Burger King

1780 Mt Hope Ave, Rochester
(585) 461-0186

Recent Reviews

tristan pariser

It is great they have alot of good food

Charlyn Hicks

Ok. Not the quality I expected. But ok.

Astro Fae

Solid fast food! I've never had a bad experience with their service, either in door or at the drive through

Johnathan Burrows

I usually don't come to BK for food however had the taste for a Whopper Sandwich the food was fresh & on point ?

Judith Cook

Nice staff, food was good, they got my order right.

Samuel Bock

The place read my mind I didn't have to ask no mayo they just put in ketchup like I always get this is great for quick breakfast lunch and dinner

Juanita Harvey

Good customer service, and my orders have been correct.

katherine mattice

Flame broiled double cheeseburger, tasty and affordable. Dont forget extra pickles :)

James Ghent,3

Whenever a fast, filling meal is needed - BK has a good solution - not just burgers - excellent salads!!!

Al Kelley

I am good at that because it's not working

Duc Long Nguyen

The staff forgot to put the amount of money to the card reader, then she acted like it was my fault not knowing how to use the card, which is very disappointing.

Robert Odell

Yeh,it was a real cold morning that I had 1 of their big breakfast meals there listen it satisfied me & an that is all that matters ,I was riding the ACCESS BUS then & I really miss 1of those operators that would answer her phone so bubbley,an she knows who she is if she reads this little note of tribute to her,I'LL call her "Pepper" an that's all that matters.

Jackie Akins

They've really improved their 10 pc nuggets. $1.49..WOW. had a $1.vanilla cone too. Nice size.

Debbie Gibson

Service was good. Fries were fresh and hot. Burgers were cold

Stephen Diegelman

Good quick service and friendly staff, typical fast food fair.

Michael Talton

I was there with my "Grandson" and We ate inside.kleen and professional,quiet,no drama nor loud,obnoxious cistomers or Employees.Management (Female) made me feel very comfortable and safe on "Her" watch.

Patty Waite

Food was fresh and the restaurant was clean and the service was great

Tiffiany karski

Awful service. As I was placing my order thr cashier walked away in my mid sentence to speak to a guy I'll never return

Arika Chapin

I love this placeee ?,

Mike Hinkley

Not bad not bad deals 4 Burgers and chicken for lunch time I think they got breakfast stuff that you would love on your way to work you know they got all the Commodities coffee for breakfast done stuff for lunch it pretty good for lunch I go there a lot on the go the job that I'm on but yeah go check it out it's good it's good

Yosman Rucker

I really like Burger King! The burgers are big enough and filling for me. I always get good service here. This store doesn't do grub hub so I have to go here when I am out.

Potato Studio

I used to love Burger King now i HATE it it is SO unhealthy most of the time the workers put so much salt on the fries. And they do not know how to make a neat hamburger i cant even eat those bad hamburgers without getting it all over myself.And the place is very dirty!

Jermaine Sprague

Limited selection of fountain drinks. At times the sandwiches are not prepared correctly. I do appreciate the honesty if a staff member feels a certain item is not a good selection.

Chris Boyce

Always great food, We visit them every once in a while. The only issue I have is you'll always pay more there. They need to reevaluate there pricing. But over we have e been happy with the food and service.


I like this Burger King better than the ones in Henrietta. There food is always fresh. I like this location and the one on gates chili by the highway. This one also improved, much better than before when it wasn't remodeled.

orlando diaz

The dollar nugets r dangerously poison i bought an oder of it over the drive trough and just took a bite out of a nuget and didnt like the taste and pass it to my girlfrien she said she dont want any and pass them to her two kids the kids had some but trew most of it away boy we got sick like a dog with a bite of them cheap nugets be carefull i dont wish this poisson to my worst enemy, we took the kids to urgent care next morning and i know time will heal but be careful out there this people working @ the fast food joint just work for ther pay check most of them cant tell whats good food or bad there not trained for food inspection just fry serve next.this hapen about three years ago and every time i see the dollar nugets deal on tv i get flashback and u will see my review about it.

Peter Zuk

Very friendly staff and fast service

Bo Bodnar

Burger King is mostly decent. The food consistent, the place clean, and the employees are friendly. I just wish I could get a Whopper in the morning. The breakfast menu till 10:00 is stupid. I sometimes jones for a burger and fries at 6 in the morning. And there was a time not to long ago that you could. Let's bring the good times back.

Daryl Burke

Loved the breakfast. I must say they keep the place clean. Parking good.

Queen Diva

Managers are awesome, food is good (on certain days)

Kimmarie S

Very good restaurant needs to be updated machinery and kitchen is very old and dingy customer service was great

Jodie Pfunkadelic

Great customer service, smiling happy, 2 for $4 sourdough king sandwich, good deal good sandwich. Happy will come again


Still the only fast food burger joint that flame broils just like you do at home. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

Andre Larkin

Normally the food is hot and fresh this time that hamburgers was cold fries was hot nuggets was great think it's time to step up there quality game Burger King

Amajanique Jackson

Michael's customer service was very great. Even gave us fresh fries!!!

Stanley M.

What? Writing a review of the Mt. Hope Burger King for Yelp? To what depths have I sunk? Yelpers don't usually patronize chain restaurants, I guess. But every now and then the hunger pangs lure you inside one. Such was the case this past Saturday afternoon... I was enroute to my backup tonsorial parlour when I decided that it was best I eat something soon. next thing I knew I was pulling my Subaru into the parking lot of Burger king #1810. The time? It was 1:30 PM. When I went inside, everything looked as it should. Pretty clean. However, once I received my order i noticed that the quality of the food delivered @ this location has gone way down. The workers pull pre-cooked patties of "flame broiled" burgers and assemble the pre-cooked parts in an indiscriminate "have it your way" manner. They must either do not care if the customer is getting a cold, dried out product or have been instructed to do so by their manager. No attempt had been made to even warm up the sandwich. The cheese on my whopper was cold, as if it had just been pulled out of a refrigerated drawer. If I hadn't been hungry I would have asked for my money back. Oh well... caveat emptor!

Raven Nicole

After driving 3 hours to bring my son to the hospital where he was sedated, we brought him here after having to go 24 hours without eating. Only for them to forget my 2 year old sons meal. We didn?t turn around because we have another 3 hour drive back home. They also couldn?t get mine and my husbands burgers right either. $32 for a missing meal and wrong orders. Thanks guys.

Kathleen Hughes-Rupert

went in for breakfast. the food (breakfast burritos) was hot and fresh and the coffee was Great!!! the service was fast and the employees were very polite and upbeat!!!

Angilee T.

Very unorganized here, drive thru is very tight. Employees don't know if they are coming or going. The process of paying for your food, and getting your food takes a while so make sure you have time.

Jacob Chechak

Burger King is your traditional fast food establishment. They are known for cooking the burgers on a grill vs a flat surface.