Citgo Gas Station, 180 West Service Road, Staten Island
(718) 494-2528

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James Cozzy

Slow service waited forever and to top things off the order was wrong first and last time going to this Dunking Donuts

Dean K

Easy access to hwy, on the go app ordering- nothing better! No lines, polite quick cheerful service? This is my go to..

Jennifer M.

Before taking my daughter to school in the morning, a few weeks ago, I used a free beverage reward for one drink, and ordered 2 bagels with nothing on it. I got charged $7.60. I should had just went to a nice bagel store. The man never gave me a receipt, and rushed off. I contacted corporate, and they told me that apparently I also ordered a small coffee, and a ham, egg and cheese wrap. I never ordered this. The incompetent worker must had charged me for the next order as well. I hope that person paid it forward. They have lost a customer, and I will be contacting consumer affairs. I will now go to 711 for coffee. Always get a receipt! I was a patron for 20 years, and the new crew there does not know what they are doing.

Neal Green

Everything runs on dunkin

Bridgette V.

Asked for 2 bagels with cream cheese scooped out DOUBLE toasted. I had to repeat my order three times and they didn't even get it right. It was raw and when I go inside to ask for my money back they have the audacity to say I ate the bagel. Excuse me but I took a bit of the bagel and spit it out because of how disgusting it tasted. Why would they care if I took a bite? Did I ruin your chances of reselling a raw bagel to another innocent customer!? What kind of manager would yell at the customer for making a complaint. They took 10 mins to give me my money back, didn't even offer to fix my order, and threw my receipt at me. How unprofessional of them to yell at at me and not even apologize for it; not the employees nor the manager. This left me hangry and disgusted. I'd rather starve than come here.

Lynn Rajewski

Good for coffee

Jessi Jo

So annoyed. My coffee taste like tea they always screw up your order and don't order food from

Jimi Lynch

No customer parking, doesn't matter the time of day you show up there's only one person working it's unfair to that worker and it's unfair to the customers right now I'm in line and I'm Number 22 vehicle on this line and hasn't moved for 45 minutes. They need to hire more workers this is unfair working environment

Juan Sanchez

Possibly the worst one on staten island. The coffee tastes old and burnt. Your luck to get the right change back. The actually put my change in his tip jar. Go to Tim Horton's down the road.

J Rife

Great coffee and decent service!

Julia DiCostanzo

Every time i go through drive through they don't get my order right

Jasmin Fantry

No star for them this place is absolutely disgusting I order one thing and the attitude and services disgusting

David Martinez Jr.

This is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had at a Dunkin’ Donuts.. went through the drive through and ordered a breakfast sandwich, was told to wait in front and they’ll bring it out.... 15 minutes later I’m still sitting here. The store is not even busy and I’m waiting. Absolutely ridiculous!

Jessica Ryan

So annoyed. My coffee taste like tea they always screw up your order and don't order food from There they always have a million files going on the food!!

Sue D.

Stopped here after a day in the city and we didn't want to pay the high prices for a sandwich. The subs were delicious, reasonably priced. The service was a little slow but worth the wait. Will stop here again when in the area.

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