Jewellz Fine Dining

2204 Noble Rd, Cleveland
(216) 466-3425

Recent Reviews

Maureen Gochett

The food I bought today was excellent and I enjoyed my time there.

Solo Quest

REAL soul food! The food was seasoned so well and cooked to perfection!!! THIS is real soul food!!


I hate it! The people there is so mean!

Michi Maze

just close the place down already they stole the money for the place anyways smh

Naomi Jones

It's Beautiful the atmosphere is good very relaxing homie the food is good the manager is nice respectful the place is clean and you will come back for more

Malcolm Hester

Food was so good. Had orange ruffle mac and sweet potatoes.


Bad customer service food is good but the way she talk to u u wouldn't want to spend yo money there..smh

Louise Lamar

Bad customer service food is good but the way she talk to u u wouldn't want to spend yo money there..smh

Cioxcia Cayson

If it was a negative five star I would give it!One day I went and sat here for 20 mins with a hungry child. I sat At the table, with my son after a football game. No one greeted us, no one even said hi. I asked Was anyone going to help us order, she told her server to tell us she was closed. Never said a word to me or my hungry child. I went off in her establishment, not sure how long this business will last with this type of horrific service. I am A well known business owner in Cleveland oh and every friend that ask me about this place I will forever suggest they don’t go, right in my Own neighborhood too. Hope she checks her horrible attitude and service because that wasn’t it.

MsEbb M.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic I was uncertain how this business is impacted. I attempted to call, but voicemail was automatically activated so I elected to risk if and walk in. I arrived, parking was ample. Upon entry paused because II was uncertain of how business flowed. I was greeted by the owner who advised me to have a seat and she proceeded to tell me typically there is a wait and customers anticipate on waiting for one hour. I asked for a menu and was directed to Instagram. I could not locate the menu so she gave me her phone. I ordered chicken over rice, yams, Mac and cheese and greens. I receive my food in 10 minutes or so. I asked the Chef to open so I could see, everything looks appetizing and I'm ready to pay. I was informed the establishment only accepts cash or cash app, still no problem. The owner proceeds to tell me something is wrong with her Cash App account and requested cash I stated I don't carry cash. The owner directed me to a convenience store that had an ATM machine. I said "they're going to charge me." The owner proceeded to tell me about bank fees she acquires when customers send money via Cash App and reprimand me for my "attitude" I found myself defending who I am as a person and decided to go get the money and return. I returned, paid for my food and was met with rudeness and attitude. I left knowing I will never return again and will not recommend this place, regardless of how "good" the food is known for. Sadly, this is a young entrepreneur that is clueless about customer service. The food was subpar and the customer service worse.

Pinky Harris

She was very rude to me when I asked for a menu. She told me to look in their page the page I did not know of until now. When I looked confused she said or you can just leave. I would never tell any one to go there and I’m posting it al over fb and ig

Joy Malone

Sure wish I would have read the reviews before I went. Omg customer service terrible and I hate when I try to support black businesses I always get let down.I ordered turkey ribs with yams and Mac. The yamms were tasteless and the Mac was black at the bottom. I will not be back! 30 bucks down the drain also while I waited for my food the employees were arguing back and forth

Lawrence Weeden

If someone wears a mask its their choice. Management should not be talking down on anyone because of it and insulting costumers. I will not support this business any longer and spread the word of your unprofessionalism. its really sad that we treat each other(blacks) like that. I don't care how your food tastes this is unexpectable

Doug Thomas

[URGENT MESSAGE]This Place doesn't even deserve 1 Star. I normally never rate but the city deserves to know how horrible the customer service is. So I noticed on there ig page that they served Mexican cornbread. Ive never had Mexican cornbread before so i Called and asked about it. I asked what comes inside of itTHERE RESPONSE: None Of Your Business ME: huh (In utter disbelief of the response)ME: I was just curious what was in it i never had it beforeThere response: You dont need to know whats in it. Why didnt you Google itI couldn't believe what i was hearing ive never experienced anything like that before calling a restaurant inquiring about a product. It was Awful. I even tried to put myself in there shoes and i thought well maybe they thought i was competition trying to figure out what was in there product. But still you dont treat people like that. Im kinda glad we was the phone cause thats enough to wanna yoke someone up by the throat. Def need to do better with customer service

Denise Thomas

I called in to inquire about cranberry sauce if it came with the dinners that was being served that day or not was just asking And The lady that picked up the phone told me to hold on I guess she went and asked came back to the phone and said you can go buy some?‍♀️ If that wasn't the rudest thing I've ever heard so unprofessional then turns around and says some people just can't take a joke and hung up on me how is that a joke when I'm a customer calling to ask a question!NEVERRR No one was laughing on the phone I was so confused just rude & ignorance at its finest

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