2341 W Ridge Rd W, Rochester
(585) 225-1512

Recent Reviews

Mark S Hammond

McDonald's does not believe that the ADA laws apply to them!! Agressive, unprofessional management made a handicapped person walk through piles of snow, yet McDonald's delivery truck had path shoveled, and salted.

Richard Huevos

Even after all the debates about workers pay and benefits of these millennials that feel that they are entitled and deserving of higher pay but still can't manage to put both orders of French fries into the bag! Completely worthless, and this is the reason why I don't really ever eat fast food anymore.

Donald E Young Jr

I wanted a sausage McMuffin but they gave me a sausage McMuffin with cheese. The issue was quickly resolved but that's why McDonald's doesn't get a five today.

Abdi Jaime

Love their Frappe's(iced cold coffee w/caramel or chocolate fudge swirls and whipped cream on top) YUMMY Yummy

Queen Nellie 83

I have come here several times every time they for get something in my order or just have a really bad attitude I would hope someone reads this and fox?s things it?s always around 8 or 830 and they are just not happy to be there customer service is key and they don?t have it. It?s sad you are that unhappy to be where u work. I really don?t enjoy coming to this location at all wish they could uphold the McDonald?s tradition of smiling and making sure the customer is happy and not rushing them and being rude.

DupSup ILikeDucks

Always love this location! Speed, accuracy, atmosphere, friendliness...I can go on but I won't. U get the picture!

Julianne Teeter

I love McDonald?s! I love the food and everything but the customer service in the drive through is awful. One girl the other day didn?t say hello to me have a nice day gave me attitude and rolled her eyes it?s very disrespectful and I work in food service I?m a manager at bill grays in Henrietta and I would not tolerate if someone talked to customers like that let alone not even say anything to them and snatch food from my hand.

Craig Hamlin

It's McDonalds. Consistent service and food quality throughout the world. You know what to expect when you walk in the door. Good for a quick bite and the kids love it.

Tony Fortunato

Awful and rude employees the last 4 times I've visited. The first visit was right after they reopened after remodeling. I went through the left lane and waited. I watched as numerous cars from the right lane placed their orders and got their food. I spoke up after the 4th car behind me backed out of the lane and went to the right lane. They claimed it "wasn't their job" to handle that lane. This happens all the time as I now go to the right lane and watch as the left lane is ignored. Every other time my order has been wrong and I've had to have them fix it. They make it seem like an inconvenience to fix their mistake, Management has no clue what they are doing. McDonald's would benefit from firing everyone there and just starting fresh with a new group of people. Worst customer service ever. Going to drink my sprite that tastes an awful lot like a lemonade....

Mike Hinkley

You know easy in Easy out for lunch McDonald's there everywhere good for a quick lunch and back to work


this was the second time we have come here. the last time we saw two different customers have bad experiences here. this time it was our turn. there were so many mistakes made that there are too many to mention here. they got our order wrong 3 times. This after reminding them at the beginning and at the second time. it was almost a half hour before we started eating. there was more but you get the idea - it was a horrible experience. the place was dirty ( beverage area, tables, floors, bathroom ). the garbage bins were full and you had to literally push the garbage in. while we were waiting for the 3rd time for them to get our order right, another customer came up and complained about their order being wrong. this was our worst experience at a mcDs. Will not be coming back.

XAIVIER84 _____

Always a long line here but they don't mess up your order.

Cheryl Butler

The staff are usually pretty pleasant. Professionalism needs some work; but then in this business if you get staff who get your order done correctly that's half the battle.

Katie Boudreau

Went through the drive thru on a Saturday night. Chicken nuggets weren't very fresh and seemed a bit flatter than usual.

Scott Clyde

Good food - egg McMuffin - nice price, $2/ea. Fast, clean, friendly.



Julian D.

Night staff is garbage. You'd expect fast service, especially more towards nighttime when most people aren't around, but that isn't the case here.


0 stars but have to give at least 1. They just spent money on renovations but should have given employees multi-tasking lessons and customer service classes. Very rude and NEVER get a correct order.

Timmy H.

I had the most easiest order and it too them 10 min to get it to me. Literally a quarter pounder with no bun...

Brittney Walton

Beautiful new place, with staff who canâ??t get an order right after repeating myself 10 times, thatâ??s 3 times in one week. Pathetic.

Kat C

I love the fish sandwich here. They have the best fast food fries, as well. This location was recently renovated and I thought the old setup was better. I do like the new self order screens and the soda fountain in the lobby now. however.

Jackie Akins

Just went 4 ice cream this week. Love their Sundaes & Frappes too!

Lorraine Howard

Very clean and great fast food.

Staci Chandler

They had us pull forward to wait for our food and forgot our drinks, and the food at McDonald's as a whole, is salty, especially the burgers =_= This location does have Tropical Sprite though.

Beth Everett

Love the remodel and their wait time at the drive through has improved since the 1st. Week.

Phil Ng

Well it's a McDonald's. They just rebuilt this place, two drive through lines, if you're there for breakfast that's great, but if you're there for dinner be prepared to wait over half an hour. I wish they'd spend less on the physical plant and more on the staff and making sure they're properly staffed. I visit here more than I'd like and none of the dinner visits have gone on without a half hour visit.

Patricia Baloga

This particular location has always had an issue with productivity. They recently remodeled and while the building and equipment are brand new, the slow service and mediochre food are the same.


An employee named Casey was very disrespectful, rude and prejudice, the manager allowed her to be, I will never spend my money at a place where this is allowed.

Luis Ferrer

It looks way better now, good customer service.

Fran Lute

Could have been a little cleaner but wasn't too bad better than a McDonald's at Northgate and Northgate McDonald's is terrible McDonald's on Ridge Road is so far superior in personal appearance and generally the way they run things

Onofrio Meli

Great food, friendly atmosphere and Fox News!

Leslie Roman

What you would expect from this chain, good

Stephani Michelle

Customer Service has been getting better throughout the years. This location is very convenient for my family and we love it here.

Bo Barend

Horrible customer service. And just idiotic staff in general ordered a cheeseburger happy meal for my son got home opened said happy meal and nothing but cheeseburger no toy. Had to drive all the way back to be greeted by a rude women and was given a cold cheeseburger. Never will go to this location again.

Doug Thurley

Typical McDonaldâ??s, greasy but delicious no salt on my fries made em almost inedible!

Cool Dude 22

Just haded the Mushroom Swiss burger. It was amazing

Anthony Nicholas

Good customer service

Mary Schuck

This McDonald's is always my favorite. The coffee & hash browns... mmmm...the fish sandwich is great. Employees are nice, and the restaurant is very clean.

Kristine DeNeve

Consistent food. Good quality, clean location. Staff super friendly!

Adiyah C.

I was barely satisfied. The food was the same as always but the problem for me was how long it took to make a coffee.