2350 Nesconset Hwy, Stony Brook
(631) 364-9360

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Susan V.

The food and drinks are great but the guy up front (he's always there -- not sure if it's a manager or owner) is SO rude to people. He's always pissed and it's bizarre. Once a woman finished ordering and then realized she forgot something so she asked if she can place another order and this man flipped out at her. I mean a full blown tantrum. She was there with her family and definitely spent a lot of money so I was completely put off. If you have the option, spend your money somewhere else.

Linda R.

Great food and drinks. The rice bowls are delicious and the pan-Dan waffles. Yummy. I highly recommend this place

Andrew Brofman

First time trying Korean BBQ. Thankfully I was with friends who made recommendations. I had the BBQ steak and enjoyed it. It comes with unlimited sides of broccoli, potato's, rice, radishes, soy beans and more. The price was very reasonable and the restaurant was clean. The servers were very attentive and our food was cooked perfectly. I give them four stars because the bathrooms were both locked the entire time that we were there so we could not use them.

Jade Uy

Staff were super polite and sweet and the good and drinks were… chef’s kiss ❤️ Would definitely recommend coming here for a hangout or day out ❤️

Tomek T.

Boba is good. But the guy up front has a real attitude problem. Hoping for a better experience next time but it's every single time that he's mean.

Client R

I enjoy the food here! I get the vermicelli and banh mi. Their boba is also cooked really well!Parking: Good access to parking

sally molina

Food is very tasty , never had a problem with the food OR the service , we go often . I’ve seen other reviews about rude employees, never had that experience. Love the strong Vietnamese coffee ? Love the rewards !

Anna K.

I've been coming to Bambu regularly for the past 1.5 years and to this day, Bambu is still one of my top food spots in the area.Bambu serves bubble tea, desserts, Vietnamese food (rice bowls, vermicelli bowls, banh mi). Their food always hits the spot. The portions are generous and delicious. My go-to foods are Chicken Banh Mi with Jalapeños and Grilled Pork Rice Bowl. I haven't too many of their drinks but the few times I've tried their Vietnamese coffee, it was delicious. They have tofu options for their bowls and sandwiches for anyone who is vegetarian. Definitely recommend if you are in the area!

Aldwin J.

Best boba and food place on Long Island without a doubt. The Wings are amazing and you can never go wrong with a banh mi sándwich! The service is super fast and the staff shows care to you every time you visit. The ambiance can't get any better. Very simple, calm and relax. I highly recommend coming here multiple times!

ems xoxo

Lovee their variety of drinks. Their food is also pretty good, I do have to say that the guy in the front, is usually in a bad mood no matter how nice you try to be. Eveytime u order something he's huffing and puffing n giving an attitude, in person and on the phone. Kinda sucks.. other than that I do enjoy this place alot!Food: 4/5

Celine Debbie

Went here for a quick drink on the way back home. The service was extremely fast, as my drinks came out within 4 minutes of ordering it. The drinks were smooth and nice. I tried the popping boba here, which is usually my favourite, but didn't like it as much as the tapioca pearls my friend got (I typically don't like it). The tapioca here was slightly chewy and tssted just right. Would recommend giving it a try !

Nick Blyumberg

Great Viet drinks shop that also sells food. Can get a little bit busy at times. The portions are pretty generous. The dessert drinks can be a little on the sweet side.Parking: Plenty of parking available

Kevin Zern

The atmosphere is good the food is good giving a not so good review due to the rude employee with the black hair and tattoos. My girlfriend ordered a drink and she didn’t like it and we weren’t allowed a refund he told us “well we didn’t pick the flavor for you” what on earth is this response. Im actually disappointed since it was my first time there…

Keng Keng Evaristo

The pork rice bowl tastes great. Classic Bahn Mi is average. Bambu Special Che is below average.. Watery, not much shaved ice, didn't expect that all fruit ingredients are in jelly-like form, all artificial (use of natural fruit ingredients will make it much better and over the top)..Staff are nice and courteous..

Dave Simmons

Rude employee helped me. Actually “helped me” is a overstatement. I asked him what do you recommend its my first time here. And he said everything is good, can you hurry up. But i looked behind me there was nobody behind me so what is the rush? Therefore, i just left. Heavily dissapointed.

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