218 W 116th St, New York
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Nisha Phipps

Idk what happened but the food used to be good and now it has no flavor. At all. I almost thought I had covid and lost my sense of taste. The j*** sauce didn't even taste like anything

Lisa L.

Had a rum punch, it wasn't that strong. However, it tasted well with so many different juices in it and it wasn't overpriced. The festival is nicely battered with a hint of sweetness, definitely one of the better ones I've had. J*** sauce was spicy just the way I liked it. The chicken was smoky on the outside but a bit overcooked and dry. The rice is incredibly mushy. Love the ambience, island vibes and reggae.

Antonio Germain

I hope they read the reviews to do better . I tried two years ago I was very disappointed food so bad I hope it was just a bad day customer service is great but need a new chef . Unacceptable.

Kevin Portundo

I tried their Oxtail (as I am from Jamaica) and it was good, but they give such SMALL portions and the side order of Mac and Cheese Baked smelled SO Bad I was afraid to eat it for fear of it being spoiled. I would give them another chance but first impressions do count ...

Front Desk

Wow, we ordered take-out for the office. Everything was sooo delish. WE rated the beef patties as waaay better than Golden Krust. The Oxtail was melting in your mouth. perfect. The j*** chicken was fabulous . Everything was top of the line

Aishah B.

Although the menu states the j*** chicken has charcoal grill flavor, it tasted more like regular baked BBQ chicken from the oven.

Lilly D.

Ordered through UberEats thinking I would get authentic Jamaican cuisine, WRONG! Ordered a j*** chicken with rice & peas with EXTRA j*** sauce on the side (willing to pay extra), as well as sauce on the chicken and rice. The only positive outcome was the extra j*** sauce I requested in my order. Which was good because the food was so dry. I received one piece of j*** chicken. The chicken tasted stale and tasteless. The rice was hard like it was stale- sitting out for a long time. Definitely not appetizing. There was more salad than rice which I'm not sure how to feel about. Also didn't get any utensils upon arrival. Not even a napkin and I would definitely not recommend, especially through any app. Rather go in person so I can correct my order and give personal feedback. They only received 2 stars because my order arrived 6 minutes earlier AND they understood HALF of my requests with the sauce on the food. Surely a disappointment. Definitely need to change cooks!

MIchelle Copeland

Decided to support a local business... I ordered the j*** chicken dinner. The chicken itself was good, great level of spice but reminded me of baked chicken nothing special. The rice and cabbage were basic (not much seasoning) for a $16 meal I expected more. I took my food to go but had a rum punch ($12) at the bar which was really good. Maybe I'll return for the drinks.

Louise Odonoghue

I love this place. Kool vibes, great food and awesome drinks!!

Oyenbhen O.

The j*** chicken was pretty good. The spice and flavor were balanced. The curry goat could have been better to say the least. Drinks were good and got me tipsy but everything felt overpriced since the food was just good and not great. Nice service. I wondered why the food was prepackaged though.

mark Simmonds

Food. So freaking good. Drinks, The best long island ice t I've had in awhile

Mike Bourbeau

Food was amazing. Got rounds of festivals, curry goat, j*** wings, rice, beans, and chicken. It was a great way to end a day out with friends. Will definitely be going back

Miss M.

Go here for great strong drinks, preferably after you had dinner elsewhere in the neighborhood. I ate here twice but both time the portions were small with mostly bones. My friend's appetizer tasted like they were just heated up with microwave after sitting allday. My friends and Ioved the cozy vibe, drinks and music but told ourselves no more food from here. Harlem is getting gentrified nowadays so we can understand the price to catch up with the rent...but patrons should never leave the restaurant hungry! As everyone wrote, drinks are legit & amazing :)

Ana Garcia

Placed a big order to share with friends. It was SO GOOD. All of it. Kids loved it. Grown ups loved it. J*** salmon and the goat shrimp curry were the stars but ALL OF IT was so tasty.

Marlon Foster

Great food, love the service… definitely going back

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