Roll On In - Clifton

Sushi Bar, Asian Fusion

2504 W Clifton Ave, Cincinnati
(513) 954-8113



Reviews for Roll On In - Clifton

To put it plainly, Roll On In is simply not a good restaurant. I've somehow now given them four tries, and all four were unpleasant experiences. I'll admit that it's tough to provide good menu items when your business is built on an idea that seems less fleshed out and more of simple pandering to millennials--sushi burritos are just not good. Getting a bite of only cream cheese (or any ingredient) makes the concept of sushi meaningless. On my last trip, I was full review

Their hours are for uber eats and grub hub (won't serve you if you just walk in), but when I tried to place an order at 12:15am on a friday on grubhub, it got canceled with no reason given. Went down the street to a different place with sushi that was delicious, so silver lining! The food at Roll On In could be great, but it'd be helpful if they'd advertise accurate hours or not cancel orders. I was VERY excited to try a sushi burrito

It's ok but only because it wasn't the usual chill/cool experience that comes with sushi. For me, the whole sushi vibe is just so social and chill. I mean for real eating with chop sticks every now and then is just cool sh*+! With that being said I'm declaring that the Sushi Burrito is LAME!!! However, it was open late so I didn't go without eating. I ate half and shared the other half... if you know me though you know that I don't share food!!! I just full review

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