Gong Cha

2061 Broadway, New York
(917) 261-2070

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Sofia K.

Pretty average place. I usually get the lychee oolong tea with tapioca. The passion fruit green tea is also good. The matcha doesn't have a grassy flavor though and just tastes like milk. Service is fast and the drinks come out very quickly tho. I come here once in a while since i'm always in the area. It's a small shop with no seating. The area can fit about 2-3 people at most so you just grab your drink and go.

Adriana V.

Worth the hype! I only came in to get one of their viral gingerbread boba cups and honestly it did not disappoint. Beside the adorable cups, the drinks were so good. They have so many options to choose from drinks, milk, sugar level, to toppings. The shop was very clean and neat and service was fast. Overall it was a 10/10!

Sherman C

There’s not any seating inside this location.

Food: 5

Service: 5


AMAZING i love gong cha so much it was so good. i come here at least once a week. the only thing is the prices are a little too expensive.

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Strawberry Milk, Mango, Lemon Strawberry

Isabel H.

I'm a big fan of bubble tea/Boba, so I was excited to see that Gong Cha opened up close to me. I stopped in and ordered a medium oolong milk tea with Boba, and the drink came out very quickly. The drink was delicious, and the boba had great texture. I ordered mine at 70% sweetness, but it still felt pretty sweet, so would definitely recommend reducing the sugar. That being said, the store itself is very small, and essentially feels like a counter. You can probably reasonably accommodate 3 to 4 people standing inside waiting for their drinks. It seems like the menu at this location has a smaller selection than the other ones in the city, but generally still has the classics, and will definitely scratch the itch.

Madeleine M (Nora)

great tea and insanely quick service!

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Pearl

Nathan Money

Got a yummy mango slush with tapioca pearls. Very delicious!

Food: 5

Agapito Garcia

Consistently great bubble tea. The tea flavors are delicious. The boba are fresh. Ordering is straight forward and the staff are very nice and helpful.

Atmosphere: 3

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Pearl

Brandy Lewis

Love their teas and that they have non-dairy options!Dietary restrictions: Love the dairy- free options!

Atmosphere: 5

Food: 5

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Strawberry Milk, Coconut Jelly

Joshua Fagan

A tiny location, with some sweet and satisfying boba perfect for a busy traveler wandering through this part of New York.

Avery D.

I'm a boba newbie, but I really enjoyed the Wintermelon flavor. It's caramely and sweet. Very tasty. There was a lot of pearls in the bottom which I wish there were a little less, but maybe that's just my preference.This location is tiny. There is only room for you to stand and order. No seating. Very much for people on the go. But the workers were very nice and the drinks came out fairly quickly.

Jadiel Torres

Dietary restrictions: It’s a good place but tiny

Min T.

I apologize for this rating (really a 2.5). I saw some negative reviews on google about the taste & incorrect orders, but thought what I was going to order was basic enough. Got an Earl Grey Milk Tea with Tapioca pearls and it was extremely watered down *cry*. I've ordered from Gong Cha in multiple other locations before & the same drink too, none of them stood out to me as this bland. Staff was nice. Love the location, super convenient to stop by before or after heading to Trader Joe's. Would really want this location to stay, but please check on the mixtures/ingredients used for these drinks. Yelp doesn't have that many reviews yet since it's quite new, but Google already has similar negative reviews. Will still come back for a second, hopefully better, experience in the future.

Chris Henseler

I recently visited Gong Cha for take out and was pleasantly surprised by my experience. The staff was friendly and efficient, and the tea itself was delicious. Overall, it was a pleasant visit and I will definitely be returning for more bubble tea in the future.


Good quality under a good franchise brand. Very small place, so all orders must be take away. Very good matcha tea with pearls.

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