Dairy Queen (Treat)

11776 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati
(513) 671-6226

Recent Reviews

aimal Hassas

I had vanilla and a chocolate ice cream here which was not good. I will not recommend this place for those who want a good quality ice cream.

Christopher Cook

We got Sundays that were delicious soft serve ice cream with lots of hot fudge and Caramel. Made the kids very Happy!

Jim Lang

Order and went to pay.They would not take my $10 bill because it was ripped a little.NEVER GO TO THIS DAIRY QUEEN!

Dave Plessinger

A go to standard for soft serve.They stay open until 9:30, longer than most!

Mikah H

Make your own blizzards at home. A small blizzard is $4.99...a taste...not worth it

Rayvan Wells

I love Dairy Queen and the food there. I have had issues with certain situations, but the quality of their food is incredible and there are a few people there that are very sweet and thoughtful and are good at remembering you and it's great that they do the little extra things to show you they care.

Logan Lauch

No grilled chicken, nasty restaurant and bugs flying in dining room. Would not recommend ??

Michelle Hamilton

Always friendly & fast service! Always delicious!!

Robert M.

The cotton candy blizzard is fantastic and takes me back to my childhood and they serve it upside down and they are efficient but in need of some more staff also the prices are moderately fair.

Somebodys SomeKinda

This place is usually busy’ but always kind and makes the best treats!

KT Wxrld

They out of everything but chicken strips an ice cream the chicken strips was hard fried tasted old the lady doesn’t know good English I order a mint shake a got a regular shake with food coloring an it wasn’t made like the picture no whip cream nun I will never go back here again an it was my first time they shouldn’t even be in business

Atiya Rise

Dairy Queen offers blizzards and there are also other ice cream goodies. Prices start at about $4. I'm estimating (rounding up) and putting a little tax on it. $4 is a ballpark figure. The store's lighting is dim making it hard to see. Customer service is ok. You have to ask for lids, a cup carrier, napkins things like that when the Need is obvious. Morale seems low but I could be reading it wrong. No in-store dining is currently allowed which is understandable. No public restrooms from what I could tell.Dairy Queen (DQ) is located in Wimbelton shopping center, right by the expressway. The shopping center parking lot and surrounding area is in need of a good cleaning. A sweeping and a power wash. I'm not sure why people choose to Litter. I'm also not sure why it isn't cleaned up by property management, pronto. I'll visit this shopping area again only as a last resort. Don't allow this area to go down. Care about where you live, visit, work, and property you manage. Respectfully.

joseph sexton

I got in a pretty bad accident shortly after leaving there tonight. The cool thing was that my three year old didn't even cry. He said, aww man I spilled my milkshake. That is how great this place is. Thank you for what you guys do. We will be back as soon as I figure out our vehicle situation.

Kassie G.

I went to my local dairy queen. An i Ordered A peanut buster parfe For my dad.As he was eating he found a rock in it. An all they offered me was a new one which cost 5 dollars. An the management was not good at all. They picked up the phone an I told them what happened. Then they proceed to tell me "none of our food is by the floor" well they how the hell did that rock get there?? they blamed it on the company they get things form. I would like dairy queen to take there peaunt buster parfe an shove it up there butts. I will never be going there again an i encourage everyone else not to either!

Jonathan Doan

This is the dirtiest place I have ever been in. Tables and chairs stacked all over the garbage cans. The person behind the counter had dirtiest sweat shirt on. I had ordered a blizzard and it didn't have but a couple of candies in it and when I said something about it he was very rude and told me that was all he would put in it. There was a couple of workers in the back but they were playing on there phones. Will never go there ever again.

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