Spot Dessert Bar

13 St Marks Pl, New York
(212) 677-5670

Recent Reviews

Brittany T.

I'm not one to have a big sweet tooth, but this place can really hit the spot. But because I'm not super fond of super sweet things, this place probably doesn't suit me as well as it does for others. I do think, though, that it's valuable to have input for someone who isn't super into desserts since I'm certainly not alone. The desserts here are the kind that make you feel guilty as soon as you take your first bite. The rich and dense unhealthiness is mostly pleasant, but give it a few more bites and you might be questioning your decisions. I must say, however, that Spot does a great job of having very creative desserts, which makes it a wonderful place to show any visitors, not to mention it's in the poppin' stretch of St. Mark's Place, which is packed with plenty of great venues.

Dominique R.

I ordered this as a Uber eat delivery during quarantine and I have to say the desserts came perfect. All the desserts were spot on. I ordered the matcha lava cake that was a delectable blend of chocolate and green tea. In the lava cake, there was a gooey warm chocolate filling and the ice cream complemented the cake perfectly. We also ordered chocolate chip cookies which were huge and soft and gooey. They were amazing. We also got (I don't remember the name) a dessert that had cornflakes and was flakey. It was delicious. I could eat that everyday. I can't wait to try this place in person but for delivery it was amazing.

Shivani S.

I asked what the most popular desserts were and ordered two of them- the harvest and the golden toast. I had only a bite of the harvest and wished I had more- the taste was decadent with the cheesecake. The flavor of the golden toast and the condensed milk ice cream was to die for- order these two!!

Shibani K.

I really like the harvest and the choco lava desserts. They even deliver during lockdown.

Ruby C.

A great place to meet friends! Desserts are absolutely delicious and not too sweet. Not to mention, also very photogenic and trendy.

Liwen X.

Spot is a NYC specialty, and ended up being one of my first stops in the city. The space is small, but the all white walls and seating scheme gave the space a minimalist, hip vibe. The desserts are very cute too! My friend and I ordered 2 desserts to share: the Matcha Lava Cake and the Harvest. The matcha lava cake was a delectable blend of chocolate and green tea. In the lava cake, there was virtually no matcha, just a rich, gooey warm chocolate filling, letting the chocolate dictate the cake's flavor. This was perfect, as the ice cream was all matcha, and complemented the thick, warm cake with a cool, nuanced taste. The Harvest was a flavorful blend of earl grey milk tea with a cheese top, paired with raspberry sorbet. We had fun pouring the milk tea into this plant, "watering" the dessert with bergamot and black tea. Here, the tart balances well with the dessert's sweetness, and you get a little bit of everything: cheesecake, milk tea, fruit, aesthetics. Delicious desserts. Only complaint would be that they're a tad pricey for the amount you get, but it's New York, and it's quality dessert, so no major issue here. Final Verdict: Desserts: 5/5 Ambience: 4/5 Overall: 4.5/5

Jo W.

On my first trip to New York 2 years ago, my boyfriend and I wanted to try Spot Dessert, but it was so crowded with long lines each time we came here, we ended up not trying this place out. When I came again to New York on my own, on my last evening in New York, I decided to stop by here and FINALLY try it. As a single patron, I got seated rather quickly. Coming here was SO WORTH IT. I got the Matcha Lava Cake! Dark chocolate with matcha ganache and green tea ice cream. My taste buds were in Heaven! I love that the lava cake had a slight crispiness to its edges, but the cake was overally still moist and rich and warm and fresh. The matcha ganache oozed out deliciously. So decadent! I loved the mix of rich chocolate with matcha, two of my favorite flavors! Man, if I wasn't watching out for my macros (and I already cheated hard and fast all day), I would have ordered more desserts to try. Customer service was FANTASTIC as well! They were attentive and polite without being overbearing, and ordering and paying was super easy. I really want to come back here with my boyfriend, and ideally a group of friends, in the future!

Tina J.

The Spot is always my go-to place for dessert. They have a more limited menu for takeout only options due to covid. My favorite, cookie camp is not on the takeout menu, however, honey waffle & cream is a close second. I ordered them for my husbands birthday. The manager Mark went over & beyond by adding an extra pint of ice cream to my order. Really awesome place & don't forget to add 2 cookies for $6 to your order.

Jennifer N.

Out of 7 items ordered, I liked every single one of them. That's five stars right there. I haven't been back because I think I just like my desserts larger in size. I had to order 7 desserts between two people to be satisfied. (That's post-dinner stomach too!)

Saraf Wamia Mazumder

Undoubtedly one of the best places for desserts I’ve ever been to. The Harvest and golden toast are the must try desserts, ordered each of these twice. Their cakes are made so well, and the cookies are simply incredible. The matcha lava cake was served in its best possible form, and on top of all the goodness the service is well monitored and the employees are very friendly and responsive. Highly recommended this place!

Enara R.

I've been coming here ever since high school, so for over almost 5 years now! It's a go-to dessert place in the East Village. Whenever I'm craving something sweet in the area, Spot is always my first choice. Some of my favs are the harvest (obviously - who doesn't love a cheesecake that looks like a plant!), the golden toast, and the cookie camp (probably my most loved). I love that you can order a dessert based on almost any flavor you're craving - of course there are the more basic flavors like chocolate or caramel, but you can also try unique flavors like matcha or yuzu! If you plan on visiting, just keep in mind that if you're coming on a Thursday-Sunday you'll probably have to wait to get in. There's usually a 15-30 minute wait depending on how busy it is. But it's certainly worth the wait in my opinion - the desserts are heavenly!

Chengxiang Yuan

Excellent food presentation, plating techniques, and delicious as well. Helpful and friendly service. The floor space is on the side of small though, so may not be the best idea to visit during crowded hours. It's also some of the few restaurants on that stretch of road to take credit cards instead of being cash only.

Julia S.

Went here with a group of three and took bar seats, delicious desserts! Lots of variety and interesting desserts. The matcha lava cake was delicious and not bitter whatsoever which was my concern, and my friends loved their desserts too. There should be a skillet holder though for the customer to not burn themself on. The Thai iced tea was also too sweet, which was unnecessary for a traditional Thai iced tea. Great place and date spot though.

Kailyn L.

This place is always packed so I'd recommend making an online reservation prior to coming here. We came here on a Thursday night and waited about 15 minutes before being seated. I got the yuzu eskimo, which consists of frozen Japanese cream bar, slices of fresh strawberry, and chocolate sauce. The cream bars are tart, which pairs nicely with the sweet chocolate on the side. The strawberries add a refreshing finish.

Kathy Noel

number one that atmosphere was nice places clean the service was excellent and the desserts was good I didn't taste no pastries but next time

Laura Cartagena

Great place to have unique and delicious desserts. It’s worth the wait. The staff is very friendly and service is fast and the desserts are amazing!


Great place. The vibe was cool and not only because I was there. LOL. The cookie was a damn good one. From someone who has tried many of the best cookies this one came out of nowhere and made me a fan. The waitress mine was great and had all the best energy in the world including a wonderful smile.

Margaret Q.

My daughter brought me there for my birthday. Other than the college kids sitting next to us constantly cursing.... the place was great. Clean. Friendly service. And our desserts were amazing!

Nicholas V.

Although I've been to Spot plenty of times prior. It never hurts to stop in again. I think the thing that amazes me the most is the service and how kind, patient and courteous the staff is. I can honestly say that all the desserts on the menu are worth trying at least once so you can pick a favorite lol.

JoJo W.

I came here with my bestfriend and daughter to try out the dessert. The staff: They seemed very friendly, nice, and pleasant to deal with. They were very patient with us and guided us with suggestions. Milky puff: My daughter liked this and said that it was very delicious. Golden Toast: The buttered toast with condensed milk was very unique. It was a little sweet when you dip it in the condensed milk but not too sweet. Overall: I would love to come back to try out some other desserts to see how they taste. Also, the menu items make a wonderful Instagram picture.

Ros B

Great desserts and tea! I came here on a busy Friday and didn't have to wait long to be seated at all. Service was very quick.

Jacob Heyman

Cookies amazing! And unique, the center is soft even 4 hours later but the edges were crispy, service was friendly and attentive. Get the vegan monkey bread, it’s amazing!! Skip the golden toast, didn’t realize it was as basic as white buttered honey toast. Matcha lava cake was solid, not spectacular although green tea ice cream was amazing and I love the crispy ness of the crumbs... drinks that we got we great, definitely recommend stopping by some time

Yoyo H.

Came here with my girlfriend at noon on a Sunday and there was no wait time, but there might be a wait in the afternoon. Environment - The place is small, clean and intimate, perfect for enjoying dessert with someone. 5/5 Service - The server was extremely nice, made sure that we had everything we needed and that we were comfortable. As she presented the desserts (which looked amazing), she would tell us what's in each one and how best to eat it, which made the experience a lot more enjoyable. 5/5 Food - First of all, the presentation was beautiful. I ordered the Harvest, and it was so creative how they made it like a plant with the milk tea to "water" it. My girlfriend's Golden Toast looked amazing as well. The taste was delicate and not too sweet, and the portion sizes are just right too. Every ingredient was fresh and had just the right texture. 5/5 Overall this place was the perfect dessert place for me. It made me want to come back immediately and try everything on their menu. The server especially heightened our enjoyment. I give it the highest of recommends.

He Wi

This dessert bar is highly overrated. While the service was friendly and quick, and the taste was not bad, the portion was very small and the value for money was poor. We ordered one piece of dessert and bubble tea. The dessert is in the picture and the bubble tea had too much ice. Won’t come back. Felt ripped off.

Susan N.

I love love Spots and would always try to take a trip here whenever I'm back in the city. Yes, the desserts are pretty pricey but you can definitely share with 1 to 2 other individuals. I first fell in love with this place when I ordered their Golden Toast. It also comes with sliced strawberries, condensed milk ice cream, and whipped cream. It sounds like an odd combo but it totally works! I loved it so much that I honestly haven't tried anything else. Seating is limited so I recommend joining the Waitlist on Yelp!

Yousef KAZIM

Simply DELICIOUS! Love it! Worth every minute I waited to have a seat in this amazing place.. If you’re in New York, You must go to this shop!

Shruthi N.

This place is delicious! Tucked away and small but the desserts are scrumptious and I have liked everything I have tried. The Oreo chocolate chip is also amazing. Heard good stuff about the drinks too but haven't tried!

Angela S.

The amount of money I've ever spent at Spot is probably in the hundreds lol. I always come here with my crew or take new people to this more-than-just Instagrammable desserts spot. Along with presentation, the desserts taste amazing as well. Each dessert is not too sweet and very well balanced. Each dessert is a good portion size and at ~10$ a dessert, I think it's very well worth it and cheaper than other desserts available at fancy restaurants. My favorite is the matcha lava cake :) There's long waits on the weekends so be prepared for that.

Marie S.

Went to Spot Dessert Bar tonight for the first time. It's a very small space with few seats so there was a wait to be seated. A very nice employee approached me and offered her assistance. She pointed out that certain items on the menu are seasonal and will be removed soon. I decided to go with a seasonal item. Everything on the menu looks delicious. The presentation is top notch too. The place looks clean & organized. They also offer beverages. I ordered a bubble tea. The tea was excellent but the tapioca bubbles were tough and chewy. I probably wouldn't return here for bubble tea, but I definitely would for the desserts. Very nice selection! Great presentation.

Ella R.

An OG sweets spot of Instagram fame, Spot Dessert Bar hardly begs for my review. Come here to experience the creations that graced your feeds years ago and delighted the masses! You can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Due to its online popularity, you might encounter: long lines, general basic-ness all around, lots of AZNs/yappies, too many phones at one table, and wait staff who are 100% done with aforementioned bullshit.

Adam Centrella

This was a delightful surprise! We had some time to kill after dinner and I was feeling a coffee, so we stopped in, and we lucked out. This place is cute. Perfect for a little after dinner sweet. We got a sundae that was pretty fantastic and that cappuccino was perfection. The people were nice and everything on the menu looked great. I’d definitely come back.

Stephanie Moya

What a cute dessert spot! Sit down service and you have your choice of medium-sized desserts. They recommend 3 for 2 people but we got pretty full! They were hefty! Very cute spot to come on a date or with friends after dinner. (don't be too full!)

Daisy K.

I heard so many good things about this place and decided to give it a try. I got their most famous item on the menu: Matcha Lava. I am a huge matcha fan, so I knew this dessert would hit the spot after lunch. The matcha is a very strong taste and it's more on the savory side than sweet. The lava cake gives of good sweet and savory balance for the dessert. It can get a little overpowering so I suggest ordering coffee on the side.

Pamela Denise Umbarger

we found this place while visiting the city and it was amazing...find it and go! try multiple things! only sad part is my daughter got cookies to go and left we didn't get to enjoy them

Anne V.

Overall a nice experience for me and my friend. The place was packed but we didn't really have to wait to be seated. We tried the matcha IPA and matcha lava. I'm not a fan of beers but the matcha IPA tasted pretty smooth though we can't really taste the matcha - it looks really cool though, like a dark green juice lol. Next one was the matcha lava comprised of the lava cake filled with melted chocolate and matcha mix plus a matcha ice cream sitting on top of some crumbles. Loved the cake but didn't care much for the ice cream because it had a more concentrated matcha flavor so it tasted a tiny bit bitter. Would love to go back and try other desserts!

Andrew K.

Without a doubt a must dine at dessert spot in NYC. For a mere $10.95, you can feast on a dessert like the Matcha Lava - warm dark chocolate cake filled with matcha ganache served a side of matcha ice cream on a bed of graham cracker. The perfect balance if you ask me, well, as balanced as dessert can be. Another whimsical, creative and interactive dessert from Chef Ian Kittichai.

Maria Andon

First time here & I can honestly say it was AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE! I tried the nutella hot chocolate it was so rich & creamy. The desserts are so so good definitely making this my spot !!

Tina L.

Spot Dessert Bar truly does desserts right! They're classics are incredible, Golden Toast among my favorite. However, their seasonal desserts are also fantastic. I love going to Spot with friends and trying everything. Although the location is small, the wait is never too long. Desserts are reasonably priced and very photogenic. Overall, a fun spot to stop by after any meal.

Amy Wu

Get the matcha beer w/ the matcha lava cake! Also the potted plant dessert, the Harvest, is amazing. Has berries below cheesecake. Arrived around 8/8:15 and didn’t wait at all but line got long @ 830.

Elizabeth Y.

Spot Dessert Bar has tasty desserts that definitely hit the spot! I recently came to Spot for dessert with a group of friends and shared a matcha lava cake and the coffee mountain. The matcha lava was a spot-on lava cake with a great filling to cake ratio, and I liked that the matcha within was only sprinkled on top of the dark chocolate filling rather than mixed in, as you could actually taste it separately this way. The accompanying scoop of matcha ice cream had a strong green tea flavor and was great! The coffee mountain was also delicious, although it was on the sweeter side. I liked the different textures (especially the crisp cookie) and levels of creaminess throughout the dessert. The two desserts contrasted each other nicely, and we really enjoyed them! They are pretty large dishes, and I'd recommend trying a couple to share.