Big Sky Bread Co

3070 Far Hills Ave # c, Dayton
(937) 643-0300

Recent Reviews

lotus flower

I ordered the chicken noodle soup a tuna fish sandwich 2 delicious pumpkin muffins ?I love this place and the people are great very very nice people very very delicious food a great combination?

Morgan Perryman

I could live my just sitting in here and taking big, deeps breaths. When I die and go to heaven, I hope it smells exactly like big sky.I just wish they were open longer hours!!

Lori Kime

Excellent fresh bread served by the nicest people.

Dustin Johnson

This place offers all different types of breads, muffins, cookies, soups & sandwiches.Here I have, pretzel knot sandwich, turkey, cheddar, lettuce, tomato & mustard, soup is broccoli & cheddar. The soup & sandwiches were fantastic, the soup had very good flavor, the sandwich was super fresh everything was fresh and of quality. Nice prices aswell.

Sameer Baig

Going to pick up fresh bread in the morning from this place is a joy for me, considering I am not a morning person by any means.

Kevin Michael

Amazing place with great atmosphere. Very friendly staff and good prices.

Beyond the Radio

Answered all my questions about allergy ingredients in a very kind manner. Appreciate the service. Also, the baked goods were delicious.

Eve Cabiya Carroll

How do I start. Their products ALL of them are second to none!!! All of their bread is sooo fresh. Their soup and sandwiches are delish!!! All of they’re pastries are fantastic. Very clean & friendly. I’ve been going there for several yrs now.

Rachel Haug Gilbert

I love to get challah from Big Sky. They have a large loaf and a small loaf choice. They will slice it for you if you want. Their cinnamon rolls are yummy too. Recently I tried their butterscotch cookies and peanut butter chocolate chip cookies-- YUM! It's a local, family owned business which I love supporting!

Julia Hall

You will not regret coming here and buying anything. I had a blueberry mini coffee cake. It isn't really that many. He didn't make it home.Delicious bass baked goods and they also have sandwiches and soups it is very clean inside and they maintain the Covid 19 protocols.

Russell Knipp

Great place! The spinach and feta bread is amazing!!

Emma Smith

I got the pizza bread a few months ago and now every chance I get, I make sure to get more. 10/10 would highly recommend.

Chris Goff

Best Muffins in Dayton the Owner and his wife are super friendly, the place smells amazing when u walk in.

Terri Johnson

Love this place. Bread is expensive but worth it

Michele Wallace

Picked up yummy challah bread and some cinnamon supreme, also a coffee cake. The coffee cake was very much loved by everyone at work! Awesome ?

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