130-11 N Conduit Ave, Queens
(718) 845-4594

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Ian Frith

Not my favorite place to eat but somehow they keep me coming back.....even if I'm only looking at the food. Well done Subway!!!!!

Akshay A.

Asked for a sandwich with Buffalo chicken,American cheese and sweet onion sauce ... Got home and it was PLAIN CHICKEN,cheese ,a lot of KETCHUP on bread. Same thing on 2 different occasions.

cindy k.

The employee at the subway store was very nice. Unfortunately, the location is inside a BP gas station. I had to use the bathroom, there was urine all over the bathroom floor and NO toilet paper or paper towel. It was absolutely disgusting!!!!! Just thinking about that bathroom makes me sick.


Bread is hard and dry, vegetables old, they give you very little meat! I have nothing against middle eastern people, but I find in several states where they run the subway shops, they can't make a good sandwich and always use old ingredients! Subway sucks! I'm through with them! We need more Jersey Mike's ASAP !!! Oh, and I forgot to mention, none of them honor coupons anymore, so why even mail them out!

Cut ies

I’ve been going at to this subway for years. Navjeet don't know how to make sandwich  every time she make my sandwich  it upside down i don t know who learn her how to make sandwich. The chicken lady an the subway guy always fighting. The place is a cowboy store always something goin on there . The should have better staff working there.

rudolph forrester

Store hours says 9 :00pm .I was in the store at 8:40and they said they were closed . Then why does your hours say 9:00pm

Brad Burt

Do not stop here, they stole my credit card info and continued to make purchases with it. I called to ask them about it and they were very combative instead of trying to figure out what happened. That’s why I suspect the employees stole my credit card information. Anyways if you do stop here do it at your own risk

William T.

This place is horrible the manager there one time I order a drink with my meal I went to the fountain in the soda taste it weird, The manager came up to me and call me a liar because he was saying that the sort out was fine because he saw the bubbles coming from the carbonated drink but that was not the issue the issue was that a soda did not taste correctly like they don't clean the pipes that is disgusting. Instead of listening to the customer he was accusing me that I was a liar when the customer is always right never coming to this location again.

Jonathan Capace

If I could give this place one star I would.Where do I begin? Firstly this place will just randomly not be opened, I have gone numerous times where they told me it was closed due to a “power outage” even though everything in the place was on.Secondly, the customer service is atrocious. One of the male workers tries to talk to co workers or other people and gets distracted and put the wrong toppings or sauce on a sandwich. I’ve had him start my sandwich over once due to drowning a sandwich in Mayo.This place also doesn’t take coupons, from the app, paper, previous receipt where it clearly states you get something free and the code and they refuse to do so.Thirdly, the food itself is terrible, sometimes the chicken has little taste, toppings aren’t fresh.But tonight was the last straw, they close at 9PM on Tuesdays, I go in and was told that it’s closed… meanwhile she is making a sandwich for a co worker in the gas station. I said your sign says 9 and you still have all the food and toppings out and she continued to get nasty.Last time I’ll ever go to this place. I hate to be THAT person. But this is truly the WORST Subway around. Stay far away, drive the extra 5 minutes and go to Howard Beach.


Subway and Krispy Krunch chicken share a business with BP gas. Not bad, pretty good. I'm going back.

A. Musa Ahmad

I'm a chocolate chip cookie fanatic and Subway has some of the best around.


It's clean and a quick one stop off the Conduit. Get gas and a subway sandwich.

Josephine Fernandez

No too fresh the vegs

Jay Senise

Subway Sandwiches has been around for a while and while not the greatest sandwich shop around they are consistent. This location has a very friendly man who seems to be there almost every time I go by.They had a jingle/promotion for a very long time that I'm sure most of you remember. "$5 footlong"Unfortunately most of the footlong hero's these days are closer to $10 than $5. This always seems disappointing to me.That said the sandwichs I've gotten here have always been good.

Frances Chang

Foot long sandwiches are the best.

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