Burger King

4355 Dewey Ave, Greece
(585) 621-7490

Recent Reviews

Nita Wellborn

Ok loves the coupons

Shannon carpenter

Cold food... chicken fries cold and robbery also my mozzarella sticks work old I'm not sure if they have old oil but both of them had disgusting taste to it also my Whopper was maid wrong was told one price get to the window it's another price

Donna Rogers

I ordered the 3 for 3, I asked for my burger to be made a certain way, it wasn't, if I wanted it the way I recieved it I would have ordered it that way. The fried were either old or fried in old oil, hard and not edible.

Tasha Coleman

The milkshake is good


2x impossible with 2 coupons, 3 vanilla cups, and mix and match promo. Omg!

uark gia

Went there the other night because I had coupons the lady never changed her gloves touched everybody’s money touch the food touched another person’s money touched a credit card it is absolutely disgusting Talk about spreading germs if you’re going to wear dirty gloves at least change them after each customer

Alex Purol

Its a burger king. Decent enough

Tara Smith

Nice establishment. Very quick service, amazing customer service & clean bathrooms ????

Troy Fetzner

Convenient prices and speed of the food getting to me. Honestly one of my go to spots if I'm running late.

Richard Brook

Fast food that satisfies the appetite.

Tina Gonzalez

Only if you get food during the day. At night they never get your order right and the food is never fresh

Eric Kunisch

If you want a 50 degree cold whopper this the place. O/10 rating

Lynn Spriggs

I was waiting to get waited on at the new BK on Latta Rd. I was watching one of the worker's make a Sundae! He was licking his fingers when he spilled on the cup! Gross was he making it for himself or a customer?? I did not wait around to see which one it was! So I left without ordering anything! This is the third time I had a bad experience there! Needless to say I will never go to that Burger king again!

Yovanni Cordero

Let's put it this way if I could rate this Burger King and negative numbers I would unfortunately I have to rate him a one the staff is the up most confused staff I've ever seen and the manager Selina as her renders a customer service she's extremely sarcastic and very belittling she has no customer service and teaches her staff her ways wow they are headed in the wrong direction given the fact that there is 11 more fast food places in the same vicinity keep up the good work Selena Rodriguez


What can you say it's a Burger King the staff is efficient the food is the same as every other Burger King but I like the people

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