Ninja Grill Japanese & Hibachi Express

229 W McMillan St, Cincinnati
(513) 621-1999

Recent Reviews

Amir N.

You put together a hibachi meal "chipotle style" here. We ordered chicken and fried tofu: 1) chicken was dry and day old. Tofu was deep fried and tasted of old over-fried oil. 2) fried rice: very bland and not tasty. 3) vegetables: very meager/small amount of veggies relative to the large amount of rice. 4) crab Rangoon: over 98% cream cheese with a few tiny specs of crab Overall, we threw out 1 dish (the tofu dish) entirely. The other we picked through and ate the few meager vegetables and a few pieces of dried chicken. There are far better places in Clifton to dine, we will not be going back.

McKenna W.

Ninja Grill is by far the best hibachi grill food I've ever had and the prices make it affordable enough to eat there weekly!

Amanda Pace

I can't even begin to describe my love for this restaurant. This is my favorite food in Cincinnati. I love it and I'm glad they are back open! Happy to see them at the mall soon as well.

Chris H.

It's disappointing ordering from this place. All three times I've ordered from this place they have been super backed up. Waited an hour both times I ordered in person and then the nice cashier told me to order online next time so I wouldn't have to wait.. I got there 10 minutes after my time my food was supposed to ready and had to wait 20 minutes. I just can't win with ordering. It's still excellent food if you have time to wait

Lena Gentry

So I place an order with yall because I really like the food the first time i ever had it. But this time I'm very disappointed I order chicken with lo mein noodles. The noodles was very over cooked and it made the whole meal unsatisfying!!!! Not to mention I had to wait 40 freaking minutes for it!!!!!

Shayene Gardner

After taking several Bites I found what seem to be small rock pebbled or metal shavings. I called to explain the matter but was offered a 5 dollar credit otherwise I have to drive all the way back down to Clifton in order to receive full refund. It was a bad experience but it seem they didn’t seem to care l. My second issue is the cleanliness of the prep around the food. How did metal shavings/rock pebbles get into our food. I will not be eating there anymore and take it as a loss. They should be more diligent to their customers food and more understanding. The manager didn’t seem to care and I even told him I will be putting a bad review and he didn’t seem to care. CUSTOMERS!!!! Please be aware of this kind of attitude with this organization. Ask yourself do you really want people at Ninja Grill handling your food with this attitude.

Richard Barrow

I simply enjoyed their food. I always get good service here. The place is neat and the employees are always friendly. Will come visit again.

Alexander Brown

This restaurant is definitely one of the most attractive place to eat in the neighborhood. Anytime I go there I am awfully glad. They manage their very high level service and the topmost level of cooking they serve. You definitely will enjoy this this place. Highly recommended.

Gary Gardner

We arrived at this restaurant for lunch. my friend recommended this spot. Well, it was a winning. The staff were very polite and we had a fantastic feeling. The food was just great. We had a great time and we will visit this place again. we highly recommend this place.

Sonny H

The meals and service were above our expectations. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of this spot. Extraordinary spot to take the family out for lunch.

Takara M

I don't live in Cincinnati but everytime I go I always get Ninja Grill!!!!

Keith Bemerer

My coworkers have been talking this up for weeks and decided to


Lunch with my 8 yr old daughter was awesome here. Until she saw that her crab was imitation I asked her what did she expect for that price to which she replied "I don't know crab? " ?? I still give it a 5

Greg Mcgruder

Very good food but it takes some time, try to order online before.

Bambi R.

crab rangoon is the cheapest around and tastes the best! also make sure you get lots of yum yum for that hibachi box boiiiii

Monica K

Excellent. Please open on in west Chester, Liberty Township of Tri-County area.

Theresa Patterson

I had an amazing time at this spot. We enjoyed the first-rate vibes and the menu. The waiters are very friendly. I’m happy we finally managed to try this restaurant.

John Benedict

I often take my friends to this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I visit this place often. This recommendation is always successful. The the food there is tasty and the stuff is attentive and cooperative. always when we go to this place we enjoy a pleasant time. highly recommended.

Anna-Jessie T.

Ninja Grill's takeout hibachi is a tasty and enormously generous lunch or dinner. One hibachi bowl with two kinds of protein is enough for my boyfriend and I to split with plenty leftover for later. Also - best yum yum sauce in Clifton.

Mostylez ent

Was surprised it was pretty freaking good eat it all


The food is great. They have a good system: they make you fill a form where you select your vegetables, your proteins, sauces...

Chaz-Love Barnes

The food was excellent!!!!!!

Danielle Mayes

My first time at Ninja Grill and it was good. I would definitely go back.

Ryan Springs

Busy place, the wait was long!! but service was awesome and the food is delicious worth the wait. Got mines to go...

Neha M.

The food is good so they're super busy. But they're taking advantage of the demand and making people wait for HOURS cz they take too many orders at once. They work super hard of course to meet the orders but are you ready to wait for hours for a cheap bowl of Japanese stir fry??


Food wasnt bad, service was terrible

Larry Jones

Quick, reasonably priced, tast

Jack McManus

Food was good and there are good options for personalizing your meal

Jefferson Thomas

Meh... It was over hyped... I was expecting some amazing "Chipotle" styled hibachi like Piada (Italian) or even Fusian (Sushi/Poke) but low and behold I was let down. The food was good, minus some questionable tofu and egg cooking styles but other than that very great taste. The hibachi was nicely sauced to season (not to drench drink it lol); the crab ragoons, I must admit, are in my top 5 best ragoons ever; the spring rolls, although pretty petite, had a nice flavor and an excellent fried crunch (or baked... IDK how they're cooked) vs others I've had where they're either soggy or too crunchy. I would go back but I wouldn't take an 1.5 hour trip to have it... Maybe when I'm in town again.

John Wood

Great food you can order online make it easy and convenient

Benjamin Bass

Great hibachi style food fast and much cheaper than the other chain restaurants.

Simon Knox

Awesome food! Reminds me of a place i eat at in my hometown.

Mike Klems

Great food for the price. Great change from standard fast food. Highly recommend.

Sierra K.

The wait was longer than expected, so I can definitely see the benefit to ordering online. The inside of this place seems a bit dirty and dingy. You'll leave there smelling like oil. The food itself is pretty good. The portions are big and I recommend sharing. It's affordable and they seem to give you a decent amount of meat and veggies. I think it could use extra sauce - my meal was pretty dry. The crab rangoon is savory and not sweet. All in all it was fine, just can't say I'd come back if I found myself in the area again. We came on Sunday, so parking was free.

Emily F.

I'm a pretty big fan of this place. The portions are big, the food hot and cooked to order, and really tasty. If you order inside you have to fill out what you want on the paper and give it to the cashier to order. This is pretty useful to make sure that your order is accurate. If you're going to be eating inside, I'd recommend ordering ahead online as all online orders are also placed in the queue for which order is to be cooked next. You can wait a decent amount of time inside if you're not careful about that. Although I personally typically forget to order ahead of time and don't try tend to find myself waiting for so long that I get impatient. Overall, this is a great small spot near campus that really satisfies those cravings for hibachi!

Justin Watson

Good Food, Large Portions, Reasonable Prices

Real Recgonize Real Thornton

good food and nice portions for a nice price

Erin Smith

You definitely get a lot of food for your money but I think it really needed more flavor. Was hoping for something better than what I can make at home especially after all my friends hyped this place up

Gamer Grill

Food was great by the chicken was a bit dry.

Lynn Smith

Food is good! Love their rice noodles and they give plenty for the price. No parking though. The area is in the high school/college district, so it's tight around the area. There is a parking lot across the side street for 25 cents per 5 mins but business owners warn you that the towing company is close by watching and they WILL tow your car. Overall, Ninja Grill is a keeper.

Ninja Grill Japanese & Hibachi Express

229 W McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219
(513) 621-1999