portions for the past 2 years. 18.99 for a double (half portion) steak burrito with guacamole. GTFO

Heather T.

I've eaten at quite a few Chipotle locations in various states. I don't expect great service from quick-service restaurants, but tonight was... Weird. There was no line but I had "White or brown? BEANS!! MEAT!!" barked at me from across the counter. The second two weren't even phrased as questions. I know the drill at chipotle, but she seemed almost angry. Weird encounter aside, I had to eat around a large section of my bowl because a full ladle of hot sauce was poured onto it when I said, "Everything but hot, please." No offer to remake the bowl -- just a blank stare when I repeated that I didn't want hot salsa. The worst part was that I paid for guacamole on the portion that I could actually eat, but I just got the remnants that fell off of the very tip of the serving spoon. Are these guys for real? I was traveling all day and really looking forward to my full, hot, delicious sofritas bowl. I'll try again when my trip ends and I get back to my home store.

juliet muschette

DO NOT COME HERE! The person making my bowl gave me such little portion of rice I can almost count the grains. I also was given half a big spoon of meat and when asked for more to fill up the whole bowl the response was â??Extra chicken is more moneyâ?. I was upset knowing that little bit of meat is standard. Smh do not come here.

Joel Brown

I ordered food and there was a fair skin gentleman work throwing food in the bowls like he didnâ??t wanna be there. Then the food was too salty I complained about it and the manager said thatâ??s how the chicken is. I have eat chipotle for years and my experience with this store gave me a different outlook. I wonâ??t eat again. Good luck for who want to go to this store on park ave they are very unprofessional.

stush222 .

I order food (especially the Guac and chips) almost twice a week but this time the guacamole was not fresh at all. It was way too dark. I did not check the quality until I had already left to travel home. I am really disappointed.

Kelsey G.

I'm usually pretty good with packing my lunch, but after the 3 day holiday weekend I just couldn't bring myself to do it, so I decided to check out the Chipotle a few blocks away from my job. I opened the lid and immediately noticed that the chicken was undercooked. It was pink, it was RAW. I walked back over to the restaurant and was told by who I'm guessing was a manager that "our chicken is not white meat chicken, it's dark meat, which is why it's that color". That's fine, however no part of the chicken should be this color! You're serving RAW chicken, period. She asked if I wanted another bowl, but at that point my appetite was left in the bowl with the raw chicken.

Lane Spigner

I eat Chipotle pretty much every day for lunch. They have taken especially good care of me over the past three years. Melissa and the whole crew at 464 Park Ave South are awesome. They always say "hello" and "see you tomorrow!". I'm totally taken care of when I go there.

Lauren Famighette

Usually my food is unbelievable tasty and the salad dressing is really like a hit! I suggest no matter what you get to get the salad dressing!

Jonas Nolasco

I have been going to chipotle for a while now all over the city, but is it just me? when I go to this location, I get very little portion of meat. I try to avoid this location just because of my bad streak of getting little portion. But they will load me up on rice and sour cream which I ask specifically for a small scoop. What's up with that????

souschef 793

Nice clean spot. Food is good. Omg the bathroom even if, your Disabled is upstairs


Quickest Chipotle in town! Busy spot but you don't have to wait long. I only wish the manager will take into consideration the cleanliness of tables...I've been here plenty times and I dine in all the time...but I've never seen anyone come around to wipe tables clean... Chipotle, fix this please! Tip: the stairs lead to nowhere.

Hazel P.

Your standard fast food joint. I wasn't familiar with chipotle when I ordered food here. So when they started asking me what I wanted I just had to point or ask questions. The food was a little spicier than I usually eat. I have digestive issues so I wasn't sure how my stomach would handle the food. But actually I didn't have any problems with the food here even though I had beans! And you know what beans usually do to people right? Anyway I had a custom bowl & it was pretty filling. I wouldn't eat here regularly even if I did live in New York. But since I was just there visiting it was a decent low cost meal. As for the restaurant it was okay. It looked clean & there was a good amount of seating around. Not bad for a fast food place. One of the somewhat healthier options for fast food.

Courtney Besteman

Location was convenient and there wasn't that long of a line around 3pm on a Thursday. However they were temporarily out of chicken and rice was not fully cooked. The portion did seem small compared to Chipotle's I've been to in the past.

Debasish Mohanty

Good food for the diet conscious guys. I like the chicken rice mix stuff.

Denise nesbeth

Love there bowls you can put whatever you want in it.

Grace Mera

They are the best tasting chipotle around this area.

Peter F.

They always mess up the order. Either something's missing, or it's spilling out into the bag, or they forget to add an ingredient or its ice cold.

Joshua Degreiff

I excellent service on Sunday mornings and mid day! I canâ??t speak on weekdays. The food fresh and very generous, I love it I definitely will come here soften on Sundays.

Michael Stringfellow

Very busy at lunch time, but surprisingly good! The next time I am in the area, this will be my choice


Good food nice people

Soraya B.

Usually Chipotle always satisfys my random Chipotle cravings. I have nothing bad to say, I know what I want and I get it. I love the quickness and ready to go meal. The guacamole has to be my favorite and usually chicken salad bowl. If you're on a Budget this will be a little pricey but like I said random cravings.... I usually get them ha ha. Happy eating Check out @foodcritters on Instagram for more reviews and photos of yummy places to visit.

Jacky VanOrman

This place is usually good, but I just got tacos and theyâ??re a mess. The girl mangled the burnt tortillas, put the chicken on before the rice, and put them in a bowl instead of tinfoil which makes it much harder to eat! The rice was a little hard too I couldnâ??t finish the last taco. Also I donâ??t think fake eyelashes are okay for food safety!

Vaibhav Mittal

Burrito not baked well. Partially cooked rice. Cashier in too much hurry to tender change.

Rrezike Family

This location is okay but their portions are sad, I asked for a chicken quesadilla and 90% of it was cheese. I then asked if they could add more chicken and I kid you not , the employee added 3 pieces more. Other than that, yum.

Richard C.

I've eaten at about 40 Chipotle Mexican Grills nationwide but this one is unique in its extremely small portion sizes at noticeably 25% less (you can see it) despite a noticeably slightly lower price point, about $0.20 less. The service is similar to most other places so no dings there, but I just can't get over its small portion size which leaves me so hungry that I'll have to get halal or some supplement hours afterwards. Despite its being on the very same block as my office, I actually make it a point to go to some, frankly, any of the 3 other Chipotle's within 10mins. Interior design and furnishings are Chipotle standard adding an unusually high ceiling height, none of which matters versus the far smaller portion size in case I didn't mention that earlier.

Anonymous C.

Now I know why I have not been back and darn it, I should have leaned my lesson. Decided to give it a try as I was walking past it but should have kept walking. The portion they gave me was for a baby. Second, SALTYYYYYYYYY whoa whoa, on my 4th cup of water. And what is up with the chicken here, I feel the quality has gone way down. The chicken was so NERVY, my napkin had more spit out food on it than in my stomach and found yet again another bay leave. Ughhh so done for good. Over and out.

Chris Odegard

The staff is fast and efficient here so help the line keep moving by knowing ahead of time what you want to order and speaking clearly over the din of the kitchen.

Cindy R.

Best to order online. Chipotle employees paid far more attention to orders online which they were preparing in between each of our 3 person order. Very sloppy, haphazard service - made us (and the customer in front of us) -feel the online orders were top priority- not the people being served right in front of them. Items were missed and sloppily flopped into our containers and we were rapidly shuffled along. Food tasted great but I will go to another location for sure.

Natalie F.

I've never had a problem at this Chipotle. They do get long lines (but which chipotle doesn't) & I've waited on it once but it went by fast even during the lunch rush hour. Now I order on their app & my food is ready when I arrive! The employees are really nice & not cheap with the ingredients, in my opinion. I recently had a salad with chicken, lettuce, guac, pico & fajita veggies & I was full for hours after. The barbacoa is delicious but the steak is a little dry. Overall a good spot for a quick lunch with healthy options available.