The Banh Mi Shop

148 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains
(914) 686-6888

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He Wi

Pretty good food overall! The people working there were very friendly and patient. Very good first impression. We took out summer rolls with grilled short ribs, the original bahn mi, and grilled lemongrass chicken with rice. The peanut sauce for the rolls was heaven! We finished it even before finishing the rolls. The bahn mi could’ve been juicier but it’s for sure fresh! The grilled chicken was a little bit of a let down. Not enough kick, not enough lemongrass flavour. They really cared about the packaging, which was very neat and clean. I guess that’s why it came with a higher price compared to other similar Vietnamese eateries.

Lena Lee

Excellent banh mi! We got the grilled pork (which was grilled fresh and smelled so good) and catfish banh mis, they were so good!! Will def come back and try other stuff!

Laura Grose

Good sandwiches, pretty limited menu. Also- I understand it’s COVID, but they’re open for 4 hours a day... frustrating when you want to support them but it’s 4:00 and they’re already closed.

Amy P.

Another wonderful lunch! Stopped in and ordered a short rib bahn mi and a beef pho. The short rib was marinated in a deliciously sweet/savory sauce. The crusty bread and the pickle vegetables were wonderful. The sandwich was well created an absolutely delicious. I had a great crunch to it.      

The Beef broth in the pho  was well spiced and had a lot of depth of flavor. The beef was very tender, the noodles fresh, and the accompanying bean sprouts added a nice crunch. The soup was perfect for this cold day. Employees are extremely friendly, and very helpful. I asked a few questions about the menu, and they were very eager to explain the dishes. This place never disappoints! A great lunch!


Delicious food and very friendly staff! Would recommend and will definitely return here again

LaTasha Dawkins


Maggie Bailey

Google maps has become my new NY in helping me find new places to eat. Tried this place as it was just up the street from a clients office, and wanted some Thai food for lunch.

Robyn Schlesinger

This is THE best Vietnamese restaurant in the region and has awesome food from summer rolls to pho to rice dishes. We love everything on the menu, but shrimp summer rolls, vegetable/mushroom pho and lemongrass chicken rice are AWESOME. People are the nicest too. 5++++ stars!

Lisa A.

This place got good reviews so I thought I'd try it because Graby's closed in Scarsdale. We ordered the Grilled Pork Bahn Mi sandwich. The pork was nicely charred and tender and the bread was slightly crispy outside and soft Inside. Nice amount of vegetables in the sandwich. It was a little on the dry side so I'm glad I ordered extra sauce on the side. I still like Graby's better but I'll go back since I can't find any other place local that sell bahn mi sandwiches.

Bardia K.

I eat at this spot al the time. The Banh MIs are very good because the bread and the meat are of high quality, always. The Vietnamese iced coffee is a bit too sugary but gets the job done as its strong. Their pho is also decent on a rainy/snowy day.

Ys J.

Don't recommend eating here. The service is terrible and the food isn't that great. I tried it before but was worse than I remember.

Colette H.

Love this place!

I have tried a lot of their food including the: spring rolls, edamame, the original bahn mi, noodles, rice, and tea.

Their food is always prepared quickly and is always fresh and delicious. Make sure you bring cash, because they don't take cards.

I can't wait to come back here and eat again.

Julie Benedetto

Great Food. Really craving your Pho. I wish you were open for dinner so I could come after work.

Rahul G.

Cannot go wrong with this place. Highly recommend the grilled pork which is my staple but also enjoyed the catfish.

Always do the extra spicy with jalapeños and sriracha if u can handle the heat.

Dorshelle G.

I scheduled a delivery from this restaurant and the food was okay. I had the noodles with shrimp and although it looked really good, the shrimp could have used more seasoning in my opinion. I also ordered some spring rolls and felt that they were subpar. I didn't really enjoy that much.

I've had noodles & shrimp from a Vietnamese spot in the past and preferred their noodles better than this place; however if you are craving this dish in the Westchester area, I would say to give it a shot. My sister got the noodles with chicken and her chicken tasted so good, I wish I got that instead.

Overall, I say it's an alright place to try out especially if you're looking for a Vietnamese meal.

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