2585 W Ridge Rd, Greece
(585) 225-2281

Recent Reviews

Beth Mink

I consider Starbucks coffee the best all around. My drink of choice is the latte, hot or iced depending on the time of year. The only negative is that they come at a high price. So, I make my visits accordingly.

Haley B

The staff is very friendly, accommodating, and personable. The place is always clean regardless of the weather conditions outside. Two thumbs up!

Jared Quackenbush

The BEST Starbucks around. Not because of the coffee or food, but for the people that work there! My grandparents go in there regularly, and recently when my grandpa was rushed to the hospital for open heart surgery this staff sent a bunch of free coffee to the hospital for family and everyone visiting. They truly are the EPITOME of what Customer Service is ALL about! Also, my puppy love the pupachinos haha

Clayton Miller

Had a great experience went through the drive thru. The crew was so upbeat and polite. It really makes a difference. It put a smile on me and my wife s faces thanks so much it makes a difference.

Rebekah Williams

Very friendly customer service! The hiring manager here needs a pat on the back because I've never had a drink or food incorrectly made, which is very common with coffee places these days, but not here. Even got suggested a new mixed drink because I like to mix flavors, going to try that next time I come.

Deborah M

YIKES - WTH is going on at this store?? Ordered, friend received drink, mine never came - checked his time on drink we had been waiting for over 10 min with no one ahead of us? I had to ask where my drink was - they didn't have it? Also requested that I used rewards points ( have over 5000 ) and they didn't use them, instead took money from my card, which I didn't notice till we left - WTH???? How is this chain so hit and miss of late?

Jennifer Moyer

Fast service and our drinks were good.

Katelyn Pierce

I stop here, at this location, occasionally on my way to work, and the crew there are fantastic. They're patient when ordering, very friendly, but super efficient. There line doesn't stay long, because they are super knowledgeable and get the job done right, the first time. Today was my first experience inside, and albeit a busy time, I got my drink quickly, and it was delicious. The inside was clean, as was my table. I will not hesitate to visit this location again!

Becki Share

Oh. My. Heavens. Every time I go here the employees are so upbeat, so positive, and lift up my entire day. Good job ladies and gents, keep that positive momentum going. You all are rockstars!

Shayna Perez

One of the friendliest Starbucks I've been too! Always make my drink correct too

Hannah D.

Normally I don't review chain restaurants because I go to different ones often but this location really stuck out to me. The staff at this location is phenomenal compared to any location I've been to. Caroline helped me at the counter and had such an amazing attitude it was contagious! I started my day off amazing because of this girl! She was so kind and made sure my one experience was great and anytime I'm in Rochester next I will be coming to this location. Marcos who also helped me with customer service at this location was very sweet and funny. Great staff here and I hope the owners know it.

James Lynch

Gold Card Holder loving the Benefits â??

m Baxter

They got good food but it is not cheap

Jennie Barchet

I am usually not a Starbucks fan but I met a friend there this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed my peach green iced tea. It was a great place for us to chat. The barista was very friendly and I was immediately served.

Debra Markel

Service was great. The iced peach green tea was delicious with lemonade added. Good job Marcos for the suggestion!

Samantha Bosnyak

I go every morning and the customer service is excellent! The drinks are refreshing and give me the energy I need. I love Starbucks they deserve 100 stars for overall experience. No complaints

M. B. Vaisman

The staff is really friendly and offer suggestions when asked about where to go out to see and eat. The decor is wonderful inside as well.

Gary Baker

Freindly staff and great service. A great Starbucks location with consistent above average service.

Abner Ortiz

Love my Starbucks ð???? and tried the new tye dye in Que Rico Wepa

Morgan Blodgett

I go to Starbucks 4-5x a week and this location is extremely friendly/courteous, however, the drinks are inconsistent. On several occasions I have left, pulled out, and made my u-turn on ridge to go home and my drink is already gone because the cup is filled to the very top with nothing but Ice. I have a photo but will not let me post here.

Morgan Stone

I go to Starbucks 4-5x a week and this location is extremely friendly/courteous, however, the drinks are inconsistent. On several occasions I have left, pulled out, and made my u-turn on ridge to go home and my drink is already gone because the cup is filled to the very top with nothing but Ice. I have a photo but will not let me post here.

Tracy T.

This Starbucks is in a great location, right along the strip of W Ridge where there is every business you can imagine. I often lose hours on this road simply walking around stores and running errands. It is always nice to have a reliable, efficient Starbucks drive thru to stop at for a pick me up/refresher while doing so. The drive thru moved at a pretty standard pace, not too quickly, not too slow, and service was abundantly friendly, with the barista prompting quite a few answers from us about plans for the day a few times while we waited. I got an iced caramel macchiato and my boyfriend got the new "cloud" version (it is like a meringue foam on top); we tried it together once prior at a different location and I hadn't been a fan and he liked it. At this location trying it the second time around, he said that it was even better than the other one. We both recommend drinking it in the cup that has the spout to sip from (and skipping the straw), as doing so allows the "cloud" portion to come together with the liquid part- versus getting everything from the bottom alone, through a straw. All that aside, we had a solid experience here and our drinks were excellent.

Daniel Akiba

They should have a separate line for people who just want a cup of coffee. Waited 15 minutes then had to walk out. I get that they have a ton of people ordering coffee sundays in the drive through but those of us who just want a regular coffee probably shouldnâ??t have to wait so long?

Ariel Jackson

The best team in the area! So personable they even know me by name! Love this location because of the level of service and the beverages are always on point not to mention the recommendations!

Bailey S.

White mocha is my favorite drink. They have done a fine job with this new location. Stopped in for a peppermint cake pop along with my white mocha during the holidays. Service is fast and they always provide great advice and suggestions.

Bethany Kenyon

Love going to this location, everyone is very friendly. I prefer this location over the one near the expressway, I've never had a bad experience at this location.

Edward Mandara

Friendly crew, thoughtful. Currently my go to place for iced coffee.

Drew S.

Pulled into drive through at 9:32 PM, and although the sign says Starbucks closes at 10 PM, Associate says "sorry we're closed". Not a good picture.

BlueT GreenL

This particular Starbucks is great, used to go there every day for 2months until I transferred to new job they are awesome there and for me being there at 6am they are always cheerful and polite, coffee and cappuccino is fantastic

Angelle Martin

This is the best starbucks in Greece, the staff is always friendly and genuinely has your happiness in mind when preparing your order. I go out of my way to come to this one even though two others are closer.

Jon Robinson

Great coffee and quick bites. Worth the price for the quality and selection.

Rick B.

Brand new Starbucks. Nice modern open layout with soft bench and round short stools. Baristas are great.

April Guilford

I recently started going to this starbucks vs tim hortons somtimes because they have a soymilk option. It's a extra 15 or so minutes on to my commute. They are always super quick in the drive through line- this morning I waited in line, ordered, paid for my drink and was driving away in two minutes! The staff is always really nice. Drinks are pricey but that's no different than any Starbucks. Really greatful that they have milk alternative.

Peter Horne

Very friendly and helpful service. This location can be a bit noisy for reading or working at times.

m.aryhelen s.

Love this store! Great service.

Marc Cirigliano

A very courteous and prompt staff. The usual Starbucks quality. Nice seating and extremely clean. Highly recommended.

David Kavanagh

This is the newest Starbucks I've been in. Open 2 days so far! Very friendly staff, nice open seating and the food and drink you're used to at Starbucks.