Buffalo Wild Wings

1620 Niagara Falls Blvd, Tonawanda
(716) 833-3111

Recent Reviews

John Johnson

Buffalo Wild Wings does really good I definitely recommend you go there for like a lunch or dinner

Jakalyn Robinson

My server erin wasn't the best. A bit rude with our wait time at our table for only utensils and napkins smh. Instead she was having a drawn out conversation with other guests.

Wil Worrall

Wings were small but there is a large variety of sauces. Not the best wing place in Buffalo but it's good.

Mark Cottone

Boneless wing special was great! Fast service!

Tiffany Hudson

Don’t recommend ordering online for take out. Food was rubbery and fries were so hard when I picked up. Never going back

Hannah Wommack

My fiancé & I love BWW! Tonight I finally tried something other than wings, a Southern Chicken Sandwich I believe it was called? Delicious!! I also highly recommend the Nojito if you’re DD

Gennilee Jackson

We had a great experience at this location. We are visiting Niagara falls and after being turned away from several restaurants due to our party size (11) or due to staff shortages we decided on Buffalo wild wings. When we arrived at 8pm, they sat us down right away. We ordered, ate and left by 9:30. The staff was great! Our server was amazing and constantly checking in on us. Other staff were also eager to help get us refills or anything else we needed. All the food tasted amazing. Would def recommend, not one thing to complain about.They do bring the food out as it is prepared so all the food comes out at different times but we didn't mind. Some people may not like that but before we ordered they asked if we were ok with the staggered food.

James Fox

Friendly staff, perfectly cooked and sauced wings. wings had great flavor. Decent selection of beer and other beverages.

Breezie Gamer (Patches)

The wait was horrible. Waiting at least 10 minutes to have them to give us (2 people) our DRINKS. Then the wait was even long for the food (around 16 wings and the fried cheese curds). However, a person who was our waiter gave us our food and he was very nice and apologized for the wait. He should get promoted. I wouldn’t go again, they downgraded MAJORLY since the last time i was there (a few years ago). Their limited time only flavors weren’t cool like how they used to be. They used to have cool ones like “raspberry teriyaki”, now the only weird one is “southern garlic” which is boring to me. I don’t recommend this place at all. Maybe other locations have better service.

Kimberly Goodband

Waited 30 minutes to get drinks and 1.5 hrs to get food. In the process, we spoke to a manager after an hour and her only response was “ok”. Never came back to the table. Never apologized. Waited 30 more minutes. When we asked for a time on our food, we were told it was made wrong. Manager came back and said the server had rung in the order wrong. No responsibility in her, just the server who we found out had only been there a WEEK!!!!!! Dylan was AMAZING. Everyone was waiting a long time for things and he never got grumpy or upset at all. The manager needs to be trained in customer service. Food finally arrived. Boneless wings were COLD and boned wings were hot but had clearly been microwaved (gross). Dylan asked to comp our meal and we made sure he was compensated for his time. Total disaster for our son’s 15th birthday!!! Been coming for his birthday since he was 8yo. Never again!!!

Deniz Suuctugu

We arrived at 10:30pm. Posted operation hours said 11pm at the door. At No one greeted us, we walked inside and looked for a hostess or someone, waited few minutes then saw a big blond server at the POS station, she was talking to an other server about her food order. When we asked for a table she told us they aren’t taking anymore tables, asked if we can do take out, she simply ignored and didn’t even answer. Really parented we didn’t exist. I guess they forgot to train their staff on most important service rules.

Brianna Mcgill

Great food. Nachos are a favorite. Friendly service. Spacious booths. Reasonable pricing.

Jacqueline Bontzolakes

These were not good. Even thoughstage tried to be friendly it didn't replace that they were dishonest. The 6 piece wings only had 5 and was cold. When I sent it back it was like that just added one wing and gave the same order back to me with one wing hot and the rest cold. I also waited over 1 hour for the wings boneless wings and French fries that were also cold and hard.There excuse is they have an employee shortage? ? no excuse... MY app said 20 minutes then I shouldn't wait an hour.

Tim M

Might be the worst dine in experience of my life. I’m not sure where to start. But I’ll start anyway, first of all when we were walking in there were already three tables that were dirty and had the previous customers dishes on them. That eventually grew to five tables, and the stuff was there the whole time we were sitting down and when we left. Second, the food came out and it was cold and the wings were super chewy. So the waitress gets the manager who usually comes over and apologizes for the inconveniences and is usually nice. Well not this time, we asked “are you the manager” and she responded with an attitude and just being plain rude. Not personable at all. Perhaps when the food is done it should be pushed out ASAP, you would think? Not deliver three tables food at once. If this place can’t handle FOUR tables I would hate to see it on a Sunday afternoon during an NFL season. ?

Kapri Johnson

Placed an online order with promised order time of 7:50. Arrived to the location at that time food was not ready. Allowed 15 minutes, order still was not ready. I did not receive my food until 8:33PM. I was not offered any reassurance by associates my presence was barely acknowledged. As I stood there waiting I was not offered a beverage, or anything to compensate for the extremely long wait. I will not be recommending this establishment to anyone and I will not be patronizing this establishment ever again. This was my first and last experience with Buffalo Wild Wings.

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