Ninja Grill Japanese & Hibachi Express

229 W McMillan St, Cincinnati
(513) 621-1999

Recent Reviews

Jefferson Thomas

Meh... It was over hyped... I was expecting some amazing "Chipotle" styled hibachi like Piada (Italian) or even Fusian (Sushi/Poke) but low and behold I was let down. The food was good, minus some questionable tofu and egg cooking styles but other than that very great taste. The hibachi was nicely sauced to season (not to drench drink it lol); the crab ragoons, I must admit, are in my top 5 best ragoons ever; the spring rolls, although pretty petite, had a nice flavor and an excellent fried crunch (or baked... IDK how they're cooked) vs others I've had where they're either soggy or too crunchy. I would go back but I wouldn't take an 1.5 hour trip to have it... Maybe when I'm in town again.

John Wood

Great food you can order online make it easy and convenient

Benjamin Bass

Great hibachi style food fast and much cheaper than the other chain restaurants.

Simon Knox

Awesome food! Reminds me of a place i eat at in my hometown.

Mike Klems

Great food for the price. Great change from standard fast food. Highly recommend.

Sierra K.

The wait was longer than expected, so I can definitely see the benefit to ordering online. The inside of this place seems a bit dirty and dingy. You'll leave there smelling like oil. The food itself is pretty good. The portions are big and I recommend sharing. It's affordable and they seem to give you a decent amount of meat and veggies. I think it could use extra sauce - my meal was pretty dry. The crab rangoon is savory and not sweet. All in all it was fine, just can't say I'd come back if I found myself in the area again. We came on Sunday, so parking was free.

Emily F.

I'm a pretty big fan of this place. The portions are big, the food hot and cooked to order, and really tasty. If you order inside you have to fill out what you want on the paper and give it to the cashier to order. This is pretty useful to make sure that your order is accurate. If you're going to be eating inside, I'd recommend ordering ahead online as all online orders are also placed in the queue for which order is to be cooked next. You can wait a decent amount of time inside if you're not careful about that. Although I personally typically forget to order ahead of time and don't try tend to find myself waiting for so long that I get impatient. Overall, this is a great small spot near campus that really satisfies those cravings for hibachi!

Erin Smith

You definitely get a lot of food for your money but I think it really needed more flavor. Was hoping for something better than what I can make at home especially after all my friends hyped this place up

Gamer Grill

Food was great by the chicken was a bit dry.

Lynn Smith

Food is good! Love their rice noodles and they give plenty for the price. No parking though. The area is in the high school/college district, so it's tight around the area. There is a parking lot across the side street for 25 cents per 5 mins but business owners warn you that the towing company is close by watching and they WILL tow your car. Overall, Ninja Grill is a keeper.

Tiffany 'Nicole' Beard

Always clean, but it's best to order online.

Raegan H.

literally sat there and waited for 1 meal of rice and steak for an hour, no apologies or anything. unreal

Asad T. Kizzie

Was craving hibachi and tried this place. If you're looking for hibachi fried rice, this is not your place because the fried rice is just generic. You could honestly get white rice and it wouldn't matter. f you just want some stir-fried veggies and meats, it's as close to cooking at home as you can get. Super fresh and my plate was super healthy tasting. A bit plain but I think that's only because I chose soy sauce to cook in. They have other sauce options. Overall, it wasn't what I was hoping for but I can appreciate the food for what it was. The place was clean and I like the ordering sheets. It did take longer than expected though. About 15 minutes.

Rebecca Meadors

Love this place , it's perfect for cheap Chinese takeout , has many different meat and veggies options , & the staff is super friendly. Order online and it's ready in 15 minutes . It's a must when I'm in the mood for chicken lo mein .

P L.

Always love coming here! As mentioned, order ahead. I always go with the fried rice + jumbo shrimp + veggies and have never been disappointed. The appetizers are cheaper yet still decent. I will make a point to come here after work because it just hits the spot sometimes.

Carol W.

I LOVE Ninja grill food Its very affordable & easy to order. Parking is terrible , but the food is worth a little trouble. The staff are nice .

Terry Hill

A fast food take home Benihana. Yum Yum sauce included. I would suggest ordering online so it will be ready for pickup. Parking is horrible. Donâ??t park in the pay lot and think Iâ??m just running in. Owner have lot patrol like a hawk. Food is great!!!

Laura Williams

Got a tip from my sister that the food was very good and it just so happened that I had a taste for Japanese food for lunch today. The Ninja Grill on McMillan & Wheeler St. Is the real deal. The food is excellent, service is good, and it's a very clean restaurant.

Vincent Mitchell

Just a really good hibachi grill style place. Tastes great, good variety, fast service.

Laura Williams

Got a tip from my sister that the food was very good and it just so happened that I had a taste for Japanese food for lunch today. The Ninja Grill on McMillan & Wheeler St. Is the real deal. The food is excellent, service is good, and it's a very clean restaurant.

Sean Mccullough

I love ninja grill. These guys are great.

Marlene Milline

This is a great place to go for lunch... They make the fast food industry look slow. If you're hungry with no time to waste then this is the place for you! The food looks good, smells good, and taste great! This is one restaurant that truly stand for their name... With accurate, efficient, and polite service. I always park in the lot across the street where the meters are 25 cent for 7 minutes. Well, I put 2 quarters in the meter then I'm in and out with a few minutes left. Even when it's crowded I have never had to wait longer than 15 minutes. No Free Parking, but what's 2 quarters. You're getting hibachi for less than 10 dollars!

Cortez Bronson

Better than hibachi without the hibachi price! Me & my girlfriend love coming here, one of the best Chinese restaurants in the city, rice noodles w/ teriyaki sauce is always the go to ð???

Amrutha Hiremath Mallikarjunaiah

Lots of options. You can personalize your own meal. Options for Vegetarians as well. Also loved the food.

Carol Woulms

Love the food. It's a busy place on the evening. Parking isn't good

Janelle B.

Really fast service. Portions are big and filling nicely seasoned. Great for pick up wish they offered delivery would get more often.

Vawn A.

It's ok for fast hibachi. If you're craving it. But it's still not the original. Prices are decent for the amount of food they give you. Parking is terrible though and they sorta take a long time so order ahead.

Angela Homan

They are always good. There steak was so small it was hard to chew. Crunchy cubes

Tuan Nguyen

Good place to eat near Univ of Cincinnati. Prices are reasonable. Parking maybe hard to find during prime time.

Mulatto D.

Food was dry both times. Messed up my order both times. Why have a lady answer the phone that doesn't speak English?

Dontavius S.

This is the best/ most efficient hibachi you can receive on the go. The yum yum sauce, shrimp and chicken combo all for $14 is unbeatable!

La Wright Way

Very neat and clean, love the portion size and perfectly fried crab rangoon and egg rolls. Great Value and Price! Will definitely return.

Dwight s. Ellison

Food prices are fair an reasonable compared to other basic Oriental restaurants throughout the city.

William Gaines

I would be surprised to find a better tasting hibachi restaurant in Cincinnati! Hibachi sauce and yum yum sauce is a must!


I loved the food 1 order can feed 2 people the prices aren't bad

Hayley C.

My girlfriend and I come here all the time! I just wish it was bigger with more staff so you don't have to sit and wait a long time.

Missy Mayhem Aka The Craft Queen

To my surprise, I liked loved it and Iâ??m picky eater. itâ??s my first time. I ordered the jumbo shrimp absolutely love how big the shrimp are. I added crabmeat, chicken and asked them to cook the food in the hibachi sauce and ordered double yum yum added onions carrots pineapples and mushrooms bell peppers fried rice and good lord it was good . Fora college spot . Kabutosâ??s use to be my favorite but itâ??s just not the same Amy more . som told me to try this place and now, I love it and itâ??s cheaper price with better food than Kabutos.

Justin Hall

I have been about 4 times so far, and every time has been delicious. Most of the meals are about $8, and I think they are on par with Chipotle in terms of the amount of how full you feel afterwards. They have a wide selection of protein and veggies, so it's unlikely you won't find anything there you won't like. It's one restaurant every student at UC needs to try at least once.

Liz N.

I'm so sad this opened after I graduated from UC. I would've definitely frequented this place often if I went to school here! You get SO much food for how much you spend (I got two meals out of my one order) and the food is pretty delicious too! One of the best places around campus for order-and-go food!

Chyenne Halbert

This place was really good! Great for when you want good hibachi but donâ??t want to pay so much. Good food and good price.

Ninja Grill Japanese & Hibachi Express

229 W McMillan St, Cincinnati, OH 45219
(513) 621-1999