88 E Broad St, Columbus
(614) 228-9586

Recent Reviews

Jaden B

Very friendly staff and provide great service ?!!!

Maxine Rogers

Didn't visit here. I was in the bank next door

Riley Riley (Riley)

Just got coffee to go


Never drank a cup in my life.

geneva dalton

The customer service was great. Friendly workers.

travis gabree

Very friendly staff.

Penny Hunt Marchal

Has a lot of outdoor seating. Great service.

Terrence M.

This location seems to be 1 of the only locations to get this drink right! I have been to several other locations across Columbus and let me tell you, the espresso shot is either way to bitter (i.e., over heated), they forget the chocolate part of the drink, or they think its the caramel cloud. I know when I stop in and order my drinks from this location, it will be right! In addition, I love how friendly the baristas are at this location! Their smiles and warm welcomes always makes me feel welcomed!!!! I do wish this store could receive a makeover. At some point when rona isn't ransacking our nation, I would like to sit here and work. However, the space isn't really inspiring or conducive for working. But, I still love them!

Sloan VonBismark

Not much talent to make coffee here. Do they hire felons to work at this location

nancy west

Love the service and the staff


Stopped here to get a Venti English breakfast tea - a simple beverage that at every other Starbucks costs around $2.65 - $2.85. Here we were charged $4.65 - we pointed this out to the clerk and they said "I don't care" We got a receipt to see where they went wrong - indeed they charged us for a venti tea latte. If you like being ripped off and treated like garbage - this is the place for you. Otherwise....

Samantha Eades Maxey

This is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE location!! The staff is AMAZING and my order is always fixed correctly and in a timely manner

Kelli Roberts

So happy this place opens at 5:30. Had to come because the coffee in my complex was broken. I’m excited to come back because there are tons of places to set up laptops and work. There’s even space to work right by the window and see people all day outside. Overall clean and nice workers.

Adriana Loving Dyami R

Starbucks is literally a girl’s best friend


Great coffee, service, always clean, fast service, bathrooms are also always clean. One of my favorite Starbucks.

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