Canton House

85 Commerce Dr, Rochester
(585) 334-6262

Recent Reviews

Tim Pavone

This is a great Asian market hidden away from the busy streets of Henrietta. Newly renovated and lots of good food and supplies.

Daniel Ly

It is a basic asian grocery store that has a restaurant in the front section. On the side with for groceries, there is not a wide range of products for you to select from. Some of the products might not appeal to the most recent generation of Asians. The restaurant side has what you would expect of chinese restaurant to have. They also do dim sum on Sundays. The food that they serve do not disappoint. I would say it is somewhat comparable to Shanghai if anyone has ever been to that place before it closed down. Note, everything I said about the grocery side is recent, but what I said about the restaurant side was before the COVID outbreak.


Best Chinese food in Rochester. Not like your normal cookie cutter Chinese takeout place, eveeything tastes fesher and handmade

Ben Fram

Restaurant is closed, but the supermarket has been expanded. The dry goods section seems to be about double the size that it used to be.

James O.

Hands down the best dim sum place in town. And I usually dislike dim sum, on top of that I'm from the west coast, where we're spoiled. Open on weekends though currently with voracious, closed.

Jen Beaven

Really good dim sum. Both kinds of tripe are awesome and I don’t even like tripe. Don’t miss the turnip cake.

nike adam

the lady who makes the orders thinks it’s ok to skip the line or have costumers wait while she talks to other people when it’s their turn to have seat. We get it’s a family business but have some respect for the people who give y’all business.

balter dana

never comes back. I and my husband went to emergency at midnight after we went dinner there

Eric Gibson

Authentic Chinese. Not your normal china buffet. English second language. Food served in bowls off the cart and meant to be shared. Very different cuisine and kinda intimidating on our first visit. If you're coming for your first meal, be prepared to go out of your comfort zone.

jesea efan

The food really wasn't that great. My kids don't even like pho but that was all I could order since I went during lunch time (2:30pm ). I did try to ask for water but server did not show up until 30mints later on in the day. It was my first time going and I definitely won't be back. My husband and I didn't even like their food as well. The waitress was not kind and had bad service!


don't worth it...the environment is not that good... not very clean and tidy. the food is fine but not very good

Stephen Truong

Good old fashion Cantonese Food.... Super busy on the weekend= good food!!!!!

dango regen

Very authentic cantonese food, Roast duck are very delicious! must try it!

Maria F.

LOVE the dim sum here! So many dumpling options and all are amazing! Tried the shrimp and pork dumplings, came with a spicy sauce and were to die for. This place was quick and everything was coming out hot on the carts.

Sandy J.

Went there on a weekend for Dim Sum; was impressed that Rochester even had dim sum. This place was set in the most random off the beaten path West Henrietta road tucked away almost in a warehouse row of stores. It is actually connected to a grocery store that is small and kind of rickety. The place was very very busy, which is reassuring that eats were probably going at decent turnover rate. Did not have to wait crazy long for a seat. Staff was your typical busy Hong Kong loud and very direct kind of staff. Adequate variety of typical dim sum eats, some done better than others. Would prefer to hop over Toronto for my dim sum fix but if I got desperate, I would be willing to come here since dim sum takes a lot of time to prepare and make such a wide variety. Ordered: Dumplings: my overall impression was that they were acceptable. None of the wrappers were over steamed to where they broke apart as soon as you lifted them from the bamboo containers; the flavors, I don't have much impression of, which probably means they were not outstanding but probably were not bad to where I would have remembered. The dumpling sizes were not stingy and no shells noted on shrimps. Overall ingredients appeared fresh. I recommend ordering these for sure. Pork and beef ribs - These seemed to be a fan favorite at the table; well marinated, fresh, and texture was good. Tripe - Seemed to have done well with our table too; clean and marinated correctly. Cooked to correct texture and flavored well to prevent strong taste. Egg Tarts - Crust was adequately flaky but I thought the whole tart was too soft for my liking - If you like a soft buttery egg tart, this it it; I would have preferred a bit more integrity on this because the whole thing felt a little watery Carts went around at a decent pace and the ears were refilled at a good rate. Everything here overall had the correct flavor but there was a slight lack the final finesse whether that means 5 mins more or less on the stove would have made a difference, a pinch less salt, or a few more mins of marination. I would still bring friends here who've never had dim sum because they do a fair job in making dim sum.

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