Freedom of Espresso - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

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144 Walton St, Syracuse


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A good coffee shop should be a bit of a respite, and that's exactly what Freedom of Espresso is. Located in Armory Square, it's a good place to rest while waiting for friends or waiting for a table to free up at one of the popular downtown restaurants. It's never been crowded whenever I've popped in, giving me some much needed time and space to wind down and relax. I didn't realize they had so many iced coffee options (reading other reviews clues me in.) I will full review
One of my housemates recommended Freedom of Espresso because of the flavor of their coffee and the hours. Since I've been in Syracuse I've been surprised by the limited hours of so many establishments here in Downtown and even around SU. After chatting for a bit with the barista, I learned that they can make any drink on their menu iced. She recommended the tortoise coffee, a concoction of coffee, caramel, chocolate, and hazelnut. Very reminiscent of turtle full review
Ordered a tall, triple, soy latte, she said it won't fit in the cup (drink one all the time from Starbucks) switched to grande quad, no foam, fill to top. As she is pouring the milk foam and all into the cup I say no foam please, she says I heard you and continues pouring. I hand it back to her and ask for no foam, she removes it as she explains what a latte is, hands it back to me, now half full, I hand it back and ask her to top it off, she fills the cup with all foam. And full review

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Freedom of Espresso - PERMANENTLY CLOSED

144 Walton St, Syracuse, NY 13202
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