Big Apple Smoothie

197 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains
(914) 997-7700

Recent Reviews


Very nice smoothie spot. Staff is always friendly and I always find myself coming back for more!

Chebrie Griffin

Taste great. Moonlight Mango. I will deff try some other ones.

Ruth Huri

Very good smoothie! Everything was clean and good looking

Ashley S.

I had the "Wonder Woman", which I believe entails banana and strawberries and beyond my surprise , it was really good . Strawberries and bananas are always my go to for smoothies, but I've never had one as so and although I haven't tried all of the different smoothies , this shop by far tops all the smoothies I've ever had .

James V

Fair prices for the amount you get and you can turn the smoothies into a protein shake depending on which one you order.

George Snell

They never ever ever answer the phone!!! Other than that they’re ok

Khalid El

Very accommodating they look forward to pleasing you.

Jody Raynor

Never a dull moment. Always giving the best in taste and price.


Love this place!!! Amazing smoothies

Rachael Hulse

Very quick and fresh!! Order off the board or make your own!!

Nick Porcelli

Best smoothies around

Alexis K.

Really good smoothie place! I'm someone who goes smoothie places really often and I'll come across some smoothie places that are too watery or too sugary but this place is perfect! I ordered the iron man and it was a perfect post workout smoothie. Would definitely come back again!

H B.

This is my favorite place however the service is horrible and the girls are not very friendly. This place has been here a very long time and this is the first I've encountered anything like this. Also this is supposed to be open from 10-6 Monday thru Friday's and when I went in at 5:40 the doors were closed. I will no longer be giving them business

Carolina H.

Went in for the first time since august, workers have changed and the drinks aren't the same as they were before. They're tasteless. Not the only one who has said it.

Sadri B.

its hot outside while strolling around white plains on a sunday early afternoon so maybe a cool smoothie will help a bit. inside its a cozy place with some seating around and i see a few friends enjoying smoothies and cookies so i will do the same minus the cookies maybe. i prefer the mixed fruit smoothies and avoid the veggie ones cause i cant drink the stuff without thinking that i am drinking a salad. i aint no expert on this stuff and the health benefits as well due to my community college dropout education but from a taste standpoint i am clear that this place makes tasty fruity smoothies at reasonable prices . the menu board is simple to read and understand which includes whats being thrown in the blender . i am a watermelon / pineapple /apples , oranges/ type of smoothie drinker and by golly thats what i got for my 7 bucks. hope this downtown white plains shop hangs around cause its a nice comfy place to chill and grab a healthy non carbonated beverage.

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