Reserve Square

1701 E 12th St, Cleveland
(216) 861-2715

Recent Reviews

Brian Hopkin

I stayed at Reserve Square for short-term corporate housing. The unit I was initially given smelt of cigarette smoke. Management was very helpful and kind and moved me to another unit that did not have this issues. The building is old, but maintained to an adequate level of cleanliness. The location is good, and a good price.

Corey Jones

I moved in a few months ago. My leasing agent, Leah made the process so simple and easy! I got the apartment I wanted, and everything is so convenient! Although, I wish I had a washer and dryer in the unit, they make laundry do-able with a laundry room and dry cleaning in the lobby. I’m definitely looking forward to leasing another year. Lease here especially if you are new to Cleveland.

Ayan De

Great location in terms of within downtown and shops nearby and good pricing. Management got things done smoothly during a stressful move period. Good amenities also. Shout out to Rea who facilitated the process!

Akshay Gupta

My stay here at reserve square has been great. There is a grocery store, car rental, ATM and other facilities available inside the building which makes it so convenient to live here. The view from my unit and I believe from most of the units is great.

Justin Zimmer

Just moved into Reserve Square from New York, and I am overall very pleased with my experience. Pauline from the Leasing Office has been nothing but fantastic in answering any questions I have and making my move as seamless as possible. Her professionalism has continued from the time I signed the lease until after I moved in, and she is always available to help the residents.

Tom A

I have enjoyed living here at Reserve. It's a pretty good location, and there's a lot of conveniences offered in the building that you won't find downtown at other apartments. The leasing staff is friendly and very helpful.. the security staff is pretty attentive as well. Overall, my experience has been pretty great and I'm sad that I have to relocate. But if you're new to the city, this is a great choice!

Javier D.

Customer Service at the Leasing Office is extraordinary, in my interactions with Barbie. The amenities within Reserve Square are also competitive. The units are sound proof so your neighbors can’t notice your 9pm cooking jams. Friendly residents and staff.

Khalid Jazieh

Reserve Square is an excellent place to stay in downtown Cleveland. Affordable despite it's great location, with good facilities, clean, 24/7 security, as well as a supermarket and several restaurants attached to the building. Rea from the leasing office is very nice and has been super helpful since day 1, assisting me with the leasing process, maintenance and even parking issues, and she really goes out of her way to help. Ask for her if you're coming by for a tour!

Jayce Crowther

Great location! Good management! Good response time to fix apartment issues. I'm on my third apartment here now in my third year. It's really tough to beat this building especially if you work downtown.

Mike J

Overall pretty decent place to live. Quick with solving issues. Price is great for downtown. Huge building, but pretty clean. Barely any noise. I like it

Lata Conjeevaram

It hasn't even been a week since we moved in but I just wanted to acknowledge the great work of Rea Deleon in the management office for helping us have a smooth, hassle free move-in experience. We hope to have continued positive experiences and will post a follow-up review in a few months to help prospective tenants understand what to expect.

Keanna Carter

Kind clean and always have what you need

Kyle J.

Awful experience. Things are always broken. Common spaces are dirty. The administrative staff are rude and can't get on the same page. It takes multiple attempts to get anything resolved and if they choose to resolve issues it's always the cheapest way possible and often doesn't fix the problem for long. So happy to be leaving. Don't live here if you can avoid it. If you do live here keep copies of everything and make sure you're very clear on when you plan to leave because if you're not they will continue trying to lock you into another lease.

Kelly Griffin

I have my lunch from Simply Food every. single. day. It's AMAZING! Finding affordable, yummy vegan food isn't easy, and this is the jackpot! Food is made fresh every day, tastes FANTASTIC and is a super reasonable price: only $5!!! The gentleman that cooks the lunch specials is fantastic-kind, accommodating, and is a wonderful cook! Don't take my word for it, though - go check it out!

Bridget S.

I wanted to wait until I had been here a few months before doing a review. First impression was great. Leah in the leasing office is wonderful! I had a couple small issues when I first moved in, called her, and they were dealt with immediately. I was impressed. I love the apartment, the amenities, the convenience, and of course the location. I'd recommend to my friends and family for sure. And if you're considering moving here, talk to Leah.... She really goes above and beyond!

John P.

I lived in corporate housing (Spring). There are roaches and there is a problem with them. I would wake up and turn on the lights to the kitchen/bathroom and find them. There wasn't too many (~3) in the morning, but one is too many for me. This was on a regular basis. A smell (food related) would occasionally come in from the vent in the bathroom. Security treated me poorly and not like an actual paying tenant, which I did not appreciate. Some of security is ok, but I did not have a good experience with one guy. They let just about anyone in the building. The guards let one guy up because he said something like "I have a friend on the 7th floor". Didn't need to prove anything to get passed him. The guy then proceeded to ride the elevator with me. He then attempted to sell me drugs. I ignored him. This guy should not have been in the building. The hvac is almost a joke. It would turn off the "condensing" unit when I would kick the temperature down (it should do the opposite). The supplies they provide are bare bones. 4 glasses, 4 plates, etc. Bring your own sheets and mattress protectors as the provided ones are stained... The lights in the parking garage go out, but they do not get replaced in a timely manner. The location is good... I did not feel like a valued tenant or resident. They want your money. Laundry is bad (4th floor). The washers get trashed and stink! They also have black mold. Make sure to rinse out the tray before you add your own soap. Dryers stink like body odor, so try and go at a time when there are few people to draw more "fresh" air from the unused units. Try not to have mail sent to this place. It is likely to be lost or put in someone else's mailbox. One of my neighbors was nice enough to knock on my door and give me my mail he received in his box. Watch out for people tailgating you out of the parking garage to avoid paying. Very dangerous and people will do it. The sink would back up due to my neighbors.

Mimi May

I love this store! The vegan / vegetarian meals at lunch time is delicious. The samosas are the best I’ve had in Cleveland. Anthony, the store manager is very nice and helpful. The store owner explained all the vegan options to me. They even serve vegan butter with Nan!! Will definitely return. Thank you!

Tom B.

This was an interesting apartment....or rather village. There are 970 apartments in the building. It is a massive place with alot of people. It boosts some interesting amenities, like a 20th floor pool, exercise room, and sky deck. There is a convienece, resturant, dry cleaners, and hertz rental on the first level. Heat and air conditioning is included. These points were selling points, however the building is clearly old and run down. The general impression I got was that it was kinda grimy. The halls smelled and were really dark and uninviting. Overall it is a cheap apartment with decent amenities.

Sana S.

I've been living at reserve square for the past 2.5 years and it really is not as bad as people say. You wont get an apartment in this price range that is this nice (any cheaper than this will have serious problems). PROS -The apartments themselves are nice. I live in one of the renovated ones on the west side and I honestly love my apartment. -The walls are concrete= you dont hear ANYTHING! I'm so used to constantly hearing other people through walls but that's not an issue here. You can occasionally hear people in the hallway through the main door, but that's rare. -The leasing office is great. They've always been very responsive if Ive had any problems. -Security: The west side has a security guard 24/7 which is nice since being in downtown can be a little sketchy -The area: Its close to alot of fun places in downtown and sporting events. You do have to be careful about walking around alone at night, but you should in any downtown -Gym: it has all the basics. Sometimes machines are broken, but they are pretty quick about repairing it -Utilities are included: This has saved me sooooo much money. Basically water and trash are covered. They pay for heating & AC. You pretty much only pay a $29 fee (which never fluctuates) for your utilities + electricity bill (mine is usually $20-30). CONS -Closet space. The particular unit I'm in is 700sq ft and the closet & coat closet is way too small. I have many friends in this building and their closet space is significantly larger than mine, so make sure you check the specific unit layout when you come -Community laundry: You know that's an issue coming in. I wish the place would have in unit laundry. However, Ive never had an issue getting a washing machine/dryer when I need it. -Garage: its owned by another company that isn't reserve square (so the management cant do anything about this) but the monthly parking fee has increased from $75 to $135 in 2.5 years which is crazy. The first time they bumped up the fee, they made a statement how they haven't done it in years and they need to keep up with other garages, two months later, bumped up the fees again, with no fluffy statement as to why. I understand prices do rise, but how about a yearly increase in the parking fee and not when you feel like it? But since its convenient, you put up with it. -Pool: it has been out of service for about more than 50 percent of the time I have been here, but that was never a big deal for me. -Bugs: when I first moved it, I did see a roach, got the apartment exterminated, and haven't seen a roach in over 1.5 years (thank the lord) -They control when the heating is on and when the AC is on. You do have a thermostat (however i can never tell the difference when I have set it to 75 vs 65). This only becomes an issue during the transition months when its super hot and the AC hasnt turned on (that's just 2-3 months that you just have to deal) Overall, I do feel the PROS outweigh the CONS. I've enjoyed my apartment and I would recommend it to others. In this price, you wont get anything nicer (especially a place that covers your utilities- heating can get expensive in winter). This building is pretty popular because of the price and location so if you are interested, you can reach out months in advance (more than 60 days) to sign a lease.