Gury's Market

74-19 Roosevelt Ave, Queens

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Miriam Barcenas

Very unprofessional with their service,she saw me waiting in line and did not dare to ask me what I would like and when a man came in she went straight to attend him and not me. Very rude and unprofessional,did not even bother to give me the receipt either and rather attend the guy than attend me. Would not recommend.

Atmosphere: 1

Service: 1

Bhushan Bhosle

Green tea with pineapple sugar free cake is delicious ??must try

Christian Camilos

The food is very delicious, but sometimes there is not much variation to choose from, there is very good customer service and perfect when you go to work and cannot eat at home.And if you want to sit down to eat, it is spacious, clean and cozy.

Aileen M

Can pick from a few daily options, cafeteria style. Latin American style food, but not too spicy. All hardy

Melany L.

food is alright a bit over priced and small portions staff is a bit rude. the place is clean and sort big though

Jason T.

After a long shift working seasonally at the US Open, I had brought and ate the beef empanadas for a late night meal feeling hungry and tired. It had tasted super good and delicious as well as the spicy green sauce to make it yummy and tasty. The service was also super quick that there's only one person working there for the night. Finally, I would definitely eat and come back again next time!

Bijaya A.

We were waiting to give a cake order and the lady says 1 sec. & took 30 minutes; we were ignored and the lady said 1 sec..took long time and didn't take care of us...I'm very disgusted,disappointed the way they treat the customer like us....Very poor experienced...I don't know why I experienced like a racism ...they were taking care of Latinos people then Asian people like us!!!!And the lady said go other place...Shameful

Abdul Tasin

Messed up the two things I ordered and wouldn’t fix it. Asked for a cappuccino slush and a mango papaya and pineapple fruit smoothie. We got a regular cappuccino and definitely not the right smoothie because this has bananas in it and my girlfriend is allergic to bananas.

Pamela P.

I was really excited to try their pastries because at first glance they look delicious, and I'm sure they would be if they were fresh but they are not. We had the caramel donut and the milhoja colombiana and both were extremely cold, hard and difficult to eat, the donut was not spongy and the milhoja was not crispy, a lot of cream not that many caramel. Very photogenic yes, but not sure if other things are tastier, hopefully yes, I'll give it another try. Service was good but slow and when we made questions about the products the girl was not familiarized with the ingredients. Wish they had a menu or prices available for customers, but they only have a price list for beverages. So price transparency is not present at this shop.

Yasmine Fadil

Terrible customer service, i would never in my life even consider coming back

Leslie Landi

The food is good, however there is no order in which they take orders, literally was standing in line after the people whom just ordered and the cashiers attended the two people who walked in after me.


Ngl this place is MID, possibly below mid. And lowkey overpriced like the plate is small, the food is bland and mostly edible if ur hungry. Idk abt the desserts tho cuz i havent tried

Amanda Velasco

It's a good place for food, and coffee! But today I got banana strawberry smoothie and I had to pay $9,00??? That was insane ? and the smoothie wasn't good ?

Maria H Vasquez

Very expensive regular bakery you find with better taste s.ow price. Also food is no good sn expensive

Enrico Scotto rosAto

Coffe is good for meBut they charge more if you don’t knowEny think with croissants & Pastries are Old , if you get lucky enough you may get something fresh, but mostly are old , especially if the girl asking you if you wanna your croissants to be hotPlease CLEAR THE RESTROOMLIMPIO COCINA SALA I EL BANO PORFAEnpanadas better go to La AbundanciaEnd food to , from 1 to 10 rating food 5Sorry my experienceCOFFE IS GOODBUT I DON’t order food eny more

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