The Monkey Cup

1730 Amsterdam Ave, New York
(646) 665-3906

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Rodger W.

Great addition to a changing neighborhood! Coffee is excellent, pastries are fresh. My only recommendation is to open at 7 on Saturday, there's a group of about 50 people known for drinking coffee that meet across the street every Saturday at 7:45...

Anne Dwyer

Meh. There are so many good coffee shops with local roasts, it is hard to get excited about this one. The owners are active in the community, which is good.

Lena Dyachek

Good coffee, great customer service, and charming ambiance! There is not a lot of space, only enough to seat about 8 people, so it’s best for a to go order rather than a long study/work session.


Best caramel latte in the area! Hell, the ONLY caramel latte in the area! LOL I love supporting small businesses, especially when they have high quality goods.

Vicky R.

Adorable coffeeshop with very affordable prices. We got a monkeyccino and the drip coffee, both of which were delicious. The best part is the drinks that are milk based (like the cappuccino) come with monkey art on it! You can't help but smile while you drink it. The shop itself is very small. There are only a few tables so it's not ideal for working. However they do have free WiFi if you're lucky enough to snag one of the coveted seats.

Kenny B.

Great coffee. Great service. This place is really great for a quick stop. Would highly recommend overall. I'm a fan of the Monkeychino; it's a cute touch. The pastries are really good as well.

Anelfi M.

I have a horrible dairy allergy there's rarely any milk I actually can have but they had coconut milk. Let me tell you I've never had better a latte in MYLIFE!

Jen B.

I love the coffee here but it seems like the service at the Amsterdam and 145 location has really dipped. When the owner use to work there more often, service was prompt. Lately I have found the baristas keep forgetting my order and spend a lot of time making customers wait while they chat with one another or a customer that they know etc. chit chat is fine but there have been times we have been standing there without any acknowledgement for an awkward amount of time while they finish their conversations. The food is good too and I can even deal with the cramped size of the seating area, but as a regular customer, I'm getting a little over the slow service. Given both my partner and I have noticed this most of the times we've gone in recently, we won't be returning as often.

Teresa V.

I really wanted to give this place a five stars but knocked it down to three for two reasons: (1) my monkey chai latte was anything but a chai latte and (2) the space was pretty cramped. My friends know that I'm a huge chai latte gal, and this was by far the worst chai latte I've had. I couldn't taste the slightest bit of cinnamon or nutmeg and the steamed milk came out way too bubbly that the only purpose it served was trying to hide whatever drink I ended up getting served, if it was even a mistake. My friend's mocha came out okay, but it makes me hesitant to come back or even recommend this place to others. Space is small. There were three round tables along the wall which were all too tightly squeezed together that it was a pain sitting and getting up with our coats on. I say, either narrow it down to two tables or get a bigger space. Overall, it's a cute cafe interior and latte art wise but failed to deliver in terms of serving a decent chai tea latte.

Natalie N.

This is a fantastic coffee shop! With great coffee, fantastic customer service and wonderful decor! Will definitely be coming back!

Karen L.

The interior and theme of this coffee shop is really cute! We ordered the cappuccino, which came with the cute monkey face on our drinks. However, I felt like I would've enjoyed it if the drink was stronger...If you're someone who likes a really good cup of coffee, it might not be a good idea to come here. I personally didn't find the food that great either. Moreover, this place is really small so it's not a good idea to hold a meet up with several people. When I went on a sat morning, there were two people on their laptops, so there was only one or two tables left, with the window seat. I would def hope they will put some sort of shade on the windows one day because it wasn't really comfortable sitting with the glaring sun right in my face.

Yoselyn F.

I ordered a dirty chai. I got proof that the rumors were true, the coffee here is not good. The chai failed all expectations and the bitterness from the coffee made it impossible to drink. So you get a bad drink, but at least you can sit and get some work done. Negative. This place is not designed for sitting. The chairs are horrible. The stools are worst. The tables are tiny. I think the designer did a great job at sticking to the theme BUT I do not have the body a monkey does so this place doesn't work for me at all.

Kaela S.

This place is MORE than a coffee shop. It's a haven, a community and a true gem. The owners are the kindest people and they know their stuff. Pretty much anything you have here is guaranteed to be delicious. There is a bring-a-book take a book shelf (in the shape of a tree which I love). Prices are very reasonable ($1.67 for a coffee) and they offer discounts if you bring your own mug. Also, the coffee is great quality and very tasty. All of the baristas, especially Maggie, are AWESOME. They're talented baristas and fabulous people. You really couldn't be spending your money at a better business and it's worth every penny!

Michael Prado

Delicious coffee. The Kyoto Monkey is delicious. The baristas are also very nice and helpful. Only reason why this fine establishment gets four stars is the prices. Little expensive for the neighborhood. But, if you’re a coffee fan, don’t let the prices deter you.

Nadia S.

Super cute decor, delicious pastries and good coffee. Worth a visit if you're in the area!!

Tequan W.

Really cool little coffee shop in West Harlem. Living in Chicago and Wisconsin, I got in the habit of going to cafes to get work and writing done. I've found some really awesome spots so coming back to the city, I thought it would be no problem finding comparable places. Heh. Not as easy as I thought. The Monkey Cup is a gem though. The coffee is so inexpensive I did a double-take when the cashier rang me up. It's good too! As for the shop itself, it's small but wasn't very crowded (at least when I went) and pretty comfortable. Yeah, I'll definitely be coming back.

Alex Frizzell Drums

Absolutely amazing! Such lovely and kind employees make everyone feel welcome. Plus their coffee is off the hook! Try their traditional cold brew, it’s smooth and strong! I also had a cheese danish which was incredibly delicious. It’s easy to miss, so be sure to keep a watchful eye open. But please do yourself a favor, check this place out.

Dawn Matijevich Frizzell

Amazing little coffee shop. This place has the best coffee in the neighborhood. They are also the only place doing pourovers. Locally owned business also. The couple works in the shop. I love this place.

Benjamin S.

This is such a nice little place. The prices are super reasonable. The staff is super nice. They also sponsor an endangered Monkey, which is PRETTY COOL. It isn't the biggest space, so if you're coming in to do some work, you might be gambling. That being said, I came in here to work and it was great.


I continue to return to the Monkey Cup for a few reasons. 1. The coffee in ALWAYS on point. Drip, espresso and even the chai is top notch. Sometimes I'll even do a dirty chai. 2. The staff is so relaxed and attentive. 3. The pastries are fresh, local and diverse. 4. They draw pictures on your latte's & Cappuccinos! The attention to detail makes this place is one of a kind.

The Monkey Cup

1730 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10031