K&J Seafood

2516 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati
(513) 873-8727

Recent Reviews

Chelsea Heather Mae

Absolutely amazing! The owners and staff all great food beyond great. I don’t mind the wait just call your order in especially now that they are busier than normal.

Emma Dewberry

Wow this place is awesome I got their Crab Boil and extra Jumbo Shrimp. Everything was awesome but I must say that it is a little pricey for the amount food that I got. But I would recommend this place and the people was very polite.

Cici B.

First off, very friendly service! Second the food was great. They gave so much shrimp and not small shrimp... but pretty large in the broil. The crab legs were also good, I wish there was a second cluster... seasoning was on point! I'll be back for sure!

Kristina Sherman

I highly recommend eating here, I placed my order online and it was ready sooner than expected. The customer service is excellent and the staff is very friendly. I enjoyed every single bite of the food, the flavor and seasoning was on point! Check this place out, you will not be disappointed

MrsChunky D.

Food was amazing Perfectly seasoned I have yet to be disappointed The wait was worth it.

Britiana Smith

I have ordered this through doordash multiple times. My boyfriend and I love seafood and use to go to cincy crab all the time but after trying this for the first time we have not gone back since! We had to do Joe's one night because K&J was closed it was so bad we said never again and if K&J is closed we just won't eat seafood that night! This place is amazing, we just did the family size tonight for the first time and for 3 of us it was so much food that we still have some left for tomorrow! Highly recommended!!

Crystal Foster

Very kind staff and the food is AMAZING! You do have to wait for a little but you are guaranteed a fresh boil every time.

elizabeth stanton

I ordered the buckeye basket and a side of corn. I thought I'd try apiece of shrimp in the car before I pulled off to taste it before I got home. It was so good I ended up eating my whole meal in the car!!! The food is fresh and hot. The fries were crispy and the shrimp had great flavor with the "Mt. Adams" sauce. I also ordered a mixed lemonade it was also refreshing and tasty!!!

Elizabeth S.

Great food. I had the buckeye basket and it was delicious! I also had a side of corn it it was hot and juicy. I order a lemonade as well and it was sweet and very flavorful. I will be back to try more menu items

Michael A.

Late review. The food was excellent I had the Taco's and the Seafood fries and both were excellent! The Taco was the best and I will be coming back for more! I do recommend ordering ahead but you won't be disappointed.

Mike F.

It doesn't look like much when you walk past it is a true definition of a hole in the wall. Carry out only but it is phenomenal. Highly recommend you order online if you don't wanna wait(10-15 min) very popular place at dinner. We were craving seafood and stumbled across this place. We had the classic sauce which was just the right mix of garlic butter and Old bay. Sausage, red potatoes and shrimp are staples of all the boiL options. We had 2 dinners crawfish and snow crab. An added plus 1/2 of a star would be to have some type of bread option. They have poeboy buns but they are by request and extra.

Ashley Green

I loooove seafood so I was very happy to hear this place opened up. I had the seafood fries and they are the bomb! It has a tasty cheese sauce, crab, shrimp and bacon. Omg I loved it! If you want more sauce or seafood it’s extra but well worth it. I was full just eating half of it!

Angelique Jenkins

Good food they are always nice. Did I forget to say good food 1

Sk C.

Service takes forever and a day. I suggest ordering ahead of time, giving it an hour and then going so you don't have to wait while you're there, but the food is DELICIOUS!

Dani W.

The Food is GOOD! I usually order the 1/2 LB crab boil. I love that the portion is a good size for the price. The butter sauce is really good, the Cajun is HOT. And I like hot, but it's HOT HOT! I wish they would switch their containers because they just cannot hold all of the food & butter sauce. It ends up in the bag by the time you get home. They charge an extra $1 if you want to put it in the bag. Which, to me is ridiculous. If I forfeit the container, just give me the bag at no extra cost, OR just put them in a bag to begin with. I think the containers are for the esthetic purpose. (Pretty pics). The workers are typically friendly although, I did notice if they recognize your face, they do tend to treat those customers a little different than the ppl they may not recognize. I barely got a greeting (before spending $70 on 2 meals) but the 3 patrons who walked in after got all the treatment. Yet, I've been there on a many occasions. So, my advice...treat EVERYONE the same. Especially if their spending their hard earned money on something that's not cheap. Overall, really good food. Love that it's black owned. I will go back for the food but I think I'll take a little break for them to get the backend together first.

Loraine L.

I have tried seafood boils but this was the best so far! A hole in the wall place - take out only - but worth the drive!!! Portions are huge ! I ate less than 1/3 of what i ordered

Marisa M.

Picked up the crab boil to share with someone (1 lb), and it was delicious!!! Sooooo good. There's no place to eat in here so just call ahead and order for pick up! I wouldn't recommend ordering on Grubhub because they charged me an extra $10, even though I just ordered for pick up and not delivery. I would just call the restaurant directly. This food was perfectly seasoned-highly recommend!

Asia B.

My food was great. Was seasoned to perfection. It was definitely worth the wait. I'll be back very soon.

Jess Simpson

Crab boil is the best I've had. Best seasoned crab legs I've had in Cincy. We eat here at least once a week.?

Neha Garg

Came here for black restaurant week... I had the Buckeye basket. It was so good! Very satisfying and filling. If you're craving shrimp and fries I would definitely recommend it!


I was recommended here by a client from Baltimore. I'm from Florida. We know good seafood. THIS IS THE BEST FOOD IN CINCINNATI. no comparison. Everything was cooked perfectly and seasoned perfectly. I am soooooo happy to finally have some awesome seafood here!!! We ordered the crab boil, seafood fries, gumbo, and shrimp and grits. We ordered on the phone and picked it up 20 minutes later. My husband said the ladies were so friendly and he's leaving me for all 3 of them. I couldn't be mad though! Lol. We will be back early and often! Thank you k&j !

Scott Joslin

This was our first visit..Wow. Food was fantastic. We got the crab boil. And had plenty of leftovers. Connie and Charles...we will definitely be back.

Kristin Greene

The food is good, but I'd call an hour & a half before you want your food. The wait is RIDICULOUS!! I've already waited an hour, and I'm still waiting .... ?

DirtyLive513Promo Sinclair

Awesome. The best in Cincinnati hands down. Its worth the money.

Robbin DeArmond

Just received my order about half an hour ago and it’s okay. Got the shrimp and grits. It was three shrimps and a lot of grits so I️ felt like I️ was rationing lol but I️ never had it before so maybe that’s how it’s made. There was a lot of sausage and bacon which I️ didn’t like much either but it wasn’t too bad it just was overwhelming.

Queen Tee

Amazinggg!! This is my favorite comfort food. I wish the hours were longer.

Jayia B.

I order k&j seafood First time trying it It was delicious Crab boil I add extra crab leg ,eggs , sausage and potato

Pokey B.

Excellent seafood boil to go. The food was wonderful. It is nice to get properly boiled seafood in a quick and easy manner!

Brandon C.

Pretty good Cajun styled seafood. The only knocks are that you can't dine in, and that the prices are a little steep imo for what it is, but the food is absolutely delicious. So, take that with a grain of salt.

Anthony Summers

This place never fails you! I would say this is the best seafood place in Ohio! The most friendliest, nicest people ever! Food always taste amazing! Can’t wait until they expand into a sit in restaurant!

Missy Burgess

Excellent seafood. Very nice people

robin davis jr

Food was good and a good price on it i will be here on the regular

Jasmine Grafinreed

Love it great food and great service

Marion J.

I supported this business because it is black owned. I ordered a 1/2 lb crab boil. When I received the order I was disappointed that it didn't come in a plastic bag instead a styrofoam container. No gloves or moist towelettes. The shrimp was NOT cooked all the way and very crunchy. This was beneath my expectations of what I have heard about the business. Please listen to these and make necessary adjustments. I really want to support my people. Don't cut corners

Vernancha Sands

The best seafood place ever love it. The people there are so respectful and nice

Bob T.

Outstanding been back twice and maybe back by the end of the week love love the fact that they offer the beef & turkey sausage as a option...love seeing that it is a Black owned business keep up the good cuisine

Tiffany Lewis

Got the Crab Boil w/ Crawfish added Cajun Garlic Style... Mmm Mmm Good!!

Stacy Anderson

I arrived at 720 pm today only to be told they were closed and the sign says they close at 8. I will not come back to this establishment. Customer service is poor. The girls behind the counter had a serious attitude. Wouldnt recommend this restaurant

Niah Hunter

I loved it, n will be back really soon

Derrick Miller

Dam good seafood... The employees are very nice. Looks like I've found my new seafood place.