2341 W Ridge Rd, Rochester
(585) 225-1512

Recent Reviews

Jamie Hyde

Clean, nice holiday decorations.

Nancy Skillman

The cheeseburgers were fine.

Dustin Kohute

Putting more caramel in your caramel coffees wouldn't kill anyone. ?

Georgie Wright

Lost my laundry room & garage keys here and when called to see if they found em no answer repeatedly. Then went in abd they didn't even bother to check took my number but never heard back.

Gary Muhleisen

Service was ok. Food never changes. Same old menu. Starts to taste like cardboard after a while.

C. T

100% Fantastic Food and 100% guarantee service

Philip Genovese

Good value fast service .

Queen BBQ

Best McDonald's meal I've had.

Akeyra Ragland

Polite, normally quick with service, food always fresh

Camilery Bouie

The cashiers need more patience.!

nick nack

Very clean, very polite employees and everyone were a mask. And wear them properly

Derek Jasak

Every time I go here the service is terrible. Drive-thru has got to be the slowest in America, the staff has no idea how to function, order is always wrong. Only thing you can count on from this place is leaving frustrated.

Arika Whitaker

During this sensitive time.Good food should be hot and the employees with more empathy. Have some compassion for the ones that can't be at work

Francine McPherson

I waited over ten minutes to order food at the drive through speaker. I noticed you were only taking orders at the other speaker. 5 card went through and still no acknowledgement. I figured this speaker must not be working and drove up to the window. I was told I needed to get out of line and back in line at the other speaker if I wanted to order food. Very rude and poor customer service. I will never go to this location again.

Kevin Anthony II

One of favorite McDonald's. Brand new building. Great customer service. Freindly customers. They really did a great job with the traffic flow design, especially for such a busy area. I'll be here again.

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