K&J Seafood

2516 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati
(513) 873-8727

Recent Reviews

Vernancha Sands

The best seafood place ever love it. The people there are so respectful and nice

Tiffany Lewis

Got the Crab Boil w/ Crawfish added Cajun Garlic Style... Mmm Mmm Good!!

Stacy Anderson

I arrived at 720 pm today only to be told they were closed and the sign says they close at 8. I will not come back to this establishment. Customer service is poor. The girls behind the counter had a serious attitude. Wouldnt recommend this restaurant

Niah Hunter

I loved it, n will be back really soon

Derrick Miller

Dam good seafood... The employees are very nice. Looks like I've found my new seafood place.

Torian Strickland

Had the seafood fries with extra seafood. Just a Lil on the salty side but still absolutely 🔥

Rhonda Towns

This food was amazing! I was looking for a crab broil just like this in Cincinnati and finally found one.

Elizabeth Crumpton

I went there a few months ago and the food and sauce was on point! My issues was with the portions . I didn’t want shrimps, I asked for more crab instead, I received more sausage and corn! I was so disappointed once I looked under the crab legs! I paid 28.00$ for one pound of crab legs I could have brought two pounds of crab legs and cooked them myself!

Regina Shields

Food was good but customer service is lacking as well as the portion they serve you. They were skippy with the corn

Chantel Hayes

Food is AMAZING!!! Great customer service I am now a customer for life

Tameka F.

If you have not tried this place, TRY THIS PLACE!!!! yum yum and more yum. the only thing the owner needs is a different takeout container. the Styrofoam containers DO NOT contain the juice and I needs all parts of the juice. :):):):)

Made You Look Promotions

Delicious food I loved it great service

Kariss sutton

Excellent food, will be back.👍 👌 💪

PersonaT VGaming

This is amazing they even got shrimp and grits....people up here dont even know how great that combo is dont take long for yo food either its great love the food from here

MyBody Snatcher

Fast service

Leah S.

Judging by the reviews I was nervous, but this place is clearly hit or miss and my order was knocked out of the park. I ordered through Grubhub and since most of the bad reviews are service related I may continue that in the future. Had the Seafood fries (delicious, but a little salty. I sprung $3 for extra crab and they did not disappoint), Crab Boil (totally thought I was in the Northeast, soooooo good) and the Shrimp and Grits (HUGE portion and husband said it was excellent which is a word he rarely uses). I didn't think this was too expensive either ($66 before tax). I will definitely return!

Bfancy Hampton-Dufau

Food was delicious..size portions...enough for 3 meals..please don't change a thing..

Jennifer Stone

Butter is a bit heavy but nice seafood boil

Rob P.

My meal was actually very good. The sauce set it off. I got a 1/2 lb of crab and 1/2 lb of shrimp with the Cajun sauce. That sauce made the entire thing! The crawfish were a bit freezer burnt but the crabs were perfect. The service was okay but the location didn't seem as clean as I'd prefer. Especially know that they haven't been open too long. The ladies who waited on me were very nice and ensured they showed me my meal before I left so I would be satisfied. I'll be back again. Maybe i caught them on a bad day with the crawfish and cleanliness.

Candice L.

Y'all know I love to support a Black owned business, right? When my girl and I got a craving for seafood recently, I knew this would be the perfect time to try K&J Seafood. I had heard great things and wanted to check them out for myself. Having read up on the restaurant beforehand, I knew that they don't offer in house dining/table service, so I knew I had to take it to go. I will say that it was a bit frustrating trying to find parking near the restaurant, and I circled the block multiple times before doing so. I certainly can't blame the traffic/lack of parking on the establishment, but it would be helpful if they offered call ahead orders. As it was, I spent nearly 20 min trying to park then had to wait in line and place my order and wait another 25 min or so for my food. Everything was made to order, so I was fine with the wait, but imagine if I had been able to call it in, now my 45 minute ordeal would have been cut nearly in half. I believe one of the owners was taking orders an you can see everything being prepared/how hard they are working back there to give each patron quality meals. The owner maintained a smile on her face and was very pleasant in each interaction I witnessed. We each got a crab boil which comes with crab legs, corn on the cob, boiled egg, potatoes, and sausage (either beef or turkey, so no pork for those that are concerned!). We had our orders prepared in the Cajun garlic butter and it was delicious. The portion sizes are very generous and worth the money and wait. We also tried an order of the seafood fries (I had to fight the urge to go back and order more the next day, they were so good) and flavored lemonade. I hope this venture stays successful for these ladies, hopefully branching out to in house dining and expanding hours in their future. As it stands with their current hours I can only go when I have a weekday off, but I plan to make a point to revisit soon when my schedule allows!


The food was excellent, the lady taking order was super nice and sweet. They work well as a group, the food was the boommmmmm hunny. My kids love seafood and they smashed. We will be back trust and believe that. We got 1lb of the seafood Cajun boil and seafood fries.

Kevin Tomczyk

Feels like they don't even want your business. Ignore guests, hang up on you, overpriced, unhygienic practices from cashiers. A real shame.

ntrue22 .

The food was excellent, the lady taking order was super nice and sweet. They work well as a group, the food was the boommmmmm hunny. My kids love seafood and they smashed. We will be back trust and believe that. We got 1lb of the seafood Cajun boil and seafood fries.

Kevin T.

Ignored guests in restaurant and hung up over the phone. Couldn't even order because the cashier allowed at least FOUR people to CUT ME IN LINE. When I finally got acknowledged as a guest, they waited for me to order to tell me the wait time IS AN HOUR. Way too long long to wait for terrible and disrespectful service. As a new restaurant, you won't last continuing to treats customers as you do currently.

Tamika Douglas


Ashalle Bell

Shrimp and grits to die for

Carmen B.

I have eaten the crab boil and the seafood fries, both were excellent. There are not too many restaurants in the Cincinnati area that cooks seafood well. The people at K & J seafood know how to season their seafood. I have never had a bad experience.

linda jenkins

I so glad about K&Js. The seafood is so good there. I go at least twice a month .or more. Keep doing what yell do. Ms. Johnnie.

Pat Hunley

Excellent.... great menu items. Fresh hot food with just the right amount of seasonings

Ashley Johnson

The food is yummy. Those seafood fries and shrimp are bangin!!!! I have been 3 times so far. I cant wait to go back and enjoy some other things on the menu. Be prepared to wait but it's worth the wait, since everything is made fresh to order. Keep up the good work ladies!!

Nateasia Thomas

I'll definitely be back. Ladies you are awesome and welcoming..the food is amazing, seasoned so well and the peach drink..sooo good. I enjoyed my meal today

Amira Righi

Just tried this place today and had a great experience! The people are friendly and the food was really good and well seasoned.

Mira R.

I had the fries and seafood taco's. Both were great and very flavorful! Staff was very friendly

Jennifer S.

AMAZING!!! The wait was long but it was the opening weekend when we first visited. I've been back since and they have improved their process so we were very pleased. Best seafood in Cincinnati!!! Heading back up there tomorrow!

Dame F.

everything was fire skrimp lobster all good ... best food in cincy so glad they opened up! i have been waiting on this

Vawn A.

I ordered a seafood fry. The fries was wilted and the sauce on the fries had no flavor. I expected the fries to be covered in lobster, shrimp, crab, etc. but it wasn't. It was just bland cheese sauce and fries and two shrimp with bacon (which I specifically said no bacon). That was $12! For that flavorless fry. The peach tea however was good... it was $3 smdh. But whatever. I just will not be returning. I can't honestly believe they have a nice following. They need my mama up in that kitchen. They are black owned so I still hope they prosper but can y'all actually add flavor. I kept trying to eat it but I just couldn't. My broke friend ended up eating my food, He's mikey tho so he'll eat anything.

Eddie Bryant

I placed a order and they said it was an hour wait and I waited that hour+ for them not to even put the order in.service is trash...I tried to support a black owned business only to get nothin literally.I will never go back.time wasted Cincy Crab here I come

Ntozake Shange Hughes

The Shrimp and crab Fries, is everything! Love them. I also tried the crab boil with the lemon garlic butter which was delicious as well . Order and you won’t be disappointed. Excellent job Keyona and Joy two thumbs up! ��