1980 Adam Clayton Powell Jr Blvd, New York
(646) 850-8101

Recent Reviews

Zachary Woods

Great food and amazing staff!

E Tucker

Oxtails peas & rice with cabbage for 20$ you get a full plate. For a Caribbean restaurant I was expecting the food to be robust with flavor sadly it was not. Maybe it was the day who knows. Maybe I'll give them another try on a another


I have been going to this restaurant for years and always enjoyed the food and the staff has been nice ?

Kevin Harris

A nice little go to spot when you pick up some good Caribbean food at a

Grace Sewell

The food is good. It is now pricey like crazy but you won't be so disappointed. They can knock a few dollars off tho dang lol.

Ana Jordan

The beef patty was good and spicy but the plantains weren't really good to me

Antonio Dutrell

I've had better island food and being from Trinidad they should do better than what I've tasted .

Simone Tyson

The ONLY place I get my morning ackee, saltfish, and callaloo from. Sooooo damn good ????

J S. Bro

One of the best Caribbean restaurant mac and cheese, j*** chicken, oxtails, and desert, candy yams delicious yes sir! Thank you mangoville

Lish 2X

The salt fish and ackee with fried dumplings ? ?? ?

Anthony Rhodie

I loved the food especially the fact that they were serving the food earlier than most places and very good portions

Stasia Jordan

The beef patty was good and spicy but the plantains weren't really good to me

sam sam

Mediocre food. The rice and peas was shockingly bad. Go elsewhere.

Randy Butler

I was longing for some good curry goat for a while and my goodness this place was worth it. Best flavor curry goat I have had in a long time. Approved by a true Jamaican.

Gail Sims

It use to be good seems like they changed cooks.The food was really bad. I won't be going back..

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