O G's

20503 Linden Blvd, St. Albans
(718) 712-9845

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Nadesha Shaw

This restaurant is surviving because it is the only one in the area The food quality is terrible and they are overpriced The customer service is even worse .. one good thing I can say is they play some good music for you to listen to for the long wait because they are also very slow.Food: 1/5

Vanessa Danvers


Christopher Rowe

I wish I subtract stars, your service is beyond awful, you do not know how speak properly over the phone, your food is trash, you have no customer service at all, not everyone is Jamaican so speak clearly and have manners, you also greet customers as they approach the counter in a respectful way, don’t just blurt out your Jamaican slangs as if everyone should be able to translate.When you prepare a made to order meal please do notify the customer ahead of time that certain items are unavailable to prepare the order as per their request do not tell them after the meal has been prepared that you did not go to market so you don’t have some things to put in the food this is atrocious.Please do better and until I somehow find out that you’ve made the necessary changes I’ll never buy another meal from you guys..

Ice Cold Ace

Love this spot for a quick bite of Jamaican taste. Only issue is when you order they take superbly long to prepare your food. Call 30 minutes ahead to place your order.

Ice Cold Matt

Love this spot for a quick bite of Jamaican taste. Only issue is when you order they take superbly long to prepare your food. Call 30 minutes ahead to place your order.

Vanessa Surpris

Service and food isn’t the same anymore… I got raw curry goat some of the meat was still pink inside smh. I think that’s it for me and OGs

elaine a

I went to OG's today and stood in the restaurant for approximately 15 to 20 mins yelling hello, hello until a young lady came out from the back. I had to literally ask for the prices. She kept saying that she had to check. I asked what was in the stew peas, she said oxtail and beef.I ordered and it was a total of about 14$ and change.I was so hungry and full of excitement to eat my food. To my surprise they had the dinner full of turkey neck bones and stringy, stringy beef..I was very disappointed. Called to complain but recording said vm is not set up.When Ms. Dawkins was there, this would never had happened. They also need to improve their customer service..The young lady was trying, but needs a little brush up. Customer service go a long way in business.

Penni Boone

Personell pleasant.Costumer flow nice.No waiting for service.Thanks.


The Customer service at OG's Restaurant has gone to zero 0, the previous owner died , and I don't see the class cashiers ladies anymore. Now there is this burnt face girl in the kitchen loud vulgar and don't work well with her other coworkers, The new owner need do something or else. business will get slow

Montrose W.

The oxtail was amazing! They also accept Apple pay which is rare most places love to say they only take cash. Will absolutely be coming back !

Darlene Robinson

This place does NOT MISS!!!! I have to order from them AT LEAST once a week. Food is ALWAYS excellent. My last order was of their shrimp rasta pasta, and it was so good I almost cried! And no I don't work there. Food is REALLY amazing. They're available on door dash and Uber eats.


Staff customer service skill is very nasty, the old lady from the kitchen need a etiquette class on how to talk and deal with the public. Better yet she need to stay in the kitchen

Qiana Menzies

Oxtails are very good as of lately dnt change the chef or recipe. They stubborn to put Likkle gravy on the rice no matter how much you ask. Uber orders they sometimes forget the plantain and salad.

Ashley F.

I've been eating at this restaurant for the past 12 years now they have the best curry goat and oxtails In queens


Ordered shrimp Rasta pasta and this what I got. Taste like potato salad. Not even any spice smh. Don’t go here

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