Fred & Gari's

629 Vine St, Cincinnati
(513) 784-9000

Recent Reviews

Mark Edsall

Decided to try this place out for a lazy hotel room lunch while we enjoyed a little staycation. Food was great. The crab salad was exceptional. The variety of sides was nice, and they were all good. We also had a delicious peanut butter chocolate chip cookie.The service was fast a super friendly. We will be back.

robin meredith

I worked just down the street when I was a teenager. 20ish years later I can't get there as much as I'd like but I recommend them to every downtown worker I know and make sure, on my rare weekdays off, that I make it to their place for lunch. It's an absolute gem.

Seloky Selokela

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Becky D.

It's no wonder that this place has a long history. This is what a sandwich shop is supposed to be. Sandwiches come with 2 sides. Vinegar dressed slaw was excellent. Loved the horseradish on my roast beef. Good food, reasonable price.

Cameron D.

This place freaking rocks! Great food, and some unexpected humor out of the staff to go with it.

Alistair K.

Popped in late lunch hour last week for the very first time to celebrate a friend of mine joining my company. It wasn't crowded when we went, but the downside was that at the end of their hours they were out of a few things. No big deal, I'll just have to drop in and try again later earlier in their lunch hours. Staff was very friendly, space had interesting art. Food was very good and reasonably priced. It was a worthwhile adventure and only about a block away from my office. The downside is there was no seating there so I had to come back to my work lunch room which, you know, means someone might come up and attempt small talk or something.

Tom Dorger

Great place. Everything is good, may have the best pizza in town!

Melodie Dalton Walters

I met Fred and Gari when they first opened their pizza place. It is so much more than the best pizza ever, in my humble opinion. The food is delicious, the menu is varied. If food could be described as clean or dirty, the food here is very clean and the flavors are amazing. Fred & Gari's has my highest possible recommendation. Always.

Jeff G.

This place is amazing! I cant believe it has been downtown for over three decades and I didn't know about it. It's probably because it's lunch only and carry out only. I'm glad I found it. I found it doing a Yelp search for Italian Hoagie. I was craving one and they crushed it. The place is dated but clean and the employees were fun and friendly. The owner was working the kitchen. He was very proud of their history there and was happy to share it with me because I told them I was a newbie. So I chowed down on my free oatmeal butterscotch cookie they gave me for being a rookie, while he told me the story. They have a great menu with sandwiches, salads, soups, and pizza. They won "Best Pizza in Cincinnati" in 2011. I teased the owner and asked "how do you get back to that glory? That was 10 years ago". They laughed and said all of their business is word of mouth. They don't advertise anymore. When I got my Italian hoagie, it smelled so good I jumped in my truck and ate it right out front of the restaurant. It was probably one of the best I have ever had. Fresh baked bread, good mix of Italian meats, and provolone melted to perfection. I enjoyed it so much I wanted to get another but i was stuffed. Places like this are the gems of the city. They need our support. I will definitely be a regular here.

Suzanne T.

Delicious hot sandwiches. Got the special today and it was great. Will become a regular stop when working downtown. You get two small sides with the sandwich, I selected greek pasta and fruit. Fruit salad is mostly apples but still good, just I would avoid if apples aren't your jam.

H Hosier

Fred and Gari's is a fabulous lunch spot.Wonderfully crafted and delicious pizza as well as other food items.Not to mention the very personable and friendly service that we received here.Just be aware that there is no seating and check the hours so you aren't disappointed you missed it!

clinton oxendine

I live across the street and finally made an effort to make it over here before the place closes. I usually don’t eat much before like 4pm but I’ll say it was worth it.The guys are pretty cool and the customer service was great, I got a 12” pizza with pepperoni and bacon and it was delicious.Definitely will be back if I can ever drag myself over there before 1:30pm lol

David G.

Amazing! Don't miss this place. Got the Turkey Club, with marinated vegetables and coleslaw. Everything was very fresh and it was only $8.25. And they gave me a free cookie because it was my first time there!

Agnes H.

Lived in downtown for 2 years, finally got to check out Fred and Gari's. (I live a very poor diet and never eat lunch) I called ahead to place an order because I know the hot sandwiches take some time to cook (thanks Yelp!). I got the hot Italian and a side of Greek pasta and mac salad (don't judge me). The sandwich was good, it was hot and fresh when I picked it up. The staff there were all really nice (it gives you that old timey feel where they treat everyone like their friends and family, not just a customer). I enjoyed my lunch and would definitely go back!

Patty K.

So good! In town for a quick trip and needed a place we could walk to from our hotel. The warm Italian with Greek pasta.... delicious. Warm crusty bread- melted cheese-quality deli meat. My free cookie was the oatmeal butterscotch and it was on point! Be sure to bring cash to tip-their card machine doesn't let you add one. Will definitely be back!

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