Cold Stone Creamery

25 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains
(914) 220-0160

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Chef Z.

DO NOT GO TO THIS LOCATION IF YOU HAVE CHILDREN. Charged me over $8 for a small milk for my 1 yr old son. When your son runs out of milk and you say oh here's an ice cream store that makes shakes so they have gallons and gallons of milk. Maybe they will charge me something like $3 dollars for a little milk to stop a crying baby, not this place they charge over $8. I feel ripped off. Never again will I visit this chain or allow others in my presence. NOT CHILD FRIENDLY! Yours truly, A FATHER WHO FEELS THIS PLACE HAS ZERO COMPASSION FOR CHILDREN If an owner has any interest in investigating this it took place around 7:30 or 7:40 last night. I am the heavy set guy that got ripped off at your establishment if you have cameras. The more I think about it the more I think other franchisees should know of this maybe I'll post some other places as well so others don't get ripped off

Ashley H

This cold stone is so unprofessional, I just looked at my recipe and am more upset at the fact that they over charged me for toppings. I use to love this place but it's going down hill, I had an argument with an Asian employee who jumped into a covo with a shy lady who was serving me, she talked all over her, then proceeded to tell me that if I choose to get yellow and brown oreos it would be consider two different toppings, mind you it was never an issue before. So she wanted to charge me for 2 topping because of the color of oreos, then proceed to charge me for 4. I paid for 4 topping for 2 oreos, I wish I looked at my recipe and wasn't rushing home to my children. So at check out I told the lady I was working with that it is fine I'll pay for 2 extra toppings then nasty lady proceeded to push the lady who was helping me aside and continue with her harassment. Horrible and she needs to fix her attitude over oreos she don't own. You would think they took money out her pocket over different color oreos smh. I'm so mad, because the cost is not a problem it the inconsistency and rudeness.

Damian Kelly

Was here a while ago and was given a lot of attitude. The girl Ariana or Adriana was so rude and charged me extra for toppings but barely gave me any and didn’t mix well. Most of the workers just stood around doing nothing. The other girl Valentine just stood there looking stupid. Management should rethink who they hire. The Scarsdale one is better. Never coming back to this location.

Stephanie Stefanick

The ice cream and service were good, however for a $10 icecream they are quite cheap with the toppings. The location in Scarsdale is much more generous.

Alyssa Kaye

Kind of grossed out !!!! no one was wearing gloves and touching everything with their hands ?? I don’t know if they washed their hands or not

Gerry Burton

The last time I visited Cold Stone I picked up a cake for my wife birthday and It was fantastic. If you are looking for a delicious ice cream cake I highly recommend a Cold Stone Cake.

Christine Fox

One of my favorite spots to go to in the summer. Really good customer service at this location as well.

Danny Marji

They never put enough toppings or even mix it correctly. The one in Scarsdale is so much better then this location.

Julián López

PB cookie dough delight is the best ice cream I've had in my entire life. The texture and consistency is perfect. They put Reese's, cookie dough and PB cookie dough on it. Lush.

D L.

I've always loved Cold Stone and was excited to purchase an ice cream cake for my brother's upcoming birthday there. I went to check out the cakes this afternoon and the manager immediately started hovering over me suspiciously. I took a picture to share with my brother so he could select his cake. The manager got very defensive, told me I couldn't take a picture and could look up the information online, then demanded I delete it off my phone (while he stood over me to ensure it was deleted). Awful experience that made me feel like a criminal rather than a valued customer. I won't be returning to this location.

Jill U.

I really love cold stone. They are my to go to for ice cream chain creameries/restaurants. I've been here about 30 times and never had a issue. My most recent visit since the pandemic really left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Every other time I would easily give 5 star but the topping I selected (snickers). It tasted very weird. A after taste was left in my mouth. Since all of my many other experiences were positive I can say that last week was simply a off day.

Erik Soto

This place is one of the best I've cream shops in white plains. I love it here and I highly recommend to anyone who is craving some of fashioned I've cream or has a sweet tooth. Is of the wall.

Pablo Peralta

I love it!!! It is worth it the price definitely!!!

Milagro Gonzalez

I ordered my daughter a red velvet cake batter confetti cake for her 15th birthday and it was a hit. Everyone loved it so much they ALL asked where I got it from. I have to say it was so delicious I was praying we had some leftovers for lunch the next day.

Osaura Saunders

Cool place. Delicious food with a friendly staff

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