11700 Princeton Pike D - 3, Cincinnati
(513) 671-2942

Recent Reviews

Joe O'Brien

We love them! Drive up every weekend from downtown, they still don't know us but they make a mean cinmabun!

Becky S.

No icing. Didn't warm up cinnamon roll for us. The cinnamon roll was dry and lacked filling.

Michael Bryant

It was as fine, buns were good. Customer service was okay. Nothing to jump up and down about. Tri county mall is dead. They need to move some where more alive.

Kathy Monday

They have excellent hot chocolate.

Karen Johnson

This is by far the worst cinnabon we have been to. They jacked up the price to over $5 for one Cinnamon roll!! They are also served colder than usual and the owners I assume are cheap. Very little cinnamon and light cream cheese icing. They look smaller too. I dont mind paying the price if at least they load it up but they skimp on the important stuff.

Vuit Vui

You can't find as tasty cinnamon rolls anywhere else only at Cinnabon. It's unique taste can really make your day awesome. P.S I had the whole box in 1 go thats how good they are : D

Lilee N.

Came for a family pack ($20) and got a middle of the roll for myself. The storefront is near the middle mall entrance between Macy's and BJs. The box of mini Cinnabons I got to go were definitely not fresh as they were dry and couldn't really be enjoyed unless reheated for 1 minute or more. I suspect things would be more fresh if the mall wasn't on its last straw. Perhaps this storefront could move across the street to any one of the strip malls and have a better chance of survival. We were a family desperate for some Cinnabon so we came here. The Cinnabon's at Kings Island are definitely better and fresher but unless it's free admissions we aren't going there just for cinnamon rolls. The workers are super friendly and helpful. I think this place would get a better rating if it was at a different location and thriving (more foot traffic = more customers = more turnaround for product = more fresh Cinnabon). Unfortunately they are doing their best!

Darlene Mills

They so good I couldn't stop eating my cinnamon rolls

Makala Sharae

The bomb I love it ❤❤❤

Keshena Lall

The food is yummy , staff is professional . Excellent service. Highly recommended.

tracy workman

Delicious and fresh. Everyone behind the counter was so helpful and friendly

mrs Smith

Nothing like it used to be. Very disappointed. I could have made these from a can at home

Brandon Hooks

Absolutely amazing!!!! Always hot, fresh, and ready to eat

Kayla M.

This Cinnabon used to be my favorite spot when I was a kid going to the mall with my mom. They used to be fresh and warm and I loved the atmosphere. I hadn't been there in years but I recently went back to try it again. Upon realizing this Cinnabon had been managed by a new owner and team, I gave it a shot. This is the worst Cinnabon establishment to date. The atmosphere when walking to this Cinnabon is so negative, I felt like an inconvenience buying a Cinnabon even though I was the only customer. After tasting the Cinnabon, I realized it was cold and hard and I later got food poisoning from eating it. I love Cinnabon's but this made me never want to eat one again. Would not recommend this Cinnabon to anyone as the service is poor and the food is gross and will make you sick or nauseous.


Ehh... just so-so. Service was fine. Not necessarily rude not friendly either. My baked good (I cannot remember the name) was rock hard all along the outside. Price was very expensive for what it was -- especially considering I could only eat the center of it. On a good note, the delicious smell of the Cinnabon area lingered throughout a good bit of the mall. (Albeit, it was most likely the lingering smell that prompted my Cinnabon purchase... by the time I was leaving the mall, I couldn't help but to make a purchase.)

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