100 Center Pl Dr, Greece
(585) 865-6960

Recent Reviews

Sasha Brant

Absolutely amazing ? From beautiful customer service to the delicious drinks, I don't think I would get the same quality from anywhere else. Well done, Starbucks?

Sarah Z

Got what we ordered but very crowded and took awhile. Probably should have pre-ordered

Lucky Lanai

Not the newest location, but the BEST Customer Service!!! Pink Drink & Double Smoked Bacon & Cheddar. So yummy!!!

suz m

Cup 3/4 full with ice when I wanted no ice. Worker was so frazzled with orders I couldn't even bother to ask him to fix it. Tasted good overall.

Calum Shaw

Not going back to this one. Waited for 20 mins in their drive through and ordered 3 grande salted sweet cream cold foam cold brews. But they were out of cold brew (it was noon and you don’t have cold brew?!). So we went for iced coffee with the cold foam and repeated the order to make sure it wasn’t the caramel foam. Get our order to find out they gave us caramel syrup...Not only that but they were out of the cold foam lids and we got the regular straw lids - pointless when you get cold foam. Where’s the quality Starbucks?! Waste of time. Waste of money.

william little

Had a great drink. Went through the drive thru and the young lady who took my order saw my dog on the camera and ask if we wanted a pupaccino.

Christina Mazzola

I have been going to this Starbucks for a few weeks now, as it’s close to my workplace. I cannot express enough how AMAZING the staff is at this location! They are kind, considerate, and truly go out of their way to accommodate you. Highly recommend this location!

Chris Henderson

Friendliest service at a drive through I have ever experienced.

Cordial Philomath

A pleasant experience despite present circumstances, service was still friendly and fairly quick. This is still a popular location, so expect a moderate line. Nonetheless, one of the cleanest and most well maintained of locations. Everything was present in my order for six. If you value your wallet, be careful about going in the store. Their displays of biscotti, brownies, cookies, pretzels and other items will certainly tempt you. Worth every cent, though.

Lynn Horton

DONT go here. Drive thru wait is 20 minutes. Drinks were supposed to be lemonade ice drinks. Melted when we got them and tasted like bland snow. Mangement only offered to redo drinks if we came back. What and wait another 20minutes??? He was given a take it or leave it attitude. This place SUCKS!!!

Patrick Weed

Even during a pandemic their service is great.

Ryan E.

Expect to be sitting in the drive thru on an average of 30 minutes just for a regular cup of coffee. If there is a small or no line.. maybe 10/15min

Kimberly Hill

Love this Starbucks! They are super nice.

Amber D

My fav starbucks! Staff is awesome! And the person in front of me paid for my order, so I paid for the next person :-)

Angry P.

This is the absolute worst starbucks in the area. The line is always at least 10 minutes long and even when you get the the window after the wait my drink is either not ready or it is ready and the person standing there is too busy taking orders to hand me my drink. I have had multiple occasions where the staff has been rude including the staff talking rudely about me for a mistake they made and recently they have made a mistake on the sizing of my drink and after a long wait instead of fixing the mistake they just kept telling me that they have to charge me for the other drink size. If you are going to go to starbucks go to the one on the corner of Long Pond and Ridge Road they have amazing customer service and my drink is always ready in a timely matter.

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