Toasted Bear Tavern

689 South Ave, Rochester
(585) 434-3784

Recent Reviews

Ericka D

Ashley & Andrew are great bartenders. The food is decent and the drinks are good and strong. Great vibe and good music (connect to the touch tunes juke box)

Blaza Tauler

Great ?

Liza Walsh

The bar tender was seemed annoyed to be waiting on someone she didn't recognize and rude to some she just didn't like, food was good

mark mascadri

The bar tender walked away mid order and came back 5 minutes later.

Dustin Hilton

Great place for a Tuesday night out with karaoke.

Joseph Giannoccaro

Bartender was completely dilutional. What I mean is that she was offended with just about anything that was said to her. Totally a snowflake that needs to leave the industry. If she is offended by any slight comment and truly thinks she's being treated unfairly, she will have a hard road ahead. Entitled and clueless to the general public. Good luck with that liability.

Tony White

The bartender here seemed stressed out and was very disrespectful to a large group of patrons. He yelled at them and about 20 people left the bar all at once.

Ronald reagan

Great burgers and good ? prices

David DeGennaro

The food menu here is a sleeper. Portion sizes better than any other bar in the area. Come here if you don't want to be bothered by the usual South Wedge bar crows.

Kenneth Scott Burke

My Sunday Football spot. Beer & food are pub quality (good). Crowd is great. Good times

Donald Benedict

If you want a quiet bar that feels like a bar, there is no better choice. Great wings and bar fair, service with a smile and a homey feel.


The government placed mandated food with drink. Not only did the bar close the bar food early but even earlier then their bar and pain page said.

Kaitlyn M Hayes

The best bar in the south wedge! Great people, excellent food & a perfect spot to watch any sporting event.

Crazy Critter

Good food. Reasonably priced. Friendly staff. I will go back here again.


Went here with friends last summer and the bartender and every patron in the bar were watching South Park on the tv. No conversation among anyone and made for a weird college dorm environment. Christmas decorations were up in the middle of summer. Slow and unfriendly service. Rancid vibes all around

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