Montgomery Inn The Original

9440 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati
(513) 791-3482

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Rebecca Stettin

Ate here after a rehearsal dinner for a wedding I was in. The food was absolutely amazing. Our wait staff was super helpful and fun. We had a blast while enjoying a delicious meal of barbecue.

Mike F.

You want too eat food that was cooked days ago? Come here. Nasty as shit. Very popular in Cincinnati, the land of uninspired lame asses. They should stick to making sauce. Their bbq is the worst in cincinnati, despite endless corporate propaganda espousing differently. All the supposed Best of Cincy, Montgomery Inn, Skyline, Larosas, toilet food. If you like paying good money for pure shit, come on down!

Willow Creek

We had dinner at Montgomery Inn, made reservations in advance noting we were celebrating a birthday. Never was our birthday surprise acknowledged. Once seated, the evening went DOWNHILL. Our waitress was obviously in a bad mood and was not tentative to service at all. Never checked on our table to see if we were ok. Actually the waitress was argumentative when we brought something to her attention. Our silverware was dirty when unwrapped from the napkin. When food arrived, butter for bread and baked potatoes was frozen making it difficult to use and made a cool potato cold. We ordered dessert receiving new silverware and again another dirty set.Very disappointed in our dinner. We loved Montgomery Inn in the past, but between the service and food quality this restaurant will be off the list.

Jillian Drexler

10/24/20...My fiance picked us up some dinner from here. He'd won a gift card in a raffle at work over 2 yrs ago & he finally decided to redeem it. I got the ribs appetizer & the onion straws & he got the BBQ chicken sandwich w/mac & cheese. The ribs were the best I've EVER had. Delish! My fiance loved his sandwich & the mac & cheese. My fiance hadn't eaten here in years & this was my first time eating here. We both agreed we'll order from here again in the future.

John Cordes

Absolutely excellent great atmosphere great food wonderful service

Brandi K.

I really wish that this meal would've been great! We are brand new to the area, and thought we would try out Montgomery Inn. Now we wish we wouldn't have. Everything that was brought to the table tasted horrible & processed. First let me start with the ribs, yeah they fell off the bone but they fell off all together into one tough and dry piece. These are literally the worst ribs we have ever had. Next, let me talk about the Mac and cheese. It came out lukewarm. It was obviously a frozen Mac and cheese they popped into the microwave. It literally tasted like chemicals! The filet was horrible, and over seasoned. The desserts tasted stale, and they were definitely not house made or fresh. Save your money and go down the street to Stone Creek, their ribs are much better! Just to mention, we barley ate any of our meal and we both felt sick to our stomachs for 3 days. Our server even noticed we didn't eat much of our meal, and did not ask if we enjoyed it.... horrible.

Deborah Bryan

This was my first and last time to this Restaurant. We had ordered onion straws because the 2 friends I had come with had have to get the onion straws. I had topped my ribs with the onion straws. I had eaten only a few bites of my potato and ribs.. then the next bite, I ate an onion straw and then pulled it out of my mouth and there was a hair attached to the onion straw-the onion straw was hanging off the hair- My friend across from me saw it come out of my mouth and I put it down under the table until the waiter came back-It always turns my stomach to the point that I cannot eat after that. It makes me I ask them to take the food away and ask for a sprite and crackers-was very sick to my stomach.. the manager came by to ask where was the hair-and she didnt say she was sorry.. but that they could make me more food. I told her that is fine but not sure I could even eat it at home.. then the waiter brought me food to take home and then proceeded to give me a bill. I told him that he could take the bill and take the food back with him-I wasn't sure I could even eat this food. why would I pay for it.. so he took the bill back and said sorry. ON the way home I and the others felt that we all thought that she thought I made this up. or put my hair in there. I was so excited about going tonight and never thought I would pull a hair out of my mouth. I feel I was not treated right. and for this.. this was a first and last time I will ever go... I always hear from other people how good this Restaurant is.. well they can have it. Debbie

Benjamin Sharp

Fantastic live music while I enjoyed some delicious ribs. Can't go wrong with Montgomery Inn.

Amber Thomas

We had booked a reservation for 2 to celebrate our wedding anniversary, my birthday and my third year cancer free. We were excited to try a new location (for us) of a restaurant we already knew and loved. The food and service was good but I was disappointed that we were seated in the bar, in the booth right next to the kitchen. What was supposed to be a nicer experience was loud, busy (kitchen traffic), multiple TVs playing sports and pretty much just a bar experience. If we return it will definitely be to their riverside location.

Melody M.

I feel like a 1 star review isn't an honest review because this place doesn't deserve any stars for the following reasons (listed in order of appearance tonight):-The tables were not spaced six feet apart. If I wanted to, I could have reached my arms out and touched the people at the table next to and behind me.-The table was not thoroughly sanitized - it still had crumbs on it when we were seated.-When we asked the waiter to sanitize the table, he didn't apologize, and snatched the table settings off without saying a word.-The person instructed to sanitize our table only sprayed and wiped half the table. (Why not have tried harder or just seated us at another table? Half the restaurant was empty anyway, which brings me back to point number one of lack of 6-foot-spacing...)-The Mac and cheese SUCKED. This was my first time trying Montgomery Inn Mac and cheese, but I had a craving, so I went for it. Needless to say, it did not make the cut for my to-go box.-While exiting the restaurant - while wearing masks - we noticed a strong smell of natural gas. When we alerted two employees, they dismissed it as coming from the heater in the hallway that "burps sometimes." Umm...what??I sincerely hope someone from the health department, or just someone in general that can do something to make a difference at this restaurant sees this.

Max K.

I love me some Montgomery Inn ribs. Food 3/5Ribs were fine, a little dry but still mostly fall off the bone, and everything was more lukewarm than piping hot. Experience -10/5 No social distancing or table spacing whatsoever, and they had multiple sections of the restaurant close/unused with tables next to each other in the room that was being used. Not only that, our table was dirty and the server gave us an attitude about wiping it - folks, that's not acceptable in pre-COVID times let alone when a higher standard of cleanliness is demanded.

Thomas Stephenson Sr

My first time to the Montgomery Inn. I have heard a lot about this place and it's reputation for awesome ribs proceeded my trip there. I got the pick 2 dinner and decided to try both types of ribs they offered. The original recipe ribs were better than the St Louis style spare ribs,. But both in my opinion were nothing to justify the Hype about this place. If you want outstanding ribs in South-West Ohio, do your a favor and go to Bullwinkle's in Miamisburg Ohio. You won't be disappointed.

Will Mackie

This place has gone down hill. I made reservations to ensure prompt seating as offered on the website:"In-House Dining: Tuesday- Friday 4-9PM, Saturday & Sunday: 3-9PM. Reservations, please click here: Reserve a Table"When we arrived the hostess couldn't have been more rude. She said the wait would be 20 minutes. I said we had reservations and there shouldn't be a wait. She replied with the statement "we don't take reservations its call ahead seating". What? Your website clearly offers it as "reservations".The quality of the food is not worth the price tag. I've had better BBQ from food trucks. The ribs tasted like they had been cooked a day prior and then microwaved before serving. Our bill for 5, including 2 kid meals and 3 desserts was $150.Cleanliness-wise, the back entrance had an unclean smell. There was BBQ splattered on the wall next to our table. The carpet was dirty. We were sat next to the kitchen and silverware operation so all we heard was clanging dishes and couldn't hear ourselves talk.Pretty confident I could have had a better meal for half the cost elsewhere. Sad because this place used to be a great dining experience with quality food.

Lucy Dion

Great food.. Due to the CoVID scare we did carry-out. They were very stingy with the sauce, got half our order wrong, had to stop at Kroger to purchase their signature sauce and just ate what they gave us, because then drive back was too long. Birthday dinner very memorable.

James Aldrin

Waited to be sat forever! Finally sit down and order an appetizer and ask for bread. They are no longer serving bread for some reason. The food was mediocre and the only thing good was our waitress was really friendly and attentive. Used to be great!!

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