Vertex Club of Rochester

169 N Chestnut St, Rochester
(585) 232-5498

Recent Reviews

Mike F.

I started going here every Saturday from last July up until February of this year and let me say this place sucks...first off it's dead the majority of the time. About 1 out of every 6 weeks I went (5 if you were lucky) there was hardly anybody there. Maybe 7 people at the bar and 1 or two groups on the dance floor. On the incredibly rare time where there's a cosplay night or event here it's packed but it's the stereotypical weird (diy goth) people as I like to call them, and just some of the most wack ass, strange, not normal judgy people go here. Also they played the same 3 Rob zombie songs every time I was there. Also one time I Was out on the porch area just minding my business and this couple walked up to me and told me I was creepy for literally minding my own business. Like dude I'm not the idiot wearing a foxtail buttplug in my ass with neon fishnet stockings. If you want a place to meet cool people. Definitely don't go to this Myspace throwback 2005, hot topic, 37 year old goth poser, sketchy, "nightclub".

Shawn Daley

When Covid-19 has come to an end, I want nothing more than to dance freely again at Vertex

Quarter Key Dre

Fun night

Sean Phelan

If you don't love Vertex, it's only because the place is too cool for you.

Greg Keller

Arrived at 1:40 AM on Saturday11/2 at the end of a Friday night out. Still charging a $5 cover with about eight people in the entire place. Seemed odd for so late in the night. Probably should have decided to call it a night but we had friends on the way and gave it a shot. Adding to the curiosity of the $5 cover at 1:40 in the morning was learning it's a cash only business.

Robert K.

I really love this place. Had the pleasure of meeting amazing people here as well as DJing the courtyard. Its a real gem hidden in plain sight. Come as you are. Especially if you are into old school Goth or New Wave or into obscure EDM/EBM. Real cozy and walking distance from many downtown landmarks. If you dont like preppy run of the mill,..... this is your spot.

nathaniel francis

Now my favorite place to go Friday and Saturday.

Alicia Hunt

Host was rude. Would not go ever again. Overpriced and lacks the amenities that you would expect. Also it's cash only, which can be an issue. They do not have good customer service and the Old Toad down the road is much better.

Ann Ripton

The host was very helpful and friendly. The bartender was amazing, super friendly and was a great guy to chat with! The atmosphere was great and the DJ had a wide variety of music and actually played requests! Wonderful clean and welcoming club, one of the best in Rochester.

Dark Mark

I've always liked going to Vertex-IDOLS since an old friend introduced me to that community. Music is always awesome like back in the day DJ Robert G. Come as you are Haven't been in a long time but twice since 2013. I'm feeling the pulling though!!

Kelsey Jenkins

great folx!

Elsy Lawless

great folx!

Michael Centanni

Shawn cooked us some killer food last night. Best bar food I’ve had in a LONG time. Awesome atmosphere, will definitely return!


Best place to go for atmosphere,cheap drinks. It's one of the best gothic clubs in ny.

Tori S.

Have you ever sat home on a Saturday just wailing into the night so gd loud your neighbors call a hotline on you ? Have you ever been so lonely on a Friday that your restless leg syndrome flares and your fragile bones pulsate and ache ? Well ache no more my sweet boys, here's a top notch establishment that will make you want to slap your beige thighs together til dawn. This place is an absolute sexy gymnasium full of gigantic and beautiful dark lords. The atmosphere instantly puts you in a euphoric state ; people have been known to lose consciousness upon entrance due to heightened senses. I felt beyond tantalized after leaving here the other night, I returned to my residence and proceeded to wink at myself in the reflection of the clock above my bedroom door for an absurd amount of time while shaving my body completely smooth. I am renewed.

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