130 W State St, Alliance
(330) 821-2952

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james emmons

I usually love it. But this trip I'm not happy. I got a Ruben sandwich. The bread wasn't toasted and there was very little dressing on it.


Decided to give the new limited time Wagyu Burger a try. Honestly, treating as a normal burger it’s just disappointing. Burnt, chewy, and lacking flavour in general for it.

Connie Burley

Decided to try Arby's today, haven't been there in a while. We ordered the beef and cheddar sandwiches. They were just made cuz they were too hot to eat. Tasted good for a change. We also got a chocolate shake. Yum

Samantha Mays

Always on their A game through the day. Food is ALWAYS hot then too! This is the place to get good food worth every buck.

Michael Marshall

Best fast food experience I have had in awhile was in for lunch today staff and management was awesome food was great

ADL (Drea)

Past couple of times I was not happy. The meat that use to be thinly sliced was kind of thick and the crinkle cut fries were cold and I added cheese and they charged me for it but didn't get it.

Jason Thompson

It was soo good I got roast beef and cheddar an a chocolate shake curly fries omg it was delicious the line so fast

Mike Fromm

Both fish were fresh everything spot on.white cheddar Mac is awesome.

Charlynn Loudiana

The crew today was awesome! I had a large order with multiple checks they not only had it ready for pickup but each bag was labeled and numbered to make it 10xs easier to ensure the right order got to the right person.

Casey Moore

So I went there today. No issues with the food. But the guy working the window was very odd with bad hygiene. His hair was greasy and really dirty finger nail. I took my stuff and change said have a nice day and he just looked at me with a blank stare…. This is the second time I had this experience with him.

Robin R Terrell

The cashier was very played and very helpful the place is very clean & bathrooms clean, I just hate going somewhere in the bathrooms are nasty I get some places are busy but still they have enough people they can send somebody in there to get them clean I mean Arby's did ☺️ Thank you Arby's

Rebecca Peters

Really nice girl at drive through window. I think her name was Nicole. Above and beyond most places anymore. Great fresh fries! Grandkids love their nuggets.

Lyn Schwarz

Arby's sandwiches are very good with plenty of roast beef or chicken. Unfortunately, I don't go there as much as I used to because they stopped offering potato cakes. I don't care for their fries or their curly fries so I don't order a meal. Bring the potato cakes back and I'll visit Arby's as much as I used to.

Zach Kingan

Arby's , I have to say, with their newer sleek building and hard working staff has got to be one of the better fast food locations in town. However , like so many that have seemed to switch primarily to drive thru service only, the lines are increasingly long, and sometimes a little unbearable as they reach completely around the entire building, leaving me to seek to end my hunger pangs elsewhere.

Aimie Thomas

My husband pulled into the drive through and apparently they say due to staffing shortages it’s a 45 minute wait for “fast food”. He was also told they have no roast beef…. Really? I mean really? Apparently you don’t have the meats!

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