Vegan Food Court: VSPOT-Martys-MayKaidee

12 St Marks Pl, New York
(212) 254-3693

Recent Reviews

Dwight Kenneth

Lots of tasty vegan options. All from different parts of the world. I would come here wether I was plant based or not.

Peace Harmony

This place is terrible. Ordered lasagna and salad. I never received my order and when I called the restaurant, they told me that it was canceled. I never cancelled my order. I then looked at my account and my Money was taken out. I called the food service company and they told me that NYC Vegan Foof Court took out my money for the order. When I called back NYC Vegan Food Court they refused to refund me my money and wasn't cooperative. My boyfriend had a bad feeling g about this place. I should have listened.

S J.

Great place. Love all the options. Friendly service. I love the nachos and burritos. Will definitely come back.

sean graham

Ever since my last visit to the city I've been thinking how much I wish they had a place like this in Michigan ? It's so good, can't wait to come back!

Denise E.

i ordered the $15 nachos just to have it served cold. there were just 3 other customers and i. it shouldnt have taken so long to just hand me the food. i told the person it was cold and she was like "oh sorry" and took it back....... they literally microwaved it. they served me $15 microwaved nachos. i work at a restaurant & understand the food/restaurant industry...... we dont even have a microwave. most definitely NOT worth the price. i cant even imagine what food they prepare with the microwave. this place used to be so much better in 2016. now its just a kiosk that you order on and the employees just stand there and watch but still serve you the food? so weird.

bp media

Nice spot mixed menu vegan etc. different style service you have to order thru a third party application , tablets on site, the restaurants are on premises, its a nice venue and atmosphere, must visit if never been food was good.

Sam Stone

Love the way you order on a tablet and sit down. Delicious food! New favorite spot

Jennifer Pineda

The place is cute. Has like a combination of three restaurants in one. There is no actual server you order your food on a kiosk pay it and have it brought to you. I feel like this takes away from the restaurant makes it feel like a fast food spot. I had the colombian vegan bandeja paisa did not like it. Didnt have much of taste would be a disgrace to an actual bandeja paisa. We also had the fried avocado fries that was pretty good. The hostess has a hell of a nasty attitude for no reason. Wish I couldve caught her name.

Anthony Valerio

Original world famous burger was bland and felt like it was pre-heated. The avocado fries needed seasoning...definitely no flavor in our food today. Decided to give this spot after seeing it now had Marty Vs. the only decent thing was the crispy drum stix

marie frazzitta

What an inspiring place! They have venues that allow people to pursue their passions like comedy. The food was also really good and the people so friendly and inviting. Look forward to going back

Jasmin Cordero

Amazing service, the vibe was so great and the music was awesome. They truly have some of the best flavors I have had this trip to nyc!!!! I will make it a point to always go at least once every trip.

Lola Lucero

I love this place....the guacamole delicious......the service amazing!!!! feel like home!

Mimi Tapia

We ordered the fried avocado and it was delicious. Burrito was very good, the carrot cake was amazing, but the filling was way too sweet. We also tried the arepa and the brownie, both delicious. Not that overpriced. Location was clean and neat. Staff were friendly and answered all my questions.

Noelle M.

I was pretty excited to try this spot but ended up being disappointed. When you walk in, it's not exactly a food court but more of a restaurant that has a couple kiosks for take out. Came in Sunday afternoon and it was pretty empty. I ordered the Kale Caesar salad for takeout. Took a little bit of time but the workers were friendly and I just sat at the bar while I waited. Didn't check the order but definitely should have before leaving. The Caesar salad was supposed to come with crispy bacon tempeh but somehow my salad didn't have this. Basically paid $15 for lettuce, tomato, onion and croutons. Not sure how you forget the main ingredient in the salad but will probably not come back here. If I did, I might try eating in instead.

Saleah B.

I'm always excited to try out new vegan places in NYC and this spot did not disappoint. I loved how there were various options for a couple different vendors. I tried the 3 for $10 empanada special, which I thought was a great deal! I tried the Vspot, New York and Jamaican ones, and all three were delicious and quite filling. I got a small side of mac & cheeze, which I also enjoyed. My only small complaint is that while the kiosks were convenient idea, it was giving my friend and I issues when we were ordering. I'm sure it's not the fault of the workers, but I think there should be an alternative option for credit cards just in case. Otherwise, delicious food and friendly servers.

Daniel Coopsammy

Excellent restaurant for the vegan folks in the area, has a variety of meals from a few different regions!

Lorrayne Vieira

I never ordered something from them that I didn’t like! Everything is delicious!

Gertrude C.

Delicious, flavorful, sooo many options, great ambience, friendly helpful staff, cool "self order digital kiosk". Highly recommended and want to go back

Javier Coronado

Not gonna lie the food was not that good. The original world famous Burger was terrible. The patty was hardly warm and everything else was cold including the buns. The Bandeja Paisa was alright mostly cold, the plantains were the only thing warm and the arepita. The Quesadillas were okay nothing crazy and the only thing i found good were the avocado fries. Compared to the Brooklyn location this does not compare. Not worth the $70. Go to the Brooklyn location or step it up.

Richard J.

Unfortunately when we went, one of the menus was unavailable. My friends and I ordered the Mac and cheese. It was good, added hot sauce to give it a little kick. Really great vibes. Definitely a place to chill with friends and eat some delicious vegan food

Josh L

Fast vegan food. You view the menus and order on a tablet. We ordered the mac and cheese, a few empanadas, and avocado fries. All was yummy, good but not amazing. Our favorite thing were the avo fries. Service was quick.

Claudio Santori

We ended up here because of a private event. The vegan food was mostly fried stuff and bread. Wow.

Maxi L.

Always passed by this place but first time in there actually eating. We got the shroom burger and supreme nacho with beyond meat. It was bomb but for $15 it was a little much for some nachos. It wasn't a large amount of nachos just lots of bean and sauce. They had tablets along the wall to order or you can place your order at the actual counter if you are paying cash. They bring out the food for you when it's ready. The place was spacious. Kind of old looking nothing crazy or comfortable inside. Just a place for something quick.

Pranay Mittal

Eh. I got a burger. It cost $10 after tax and stuff and it was a bit small and not as hot as I expected. Granted, it was still good.

Elias Suarez

Got the empanadas and they're fantastic

Dinh N.

I don't normally eat vegan food but the wings and drumsticks were really good. They were the best vegan wings I've had but I was disappointed with the Mac and cheese and empanadas. They didn't have enough spices to separate them from any other vegan food. If I wanted vegan food, would come back for the wings but not the other stuff. The menu was pretty pricy for the amount of food you get.

Nhi D.

I believed this place was called VSPOT right? I wanted to find the restaurant to review but couldn't find VSPOT in saint marks anymore. However, the menu is still the same so I guess it's the same restaurant? Anyway, as I'm more inclined to become vegetarian again, I was in search of vegetarian- friendly restaurants in East Village. I remembered I really enjoyed the food from this place. It was a Mexican-inspired vegan restaurant! I first visited Vspot for the avocado fries, which came out to be great. The avocado was fresh, covered in a thin batter and deep-fried too perfection (not oily). It was such a decadent appetizer! My favorite main was the curried kale quinoa. It was such a nutritious, tasty and filling bowl! It kept me energized for the whole day. I didn't miss the meats while eating it. The price is definitely more expensive for a casual lunch, but they offer a 7% cashback on Yelp now so it'd help. I'd come back to try out their salads( and hopefully wont order any tacos, empanadas, or burritos ...)

Maja R.

The food is SO GOOD! I got Marty's burger and the kale and quinoa bowl and it was all amazing. Some of the best vegan food I've had, although I can't speak for the other things on the menu, as I didn't try anything else. The staff, however, is unfriendly and the service was very slow.

Rob Knowles

Best vegan burger I've ever had! Plus a really good vibe all round, staff are great, and good music!

cassondra graves

This is one of my all time favorite spots! The empanadas are so good, great vibe over all and nice staff. I would definitely recommend to vegan and non vegan foodies.

Anand S.

Your one stop shop for all the vegan goodness. With not 1 not 2 not 3 BUT 4 different restaurant options to choose from. Do not miss the Avocado Fries with Chipotle Mayo from V Spot, Popcorn Tofu Nuggets from Veggie Grub, Marty V's World Famous Burger and Vanilla Chocolate Cake from Jar Cakery!

Shireen Bhullar

I had a typical food court in mind with different food booths when we decided to check it out. However, it had a surprising restaurant concept! The staff is super friendly and the ambience is great. We went around 8 PM on a Friday night and it wasn't too busy.

samuel s.

First of all this was the most confusing place I've ever eaten at. First they seat you and bring you water and a weird uninterested woman sort of greets you at the table. then you get up to order at the counter? Then the same woman brings you the food. Makes no sense.either be counter service or not. Everyone in my part was confused at this business model. I'm not sure how it is a food court it's one counter. The woman who was working last night (sat oct 18) was probably the worst customer service rep ever. Completely uninterested and unable to follow a simple one item order. Our 10$ brownie was dry and obviously microwaved and old. The ice cream was freezer burnt and the "chocolate sauce" was basically what you make chocolate milk with. It double bad as it gives great vegan deserts a bad a great eater and usually finish my plate even if something is mediocre. I ate one night and left the rest. Not worth the money or calories.maybe the non desert food is better but this was really bad on every level from service to product. My friends also didn't touch their old cake which was $8 for a skimpy dried out slice. So sad. Step it up people. I'm a proud vegan and this establishment is a blight on vegan businesses.

Martin Lee

Overpriced, portions are small and not that flavorful - you'd be better off saving your money and cooking at home

Danya P.

Good empanadas. Drinks were definitely not worth it. Dessert was eh. They forgot our drinks. The dessert took 20 min to come out and it was dry and definitely just sitting in the fridge and they just forgot to bring it out. When we asked for the check she forgot to give it to us. Attitude was beyond ridiculous especially when we were being as polite as possible. Automatic gratuity was sneaky because we would NOT have tipped at all. Honestly had the worst service here and would not recommend.

David S.

I would expect much better from a vegan restaurant in Manhattan. People were leaving half eaten plates which should've been a red flag. We had the Marty V's mushroom burger which was decent considering it's outsourced. Regardless, they skimped on veggies. I also had a decent empanada. My oxtail stew dish was just okay. Tasted and felt microwaved and lacked seasoning. The toilet was backed up which is disgusting. It was like a dirty dungeon. There were barely any lights and it felt like we ate in the dark.

Jenny D.

I've been coming here for years, when it used to only be Vspot. Now it's a "food court" whatever the heck that means. The food was terrible. It used to be so good. They've gotten rid of 2/3 of the menu to accommodate the new restaurants. What they've kept is sad. The plating was haphazard. My meal looked like vomit. The whole thing is sad really. Why are you still open? Just close. There's plenty of vegan restaurants in NYC without needing this.

christine s.

V spot merged with three other vendors and is now the vegan food court. I'd love to see more spaces like this. Empanadas are cool and I don't care for Marty's so much but I tried Veggie Grub here and really enjoyed it. The Mac has a very unique flavor, and the tofu bites (which I doused in hot sauce) were very satisfying. Also one of the hot sauces almost had a marinara type taste to it- very good.

JIhan Sheriff-Crichlow

The options to a healthy lifestyle is right there and the food is amazing. Try the vegan version of the big mac you wont be disappointed.

Lee V.

Went for the comedy and stayed for the fantastic empanadas! What a nice setup they have. I wish I was able to get a picture of my food. It was delish! I had the 3 for $10 empanadas. First time eating vegan empanadas and it was amazing. I had the Jamaican, Philly & Colombian. They were all my faves. I also had the fries which were great when paired with the vegan sauce. Definitely going back. Nice setup with plenty of outside and inside seating. Get your food then go to the back of the restaurant and enjoy the free comedy

Vegan Food Court: VSPOT-Martys-MayKaidee

12 St Marks Pl, New York, NY 10003
(212) 254-3693