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Taylor Hanson

I wouldn’t recommend going to this Starbucks. When my girlfriend ordered, she asked for extra caramel on/in the salted caramel cold brew and they chastised and questioned her decision. I asked for caramel on the inside of my cup for my iced chai latte and they put it on top of my ice.What’s the point of wearing gloves if you’re going to reach into your pocket with the gloves on and take your phone out to check it or text people while making drinks?? Gross.Normally, I wouldn’t complain. I work in fast food, I know it sucks. But to do this unapologetically in front of multiple customers is questionable at best.

Megan C.

Another day another Starbucks to review. This one is located in the Jefferson Road plaza and is quite small, but has an awesome staff and a fast moving line. They are taking social distancing guidelines super seriously and moving the line along six foot circles you stand on. I got a pumpkin spice latte with almond milk yesterday and it was perfection.

I don't know what this store has but the vibes here are just sweet and fun. It's a fairly busy location given its prominence on a main Rochester thoroughfare, and I saw everyone from teenagers to first responders to parents to fellow plaza workers. I've only ever been here during the COVID times where there's no seating, but I don't think this would be a great spot to sit and enjoy a bev or work anyways, given its smaller size and traffic. Overall, a great and consistent Starbucks location to enjoy if you're in Henrietta!

Britany Mae Fields

The employees here are literally so nice. Every time I come here they are always slammed cars wrapped around the building. If they make a mistake once in a great while it’s not the end of the world we’re all human. I feel for them being that busy all the time but their customer service is always awesome. They are so kind and everyone tells me they love my hair

Taylor H.

I find this Target as a last resort Target. I don't like the location and I find it dirty and hectic around the holidays, especially Black Friday. Still love the discount sections but it isn't as organized as other Targets. Also the lines seem longer here always. And all Targets have the same line up so I don't understand it. I do love that the pet section is right near the cash registers. I don't have to walk far for my favorite things!

Suz M

I am paying too much for ice--and I asked for light ice.

Allan Ecija

Was on my lunch break decided to get a caramel macchiato iced. At the drive thru I ordered two one hot one cold. I got both hot which was fine but when we tasted them they tasted like water down warm coffee. Almost like they forgot to put the caramel plus the cups were not full. Didn’t have time to go back. So I decided to call to complain and possibly come back later and get a refund or one that was to my standards. I called three times no one picked up. I will not be going to this one anymore. Usually I have no problem at this one, service is great quality is great, but not this time

Troy D

Drinks, breakfast, deserts all super tasty.

Fox E.

I'm trying to reach my Target of reviewing all the stores I've been to in recent times, so now it's time to review this one. If we're being honest with ourselves, Target is just Walmart for people who want to feel more fancy and pay 50% more or even 100% more for basically the same stuff. It might be a slightly more ethical version of Walmart - but not much. It's a much better place to check out cute people (which Barbie usually does while I wait in the car, then she tells me to come in because she's made another cute friend she wants me to meet), and it seems people that shop here spend a little more money on trying to look good while they're shopping (lol). Of course it's overrated and definitely overpriced, and I would shop at Walmart before here just because I would save money on the same stuff. But. It's definitely a nicer shopping experience, I'll give it that, and it's extraordinarily popular with the hipster crowd and the middle-class crowd and the elf crowd - wait what - a little bit too popular if you ask me.

The princess of bedwenches

They put too much ice in the frappuchino but still does a great job. Never had a bad experience with service.


I work at the mall and it just hasn't been the same since the Starbucks there closed. So I've been going to this one regularly and I can't complain. My drink(s) are always ready in little to no time, unlike the one that used to be at the mall. And those cute Target dog cookies are so delicious, I'll be getting those whenever I go now. And the staff is super friendly so that's a plus 💕


They put too much ice in the frappuchino but still does a great job. Never had a bad experience with service.

Celjeta Abazaga Llozhani


Lauren Manns

Great customer service! I was waiting sometime for my panini and the wonderful employee came out and happily apologized for the wait and simply explained the situation (love the acknowledgement). He also gave me a $4 gift card for the inconvenience. Best customer service I have had in a long time. Thanks Starbucks, I definitely will be back

Art H.

My favorite Mayonnaise is Duke's Mayonnaise, and it comes from Greenville, South Carolina. Because of that, it's really hard to find in Upstate New York. Walmart & Target say they carry it but when you get to the store, it's not stocked at the stores locally. So, yesterday I was on the hunt for my Mayonnaise. First stop was Wal-Mart in Henrietta and they didn't have it. I walked over to the help desk, and decided I didn't want to bother staff, they were way too busy talking with each other and having a good time. My next stop was Target, located on Market Place Drive in Henrietta.I had already had a bad day, and on top of that, frustrated I couldn't find my Mayonnaise, I inadvertently parked at the wrong end of the building, so I had to walk the entire length of the store to where the Mayo is. Low and behold, they didn't have it either. As I was leaving, pissed they didn't have it, I asked someone what it takes to get them to carry a product that the web site says they already carry in the store. She immediately got on the radio and asked for Kate. Kate came to the service desk where she politely introduced herself. I explained my situation to her, she listened without interrupting, and when I was finished she explained that she could enter an order for me, and that it would ship to my house, free freight. Now I absolutely did not expect her to be able to solve my problem, granted I wasn't going to have it tonight but I was good with Friday. I placed my order for six containers with her, and she handed me my receipt. I'm not a person that shops at big box stores, I prefer locally-owned business, as I've never really had good experiences with big box. Kate on the other hand was amazing! Such a wonderful smile, and eager to help me in anyway possible. She was absolutely professional, listening intently, speaking clearly and without using slang words. She kept me engaged throughout my transaction, but not by doing all the talking. We had a polite conversation and when we were done, I thanked her very much for her help and went on my way, calmer and more relaxed for having interacted with her. Thank you... I'm going to include a copy of my receipt, hoping that someone from Target Management reads this, and thanks/rewards Kate for doing an incredible job. Cheers, Art Harris

Shivangi Pandey

Amazing caramel coffee 😃

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