Little Guyana Bake Shop

116-04 Liberty Ave, South Richmond Hill
(718) 843-6530

Recent Reviews

Kavita B

Great variety of items. But, please make sure your not selling stale bread to customers. And charging people $8 for a bottle of Chana? Like that’s just insane. This was very disappointed. Also, if your going to charge customers $3 for using their credit card you should at least tell them or have a sign up.

Emily See

Purchased cheese roll yesterday and it was hard like a rock and tasted stale. There was barely any cheese inside. Will not buy from here again. This is not how the pastries were when I used to come here years ago. They are cutting corners and raising prices.

Aaron Pooran

Worst place ever, the cheese rolls has a lot of mustard instead of cheese. I also bought sponge cake, and it taste like it’s been there for was cold and hard. I would not recommend to get anything from them.

Troy F

Been going here since I was a kid, bakery is A++++

inkby ryan

Worst service this store is packed with a lot of stale stuff to offer

Jay Jaggessar

Sweets are very good, but be aware of 5% charge on credit card payment. They don't tell you that, just charge it as a convenience fee. I think they should let the customer know about the change before changing them.

Ayrton Rahim

worst cashiers worst service.

Jordon R.

It was my first time in this store and I must first say the merchandise is excellent in this store but I rate the customer service 2 out of 5 I got there in the late evening and went over to the section where the teas and hot sauces are being displayed. I looked up to ask the woman at the pastry counter a question. I noticed her eyes were directly focused on me and my movement. After making my selection and was getting ready to pay, I noticed another employee (tall and large male) walked first to the middle of the store where he stood for about 2 minutes then to the section where I was and position himself by the register. When I realized I needed to make more purchases. As I went to the back of the store. I was being watched. Then I went over to the section where they have the bakery, the same thing happens again. As I was getting ready to make the second purchase, a feeling of being disrespected by the employees so I returned my entire purchase. No customer should be singled out because of their. And this is what this store did.

Vanessa B.

They sell fish and baked goods in the same place...the cake I ordered smelled like fish and was insanely expensive.

F Hanif

Worst pastries and bread

Mark Simon

Everything from float bake to black cake it's all good.

shaline ramprsad

This place is business need to take care of all The flies that is on all baked goods, with all the bread and sweet stuff open, it is on sanitize for customers to witness flies on every bread. When ask what is done about it, was told they are handling the situation.

I said, What I said!

Well stocked.

Stephen Pile

This place has a lot of stuff to offer. Fresh fish, groceries, bread and pastries. I like their currant rolls when I am in the mood for one. However their check out service could be better. The line tends to get very long and slow checking people out. that can be a factor if I or anyone else decides if they want to shop in there. You should not be on phone while checking out customers and I see that often and it's not a customer call. Some of the workers there are nice. This place would be better if they worked on getting customers checked out quicker


Pastries & sugarcake is not as tasteful as before.

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