Big Apple Smoothie

197 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains
(914) 997-7700

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Yenny Le

I got the great smoothie ? I love that place . Friendly environment

Magdalena Reel

I ordered a strawberry, banana smoothie I told the person behind the counter I was coming off COVID I wanted to pay for it and wait outside until it was ready. I got a chocolate peanut butter smoothie. DISGUSTING!!!

Vitale Therapy & Training VT2

Watched employee walk in from out side the store to start working. He went behind the counter directly coming in off the street. He did not wash his hands and proceeded to rub his eye and then began making smoothies. He would hold the blender container with his thumb inside the container. All of these things make me question if I should continue coming here and how well trained are the staff.

Dominique Frazier

I love their smoothies! You get your money's worth. The cups are huge. My favorite is Georgia on my mind. I'm going to miss this place when I move ?

Margot Nigro

Unfortunately a terrible experience and an unaccommodating business. The staff working were very nice but kept repeating that their boss would not allow them to make adjustments to a kids drink for my daughter. Had to pay for a full size drink just to add some chocolate syrup.

Shanae K.

The worker Ashanti was incredibly rude to me and my mother, an elderly woman. Any worker that can be disrespectful, esp. to older ppl doesn't belong in customer service. It was my first visit to the store, my mother had been to the store a few times. The guy making smoothies placed two smoothies down, one of which belonged to us and I quite naturally assumed the other one was from my order as well. Moments later, Ashanti yells "that wasn't your smoothie, next time you need to listen." I couldn't believe her tone and the way she spoke to us. I then asked-- how are you blaming the customer when clearly it's an honest mix up? Then Ashanti became rude and irate, and repeated herself nastily. My mother tried to deescalate the situation and said to her "well how much for the difference" Ashanti said "just leave and get out." The matter became intense and was very upsetting. Needless to say I will not support this business. I have never in years of purchasing from anywhere in the whole world received such disrespect and poor customer service.


Got a meal replacement smoothie, excellent service & very fast. However I think they should hire someone solely to wash blenders between smoothies. cause there was only two people working and i could tell they felt rushed by the way they were quickly cleaning a blender as i was waiting

Kelley Smith

I used to come here years ago and loved it. Went last week and things feel like they've gone severely down hill. Where to start...The Google menu is incorrect. They do not serve food, only smoothies so if you're going for lunch, go somewhere else.I asked staff when their website would be updated as it says "coming soon" and a staff member replied, "probably never, the owner hasn't done it in months even though we keep telling them."I ordered a smoothie from the menu with banana, peaches, mango and sherbet. All of the buckets of sherberts were sitting ON THE COUNTER, MELTING. They scooped liquid soup into my smoothie. Fruits were not much better, everything looked canned and in mush liquid. I was watching others being made as well, strawberries... everything was soupy and being served with ladles. Could there be a reason for this? I suppose. But I also was expecting a smoothie place to make everything with fresh fruit and ingredients. Nothing was fresh except MAYBE the bananas. My smoothie tasted terrible, I should've made my own at home.My guest had the menu smoothie with the coffee and said it tasted like water.So sad that years ago I remember this place being so good. Will not be back again.

E Mosk

Been here several times, I think it's best smoothie in southern westchester county! Lots of options as well with add-in options

Blaine Taft

The two employees who work during the day that I have met on Wednesday and Thursday have been awesome! Always polite quick and efficient. As far as the smoothies they are amazingly delicious! You will not be disappointed thanks guys!

Cat B.

Very disappointed today I was treated unfairly and indifferent I was told to pay for my drink before it was completed while another customer walked in while I was ordering and they started making his immediately I asked why he was not charged before completion and I was told he was a regular. And did not have to. Well I happen to be a regular also maybe not as frequent as him very disappointed great place but don't know if I return with that type of service. I was told that was the policy to pay before making the drink. I have never done that in the past.

Jordan Dutiger

Kind staff. Nice shop. Great smoothie. Big, Thick. Not watered down/ not filled with 90 percent banana like some places. You get what you pay for. Filled me up. Was looking for a smoothie to pickup omw from home in nanuet to school in Queens. Well worth it over the place i usually go too in new city. Will hopefully go again

Jordan Ochoa

Mainly good experience. Shakes are usually consistent. Quick service. Parking can be a nuisance.

Vanessa Jackson

Love love love this place, never ceases to amaze me ?

Guadalupe Carrillo

Do yourself a favor and try the Ironman smoothie. You’re welcome!?

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