Ron Blacks Beer Hall

181 Mamaroneck Ave, White Plains
(914) 358-5811

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Madison Aldred

Service means everything and our waiter lacked in that department. He could not explain any of tye seasonal beers and was almost seemed bothered when I asked about them. After we got our first round he was MIA, eventually he came by and took a food order (20 min later) someone else brought our food. He never came and check in on us after we received our food and when we finally flagged him down for another drink order my husband asked for another round and he brought my husband and his friend a beer but mine was missing. He was quick to leave before I could ask for ranch and where my beer was. He must have went on break at that point because we didn't see him for another 30 min, at this point I've had a dry drink for 35 min, I needed ranch for my wings and boxes for food. The food was ok, over priced but maybe it was the horrible service that left a bad taste in my mouth. For spending well over $100 bucks I expect my beer to stay filled and to be checked on occasionally. We are not needed people but I like my beer. We will not be back, Wilfred ruined our experience.

Heather Bildman

We booked a private event at Ron Blacks the night before our wedding, and everyone had a great time! The bar even had cinnamon rims for the pumpkin beer, which is a favorite of mine. The staff was super sweet and very communicative, and there was lots of seating in their private event section which was ideal for our family members.

Bender JC

Good selection of beer and food.Too bad they don't allow dogs in outside seating. Good otherwise!

Lindsay W.

Best bar in town. I come on Thursday's for DJ with my friends and always have a blast. The staff is amazing and always remember what I drink. I would recommend this to anyone that would like a good night out with a big Selection of drinks.


Wasn't busy table wise but people at the bar were loud and annoying dropping the f bomb every other word. The food was ok but nothing to brag about. It was a Sunday at 6 pm. Not a place we would go back to

Tylor Burkett

Food was fine. Place looks great. Decent spot for some food, nothing to brag about. However, they have no idea how loud their speakers actually are. It's terrible and makes for a terrible experience. Don't go if they've for some DJ or trivia, etc. Leave if they do, otherwise enjoy trying to think while the power of excess audio blasts your ears to the point of destruction.

addie madden

My favorite place on Mamaroneck Ave in White Plains. The food is very good. The staff members are always so nice!


This place is a great place to go. Eat at The staff is always so friendly. The food is delicious and the decors as I say. Pretty cool. Love going here. Would go back here many times. Highly recommend this restaurant

michael shanker

Wednesday Night Jam /Open Mic ? w Gil P & Bernie Williams Great Music , Very Good Beer Selection and Friendly bartender s. Plenty of space to hear music or tuck away in the corner

Gina C.

Food was so good. The service wasn't that great that night but the food unbelievable. Little loud but it was overall good

Chris MacKenzie

Nice bar and pub place to go with a group or even a couple for a date. Lots beers on tap and bottled. Drinks and food was great


I love it ,I have lunch with my family and it was absolutely wonderful, the waiter was polite and very respectful highly recommended ?

Connor P.

My wife and I used Ron Blacks to host welcome drinks for our wedding on 4/22/22. The staff was very communicative and made the planning of the event very easy. We had our own section of the bar roped off, we decided not to go with a truly private area but we did have this option if we wanted. The space was perfect to host this type of event, we ended having around 100 people attend. The staff was great, they even let us extend the event by and extra two hours because everyone was having so much fun!

Karen Davern

I'm a fan of Ron Black's. I love the ambiance - very wooded and has a cozy feel. It's got cozy booths and long tables that accommodate groups. A bunch of us went recently for music bingo and had a ball singing our hearts out! Nice draft beer selection and full bar.There food is standard pub grub, nothing to write home about.

Yum I.

Been going here a few years and although the staff is generally consistently great, the food quality has gone down and the prices increased. They have redone the menu a few times and not for the better it seems like quality was traded for trendy. I just eat the food not make it but they fixed a problem I didn't think existed because their menu was always pretty solid. Guess its inflation but they're outta my budget now, the prices are insane.

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