825 E State St, Alliance
(330) 823-2652

Recent Reviews

Lisa Caraballo

Everyone who gets their pot pies check the bottom , It’s always smashed in so you get less filling..Everyone that I have gotten from there in the last two months the bottom of the aluminum pan is completely dented in

Kathy Graham

I got kfc last night, it was awful . the chicken was supposed to be the origional. it was very crisp and gooey in side like it had been setting for a while. and the gravy for mash wasnt the same either. s

Cheryl ann Dailey

Well did not like it. These chickens our so small everywhere. I did not care for it because you get no meat. Everything is fried .a bucket how long does the chicken sit there? Handicap parking not real clean. I'll buy own chicken and make it. But the Cole slaw and potatoes are good..

Christopher Fritz

Absolutely disgusting. So ghetto!!! Employee's eating at the drive thru. No hair nets or face covering coughing all over. I will never go back. This KFC is GHETTO!!!

teri hundley

They forget the biscuits almost everytime just ain't worth driving all the way back to the tell them I shouldn't have to anyways it should be right the first time

Erik Custar

There were very under staffed. And still killed it

Greg V.K

I love kfc but its just dont seem to be as good as it used to be. I could say the same about alot of other restaurants as well!!!

Belinda Richardson

Very accommodating for a senior population

Wendy Neugebauer

The restaurant was impeccably clean, the employees were quick and cheerful, and their food is delicious. No complaints.

Matthew Stohel

The food was alright but the custimer service was terrible.... two visits in a row they didn't put my meal sides in. Then when I bring it back they had attitude without apologizing. That's not $15 an hour quality of service.

malissa chamberlain

Good food and friendly staff

Gary Rowles II

Dream team of staff members making Alliance KFC finally at the top of their delicious game yet again.

Yoich Ngiraingas

Too much salt!!!!!!! The worst KFC I ever had. New crispy chicken and fries was so SALTY, I threw it out in the woods for the raccoons. Will never go to alliance ohio KFC ever. No pride or work quality at all.

seth busche

KFC makes great yard bird.....

Mary Houchins

There food is usually real good. I ordered 2 chicken sandwich meals, they were out of fries & the chicken sandwich was made with chicken tenders, not the regular chicken breast.

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