180 NY-25A, Setauket- East Setauket
(631) 751-2299

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Viviennne Stark

I went here last night and I don’t regret it at all. This place is a gem hidden in east setauket. I came here with my boyfriend and we had sushi and sashimi for 2. He got the soup and I got the salad. The dressing on the salad was very tangy and delicious and soup was very flavorful with soft tofu, thinly sliced scallions and seaweed. The su and sa for 2 came on a platter and the presentation is just wow-beautiful. The fish was so fresh and delicious. The tuna and salmon just melted in your mouth and the rolls that came with it your so good. Ours came with the Donna and sp titanic roll. The avocado with the hot crunchy shrimp temperature in the Donna just was perfect. The so titanic roll was my favorite. The price was for the platter was pretty cheap compared to other restaurants and the quality. After we got green tea fried ice cream. The ice cream was so creamy and rich and the crunchy shell was perfect for the richness of the ice cream. We will def come back.

Alan Cummings

Last thing this area needed was another sushi restaurant. Bring back the country kitchen

Saccillia Pendina

My favorite sushi spot in all of suffolk county. Fish is always fresh. The staff are friendly. Special rolls are fantastic!

Stephanie Treverton

Delicious! I would highly recommend the Kani salad. Sushi and sashimi is very fresh.

MacBeth Derham

Good and quick for take out.

Yimin Zhu

It has been five years and this is still my favorite ramen. The best part about the ramen is their soup. Usually the soup of ramen will be too salty, even the ones in Japan. But the soup here is just the right taste that I will empty the bowl every time. They also provide the option of bento box. I also tried it and highly recommend the California roll in it.

Adam Hernandez

Top tier Sushi- also the Pan fried Beef Udon noodles are my jam!

Julia Purrazzella

Great sushi and desert!

Amelia Sant

Food is fresh and the workers are very nice. The place is also clean.

Harry Gao

The sushi is delicious!

sparky mark

Very good sushi!! We definitely go back again. And very reasonable prices for the area

Elizabeth Turk

Cute, medium size restaurant. Very clean and great service. Sushi was amazing.... you could taste the freshness. We had two rolls and then bento boxes. The boxes were good, but the sushi is where this place shines.

Helen Maiorino

Tasty Food !! Great Lunch Price 2 !!13 bucks soup and 3 different rolls !!

Michael Lewis

Solid food, not cheap but not expensive. You are not given a time estimate when ordering online, you can generally assume 15 minutes if it isn't a huge order.

Edward Correia

Great food, courteous service, nice decor, reasonable prices. They also offer delicious Ramen noodles.

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