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Monday10:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Tuesday10:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Wednesday10:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Thursday10:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Friday10:30 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday10:30 AM – 9:00 PM
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Our own zesty vegetable dip, served w/ tortilla chips.
Fresh made, avocado dip served w/ tortilla chips.
Chili Con Queso$4.66
A creamy, tasty cheese dip, served w/ tortilla chips.
Super Nachos$6.49
Tortilla chips topped w/ cheese, taco casa beef, w/ onions & jalapeno peppers.
Cheese & Chips$3.49
Tortilla chips topped w/ melted cheddar cheese.
The Dip-New$5.59
Two scoops taco casa beef, w/ dressing & cheese. Served w/ chips.

Taco Casa Favorites​

Combine several items for a meal
The best taco in town! Beef, cheese, lettuce & tomatoes.
Soft Taco$1.69
Fish Taco-New$2.99
Beef & cheddar cheese inside a flour tortilla.
Melted cheese & onions in a flour tortilla.Not grilled!
Chili To$3.29
Mexican chili made w/ melted cheddar cheese in a flour tortilla.

Taco Casa House Specialties​

All original "taco casa" recipes, enjoyed for over 43 years.
Taco SaladJunior$4.09
An unbelievable meal! shredded iceberg lettuce, taco casa beef, whole beans, onions, tomatoes ranch buttermilk dressing, & shredded cheddar cheese. Served w/ tortilla chips.
Burrito BoatSmall$3.57
Taco casa beef inside a flour tortilla, topped w/ choice of sauce & melted cheddar cheese.
Sancho BoatSmall$4.60
Taco casa beef inside a flour tortilla topped w/ choice of sauce & melted cheddar cheese. With lettuce & tomatoes.
Tuna Boat SupremeSmall$4.26
Tuna salad in a flour tortilla, topped w/ ranch buttermilk dressing, melted cheddar cheese, onions, & jalapeno peppers.
Chicken Chorizo Burrito$6.79
One​ of our most flavorful & favorite burritos. grilled chicken, Mexican sausage, onions, rice, lettuce, tomatoes & a creamy cheese sauce.
Black Bean Burrito$6.79
Black beans, rice, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, in a flour tortilla w/ sour cream & guacamole.
Double Enchilada$5.96
Taco casa beef or cheese inside a corn tortilla, topped w/ enchilada sauce & melted cheese.
Double Enchilada Pie$6.49
A double enchilada pie topped w/ chili. Fantastic!
Lots of fun to eat! A hard taco shell wrapped w/ a soft flour tortilla, refried beans, sour cream, & jalapeno peppers.


Refried beans may be replaced for meat in any item.

Grilled Quesadillas​

Chicken & Cheese$4.99
Chicken Chorizo & Cheese$5.39
Beef & Cheese$4.49
All served w/ lettuce. Sour cream & salsa
Dressing / Sour Cream
Rice / Refried Beans$1.49
Tortilla Chips
Combo Meal 1$10.69
Small​ salad, burrito boat or enchilada, chips & a drink.
Combo Meal 2$9.99
Small salad, taco, rice or refried beans, chips & a drink.
Combo Meal 3$8.99
Small burrito boat, rice, refried beans, taco & drink.
Combo Meal 4$10.18
Chicken chorizo burrito, rice or refried beans, taco & drink.

Party Platters​

Our platters serve up to 10 people.
Taco Salad PlatterBeef$32.99
Burrito Boat PlatterBeef$39.79
Enchilada PlatterBeef$39.79
Turkey for You
Our​ yummy turkey meat can replace beef in any item. You'll hardly notice the difference!
Turkey for Me
Our yummy turkey meat can replace beef in any item. You'll hardly notice the difference!

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